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buffy/angel fan fiction resources
btvs writers guild (our sister site)
Buffy A to Z
The Curse of the Willow Sue

buffy/angel scripts and transcripts
Buffy Shooting Script Site
Psyche: Transcripts

fan fiction resources
Strunk and White's Elements of Style
The Craft of Writing
SFWA's links to essays on writing
Writing about Writing
The English Department
Tips for Fannish Writers
Getting There From Here
Watt-Evans's Laws of Fantasy
The Big List of Fanfic Peeves
Fanfic is like a banquet...
The Mannerly Art of Critique
The Mannerly Art of Disagreement
How To Write Almost Readable Fan Fiction
Holy Mother Grammatica's Guide to Good Writing
Writer's University

beta reading resources
The Writer's Corner: Beta Reader Index
Beta Reader HQ
Bedlam: About Writing
FFSupport Mailing List
Beta Unlimited Mailing List

fan fiction sites
fan fiction that doesn't suck
the van gogh awards
Slayer's Fanfic Archive
lore of the slayer
Unconventional Relationshippers
Buffy Betas
Shaggy Dog Tales

Sonja Marie's BtVS Links

The 11th Hour
Angel Music
Buffy Music
angel sites
WB's Angel mini-site
City of Angel
An Angel's Soul
The Sanctuary
Angel Annex
Angel: Redemption
To Shanshu in LA
Angel Elders

angel cast/character sites
Official David Boreanaz Site
David's Angels
cordelia chase crew
Glenn Quinn Fan Club
Doyle - Glenn Quinn
The Glenn Quinn Site
Official Glenn Quinn Site (coming soon!)
Bentley's Bedlam: Alexis Denisof
alexis denisof - the unofficial site
J. August Richards Online
Elizabeth Rohm
Elizabeth Rohm Online
The Kate Keeper Site
Miss Lonelyhearts
Simply Stephanie

buffy sites
Official Buffy Site
elusio's elysium
The Buffy Cross & Stake
The Watcher's Web
The Watcher's Guide
Raven's Realm

buffy cast/character sites
Sarah Michelle Gellar Fan page
e v i l  w i l l o w
We Possess Willow Power The Official Website
Nicholas Brendon FANatics
The Nicholas Brendon Zone
Nicholas Brendon Aficionados
The Official Seth Green Homepage
a d d i c t i v e   s t i g m a t a
Spike Spotting
emma caulfield central
Amber Benson's Official Site
The Essence of Amber
Official Elizabeth Anne Allen Fan Club
The Marc Blucas Initiative
Danny Strong
Everlasting Eliza
be back before dawn

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