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Damn Adorable: Extended
by M. Edison

Their first meeting had been a completely unromantic affair, a collision in the halls of NYC. Chloe, busy fussing with her books, hadn't seen him coming and Scott, talking with the Professor, hadn't seen her either. The result... a rather unhealthy loss of dignity.

But when he grinned at her as they lay among the myriad of papers and books he was so damn adorable she completely forgot embarrassment.

"Um... oops?" She pushed her disheveled hair out of her face, eyes completely focused on that grin. "I'm sorry, I was totally caught up, didn't see you coming."

"It's okay, I probably should be the one apologizing to you—I was a little distracted." Gathering her papers together, and helping her pick up her books, he smiled solicitously. "Are you okay?"

"Just a little bruised ego." She smiled sheepishly. "Nothing hiding out in the deepest darkest corner of the library for a few hours won't cure."

"Sounds like a plan—I may try it myself." Helping her stand, he smiled that smile again. "I"m Scott—Scott Summers."

Telling the butterflies in her stomach to settle down, Chloe smiled back. "Chloe Sullivan."

"Charles Xavier."

They both looked over in surprise, as if just remembering he was there and, to Xavier's great amusement, he knew they had.

To her credit, Chloe recovered her equilibrium quite well and held out her free hand. "A pleasure to meet you, sir."

"And you." He straightened up, watching the couple interact with increasing amusement. He didn't need his abilities to see that Scott was quite distracted by the lovely Ms. Sullivan's smile or to see she was equally distracted by his.

Chloe's gaze slowly strayed back to Scott despite her best efforts to focus on Xavier but he didn't seen to mind. That was good. Very good since Chloe's mind was quite busily working on just what color Scott's eyes were. A question she would very much like answered along with why he was wearing sunglasses in doors on a cloudy day and standing in a corridor with no windows in their immediate vicinity.

Curiouser and curiouser...

It was an interesting question, a mystery. Chloe loved mysteries.

Cute, friendly, mysterious, Scott Summers was exactly her type.

If she hadn't had to work on the paper, she could have spent all afternoon talking to him... .

At the thought of the newspaper, Chloe's eyes widened comically. "The paper! Ohmigod, I'm going to miss the staff meeting! I can't miss the staff meeting—I'm the editor!" She flashed a quick smile at them both. "It was very nice meeting you both," especially Scott, "and I'm so sorry I almost ran you down! Excuse me!" Slipping past the Professor, she dashed down the hallway, weaving through the crowd, heading for the elevator.

Scott watched her go, feeling suddenly possessed of the urge to join the campus newspaper...

"Lovely girl." Xavier said, his tone noncommittal, watching the younger man's face.

"Uh huh."


"Uh huh."

"And quite taken with you."

That got a reaction as Scott looked over, his expression hopeful. "You think so?"

Xavier nodded. "Mmhmm... quite obviously so."

"That's great." Scott murmured to himself, the smile now more in his voice than his expression. "Fantastic..."

"I assume it's a forgone conclusion that you plan on seeing her again?"

"It is." The young mutant held up a bright, fuzzy-tipped blue pen. "She dropped her pen."

"Chloe..." A paper ball impacted with her shoulder, breaking her from her Scott-induced euphoria. "Oh, Chloe?!"

"Hmmm?" Looking over at Pete, she smiled faintly. "Yeah?"

He grinned. "You know, since Clark and I went through all the trouble of coming out here—least you can do is not go all space case on us."

She snorted, scrolling through the article on her computer screen. "Such trouble, Clark picks you up and makes like American Airlines, only faster."

"Well that's hard work for me?!" Clark protested with a laugh.

"Is not!" Chloe shot back merrily. "As I well remember, you fly in your sleep."

Predictably, he blushed and sat back, ceding the sparring match to her. "So what does have you all spacey? You've been daydreaming ever since you came back from the staff meeting."

"Have I?" She asked absently, making a note on the scratchpad beside her.

"Yes, you have." Pete moved forward on his chair, grinning. "What's his name?"

She looked at him blankly. "What?"

"His name, Chloe. What is his name?" Her friend emphasized, grin widening. "Only thing I know gets you this distracted is a guy. So—what is his name?"

With a rare blush, she sighed out, "Scott. Scott Summers."

"Where'd you meet him?" Clark pressed with interest.

"The hallway. We had a timely yet horribly embarrassing collision. Very messy, books everywhere." She smiled, resting her chin in her palm. "He smiled at me."

"Hear that, Clark?" Pete prompted with a grin. "He smiled at her."

"And did he do anything else?" Her other friend prompted.

"We talked, he introduced me to his friend. Some guy named Charles Xavier." She smiled again. "He was nice too."

"Then what?"

Chloe's face fell. "Then I had to rush off for the meeting. I didn't even get his phone number—I probably won't even see him again." She looked morose at the thought.

"Oh I don't think so." Clark disagreed. "If he liked what he saw... you won't have to worry about it, he'll find you."

"You think?"

"He will." He affirmed, "I would."

Realizing he'd read the same paragraph three times without any comprehension of what it said, Scott closed his book with a thump. Sitting back, he reached up to steady his glasses, his mind conjuring up an image of a pert face framed by wild blonde curls and topped by sparkling blue eyes.

He groaned, shaking his head. He'd only met her once, talked to her for all of five minutes... he couldn't be this distracted by a woman he'd only met for all of five minutes.

"Yes you can." Jean said sweetly, putting a glass of iced tea before him. "Love doesn't carry a watch, Scott, stop analyzing it."

"It can't be love," he argued, "I only met her this afternoon and it wasn't that long—we collided in the hallway."

"What perfume was she wearing?"

"None, her shampoo was nice though." He said absently before noticing the smug grin on his friend's face. "What?"

"You've got it bad Scott." Jean teased, her eyes dancing. "You should see herself, sense yourself. Any psionic within a mile of here knows you're attracted to this woman." Her expression gentled and she added. "She must be special."

Scott smiled slowly, picturing Chloe's face when she smiled. "Yeah," he agreed softly, "she is."

"Well then," his friend leaned forward, clasping her iced tea loosely between her hands. "We just have to make sure she doesn't get away, don't we?"

"I take it you have a plan?"

She smiled, a smile that reminded him greatly of the Cheshire cat. "Of course I have a plan—tell me, do you have her telephone number?"

"No." He shook his head.

"Email? Anyway to contact her?"

"I... wait. She works on the newspaper over at NYU." He shared a smile with Jean. "Shouldn't be too hard to get information from them." As she nodded, it occurred to Scott this probably wasn't what Professor Xavier would consider the best use of his tactical skills but, for once, he disagreed. To him, there was no better use.

As was her habit on light days, Chloe dropped the newspaper office first thing in the morning. She had no classes until after lunch and the two lumps currently sleeping on the floor of her dorm room weren't budging for a while. She was quite convinced that college and rooming with Pete had permanently ruined Clark's squeaky clean habit of rising before the rooster.

Leaning over to flick on the lights, the young editor-in-chief was surprised to find a brightly-wrapped box sitting on her desk.

"Pete, if this is some sort of g... Scott!" Reading the attached card, she smiled. "How did he... oh, right. Big exclamations about being late for a meeting at the paper would sort of give it away, wouldn't it?"

Her smile softened and she sat down, holding the box on her lap. For a moment, she just looked at it, imagining Scott wrapping it. The fact that he'd thought to send something like this gave her a little thrill of pleasure. She must have made a greater impression on him than she'd thought.

Slowly, she unwrapped the present, taking care with the paper. She usually wasn't so careful about unwrapping gifts but somehow, she had the instinct that she would regret not saving it down the road.

Folding back the flaps on the box, she surveyed the contents and promptly giggled. How he'd arranged this, she had no idea.

Two little teddy bears sat inside, surrounded by miniature books and sheets of paper. Upon closer inspection, Chloe's smile widened. One bear wore little red sunglasses and a black coat while the other had a miniature version of a very familiar laptop carrying case lying beside it.

A larger piece of paper sat beside the bears and, still smiling, she took it out and unfolded it.

‘I saw these little guys and thought they looked familiar and hoped you might know of a place they can call home.'

Chloe looked at the bears and laughed. "I certainly do." She informed them with as solemn a voice as she could manage.

Going back to the note, her breath caught at the next line.

‘Speaking of calling, it occurred to me that I couldn't call you sine I didn't have your number. Then, lucky for me, I remembered you worked at the paper so... would you—‘

"Have dinner with me?"

Chloe jumped, startled, surprised by the voice. Looking up, she found Scott leaning against the doorframe, a grin on his face. "Scott! You just scared the life out of me!"

"Sorry," he apologized, grinning, "but I couldn't help sticking around to see your reaction to my little bear friends."

"They're adorable," She lifted the box then smiled. "What ever gave you the idea?"

"I have to confess, a friend helped me put it together, but the idea occurred to me when," he looked aggrieved, "she and another friend roped me into serving as their bag carrier."

Chloe grinned, recalling a few times when she had made Clark and/or Pete, perform just such a duty. "So, while they were rampaging through the stores, you window shopped until you saw the bears?"

"Essentially." His head moved in a nod then he moved away from the door, further into the room. "So, will you?"

"Will I what?"

"Have dinner with me." He prompted, grinning.

She flushed a little over forgetting then nodded. "Yes, I would love to."

"When are you free?"

Chloe thought a minute then grabbed a paper, scribbling her number. "I should be free tomorrow night. Call me later and I'll know for sure." She slipped the paper into his hand and stretched up to kiss his cheek. "And thank you—for the bears."

She felt her body press flush against his for the briefest of moments, teasing them both, then she reluctantly stepped back. "I love them."

He smiled, the irresistible dimples making a return appearance and he seemed to be studying her though, with the glasses in the way, she couldn't be sure. "I'm glad."

She grinned sweetly. "Tell your friend the bears were a hit."

"Will do."

"Chlo', you... ." As the couple turned to look, Clark stopped abruptly in the doorway. So abruptly that Pete didn't have time to stop himself before running smack into his friend's back and very nearly tumbling onto the floor. "Uh... I'm sorry, are we interrupting something?"

Behind Scott's back, Chloe shot them both a look that practically screamed ‘YES!' but, aloud, was much more gracious. Putting the cover on the box, she put it on her desk before stepping closer to Scott. "Umm..no, not really. Guys, this is Scott Summers. Scott, this is Clark Kent and Pete Ross, we went to high school together."

Scott held out a hand, shaking the hands of both men. "Nice to meet you." He said diplomatically while sizing up the reaction of both men to him. Ross was friendly, amiable, and smiling. Kent, however, was the very picture of protectiveness and suspicion. Definite former boyfriend.

Given the decidedly friend-like manner Chloe was treating him with, whatever had been between them had ended amicably. Which was good. So was, in a way, the fact he was protective of her. Scott would have been the same with Jean and, in that, they had common ground.

He smiled down at the pretty blonde beside him. "SO, I'll call you tonight?"

She nodded silently, her eyes sparkling at him.

"Great," He leaned down, kissing her cheek gently. "I'll call you later then."

"Okay..." Chloe smiled at him then watched him go. When he left, she reached over and punched Clark's arm. "Jerk!"

It didn't really hurt but long-standing tradition kicked in as Clark protested, "Ow! What'd you do that for?"

"One," Chloe held up her forefinger, "you interrupted the best moment ever, and two? You're not my father, so quit with the over-protectiveness!" She looked aggravated. "And if this is some weird jealousy thing then believe me, Clark, that ship? So very much with the sailed!"

Pulling off her jacket, she hung it up and frowned. "Now, out, I have a ton of work to do this morning."


She met the oft-used pleading look Clark always seemed to have at the ready for moments just such as these... and felt nothing but faint amusement. "I'm not mad, Clark," she reassured, "Not really. But—I really like this guy. He's sweet and thoughtful and really, honestly interested in me. In Chloe. No angst about it." She smiled, the kind of smile that told them her mind wasn't with them...

But the man who had just left.

"My god, I am officially a cliche!"

Standing in her underwear, Chloe surveyed the contents of her closet, her facial expression one of sheer dismay. "I completely have nothing to wear."

"I dunno," Pete called out from the other side of the sheet where he'd been exiled. "If you haven't gotten dressed yet, Scott'd love that outfit. Know I would."

"Smartass." She accused affectionately, tossing a pillow over the impromptu wall.

"Ah you love it. Just pick something casual. That dress you wore last week. It'd be perfect."

"You think?" Reaching for the outfit in question, Chloe turned toward her mirror, holding it up to her body. "I didn't think..."

"Good." Clark spoke up, laughter in his voice. "Stop thinking and just get dressed. Otherwise, who knows what you'll do."

"Kill my best friends who are driving me absolutely crazy?" She shot back sweetly, pulling the dress on over her head. "Because that would be the leading choice about now."

"Ahh you wouldn't do that, Chlo'," Pete disagreed as she rounded the corner and presented herself. "It'd ruin that dress which, may I add, you look damn hot in."

She grinned, holding up her arms. "Presentable?"

Clark and Pete nodded as one.

"Wayyy presentable."

"Stop fussing." Telekinetically smacking his hand, Jean didn't look up from where he was adjusting his tie. "Why is it men can never do this properly on their own?"

"Nature's way of keeping modern man humble?" Scott offered, grinning when she shot a dirty look at him.

"Not wise to make a comment like that when I'm in just the right position to strangle you." She pointed out with a merry grin. "All I need to do is squeeze."

"And all I need to do is lower my glasses and you'll be one headless telepath.' He grinned back, showing dimples that still managed to make Jean's heart beat just a little faster. "Which would put a serious crimp in your abilities."

"It would." She agreed with a serene nod. "But who says that I wouldn't be able to deflect that blast?"

"Point taken." Scott said, laughing. His laughter faded as a troubling thought occurred to him. Seeing Jean watching him with a worried expression on her face, he explained his reaction, "It's the first time I've dated a non-mutant since," he tapped his glasses, indicating his mutation, "I've never had to face explaining this to someone like Chloe before."

Jean looked sympathetic as she thought for a moment. It took some considering but finally she said, "A lot of people struggle with it at first but you're a good judge of character, Scott. A very good judge of character. I don't think you would care this much about a woman who couldn't accept who, or what, you are."

Her words made him feel marginally better but, like so many of his kind, the feeling of apprehension just wouldn't go away and he was haunted by laughing eyes and a beguiling smile.

An hour before Scott was due to pick her up, a light rain began to fall but Chloe paid it little heed. Until, that is, about fifteen minutes prior to his arrival when it began raining in earnest.

Looking out at the rain, Chloe hugged herself and stepped back within the shelter of the doorway. "Just my luck, first date with a great guy and God decides to try a repeat of the Flood."

With a sigh, she checked to see if her cellphone was on just in case he had to cancel and tried to recall what movie was on tv that evening. "Hope Clark doesn't mind flying through the rain—I feel a need for double chocolate ice cream coming on."

The idea of a night spent at home with the guys was nice in theory—they were leaving in a few days—but the nicety was severely dampened when one thought about why.

Resolutely, Chloe resisted the urge to tear up. Scott hadn't cancelled yet, it was just a little rain—okay, a lot of rain—and bad weather didn't mean disaster for all her relationships.

She hoped.

"Chloe?" Scott's surprised voice pulled her from her maudlin thoughts and she looked over to find him approaching at a light jog...

And all maudlin thoughts that had previously occupied her brain were banished very, very, very far from said location.

For one very simple reason. Scott Summers, in opinion, was a man who should never ever be allowed to dry out. The sight of him soaking wet was... it was. Her pulse quickened in appreciation as a stray raindrop made its way down his jaw. She liked his jaw, why exactly, she couldn't say but she did.

Reaching up, she touched the part in question, "You're soaked to the skin."

He smiled, capturing her hand in his, "And you will be too if you stay out here much longer. What are you doing out here anyway?"

"Waiting for you." Chloe steadfastly resisted the urge to shiver as she looked up at him. "The guys were driving me crazy." Which wasn't exactly a lie. They had been but it was more because she'd been rattled to begin with. After dressing and finishing her makeup, a serous attack of the nerves had set in and she'd yet to shake it. "I just wanted to be outside."

Scott stripped off his jacket and draped it around her shoulders. "Are you all right, Chloe? You seem upset."

She mustered up a shaky smile for him. "I'm fine, really, just a rough day."

He smiled, a wide, open smile that sent another surge of warmth through her and coaxed a genuine smile in response. "Well, I hope I can help you end it on a high note."

Her smile turned to a merry grin. "Oh, I do think I like how that sounds."

He returned the grin. "I was hoping you might." Offering her his arm, he nodded toward the waiting car. "Care to make the hundred meter dash?"

She looked dubiously at the sandals on her feet then at the wet and muddy lawn between them and the car. "Umm..."

Scott surveyed the situation and, understanding her dilemma, turned to her. "Trust me?"

What made Chloe say yes, she didn't know, but say it she did and promptly squealed in surprise when he lifted her off his feet and, as best he could, dashed across the lawn to his car.

With a giggle, Chloe surveyed her sodden reflection in the rearview mirror then settled back to buckle her seatbelt. "Not exactly how we expected this night to start, hmm?"

Scott's expression was one of chagrin as he slid into the driver's seat. "Not exactly. But, " he smiled, "I think it went better than expected." A grin of pure mischief stole onto his face. "I didn't think I'd be carrying you anywhere until at least the third date."

She grinned back then feigned offense. "Third date? What kind of girl do you take me for?" She waited a beat then added, "I was thinking the second date would have been better." Her eyes twinkled. "But, if you want to move if back to third... well I can certainly accommodate you."

He laughed. "Well, I think in this situation, it's the lady's choice."

A soft laugh was Chloe's initial answer to that. "I'll let you know." She decided, brushing a hair out of her eyes before looking at him curiously. "Where are we headed?"

Scott gave her a mysterious smile in return. "A little place a friend recommended." His smile dimmed a little, remembering the conversation he and said friend had shared earlier. "Private—it'll give us a chance to talk."

Despite the levity he tried to interject, Chloe still picked up on the undercurrent in his voice. "Scott, what is it?" Reaching out, she stilled his hand on the ignition. "Scott. What is it?"

He sat back and looked down at his hands. Deciding to take the proverbial bull by the horns, he cautiously asked, "What do you know about mutation? The mutant phenomena?"

The wry smile which appeared on Chloe's face went unnoticed by her companion as she said, "I think that it's the perfect day to take a walk in the rain, don't you think?"

"Ever hear of a town in Kansas called Smallville?" At his nod, Chloe continued. "I moved there in junior high. Great little town—if you ignore the occasional psychotic meteor freak turning Carrie on the place."

"The what?!" With a sinking feeling that the conversation was heading in a direction he wasn't going to like at all, Scott forced himself to relax, give her a chance to speak. "Psychotic?"

"Mmhmm... psychotic." Chloe nodded, tilting her head back to let the rain fall on her face. "See, when Smallville had the meteor shower about twenty years ago, the meteor fragments had this crazy weird affect on some of the children in town—they started developing these... powers. Problem was, they kind of had to forfeit their sanity in exchange," she smiled wryly, "and chase innocent young reporters with chainsaws."

"You were chased by someone with a chainsaw?!" Staring at her dumbfounded, Scott felt his hopes lessen even more but still he remained silent, giving her a chance to speak.

"More like assaulted. He was a telekinetic and he used it to try and..." Chloe shrugged philosophically. "A friend stopped him."

They moved along until she looked up at the horizon. "I'm okay with the fact you're a mutant, Scott, believe me I am. Living in Smallville, I've seen, and experienced, a lot. Things and people weirder and more dangerous than you'll ever be." She smiled. "I"m okay with it."

"How did you know I was..." His action purely reflex, Scott reached up to touch his glasses. "Oh..."

"Well," Chloe began, her smile turning into a sly grin, "what kind of reporter would I be if I couldn't figure that out?" Her grin widened. "But, yes, the glasses were a pretty big hint." She grinned and pointed at the sky. "You wear them indoors and you're wearing them now and its pouring rain, not a hint of sunlight to be found, and I know you aren't blind so there has to be some reason why you don't take them off. Mutation is as good a reason as any."

Scott grinned at her dismissive shrug. "You're quite unimpressed by it all."

She returned the grin. "I'm sorry, should I be all giggly and impressed or shake with fear?" She stopped, standing close with her hand resting on his chest. "Because, you know, grew up in Weirdsville, USA, not really impressed by average, everyday mutants."

"Not at all?" He feigned disappointment. "Average? Everyday? Me?" Doing his best to appear dejected, Scott dropped his gaze, his head lowering.

A respectable giggle escaped Chloe and she reached up to touch his face. "Not by a long shot." Her voice softened and she stretched up to kiss his cheek. Scott, ever the strategist, had other plans however and he caught her chin gently, stilling her movement, and leaned down to kiss her instead.

When his lips touched hers, Chloe froze beneath his mouth for an instant then her body seized control from her mind in a quick and efficient coup and she stepped closer. Curling her wet hands into the equally wet material of his shirt, she let herself be pressed against him as their kiss deepened.

Someone made a noise, neither was sure who, a sound caught between a whimper and a moan. Neither cared who but it fueled them both and Chloe felt a rush of heady excitement when Scott's hands pulled her closer still, fitting her against him.

They lingered in the kiss as long as they could before reluctantly parting.

Trying to catch her breath, Chloe made an attempt at smoothing out the wrinkles in his shirt. "Definitely not average," she repeated with a faint smile, "never average to me."

Years later, lying in bed, she watched him, asleep in the rocking chair holding their daughter—Rory Elizabeth—born scant hours before and decided...

Her husband was still anything but average...

Damn adorable, really.

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