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Let Go
by Andariel

Angry strides take Chloe toward the office door. The staccato tapping of her heels mark out a litany in her head—stupid, stupid, stupid. Incredibly fucking stupid. She knew better than to think things would change, but once again, her mouth took off before checking in with her pride or her common sense. The mental tirade deafens Chloe to the room around her, leaving her unprepared for being followed, so she starts when the doorknob jerks out of her hand. Her eyes catalog the flat palm against the hardwood panel, arm outstretched near her shoulder but not touching. Frustrated words hover on her tongue unspoken, choked off when he moves closer.

Lex's breath blows humid across the skin at her nape. Despite the heat of it, gooseflesh rises in the wake of his mouth. He hasn't even touched her yet, but Chloe's body reacts as though he has. He's behind her, the scent of his musky cologne wafting into her senses along a brandy-scented exhale. Everything about Lex is expensive, but cost doesn't even come into the equation with his fingers hovering millimeters away from her bare arms. Her fingers flex into her palm, blunt nails pressing crescent marks into the flesh and reminding her that she's not dreaming this time.

She'd imagined this a thousand different ways in dozens of places. His office in LexCorp towers, on the terrace of this penthouse, her dingy little studio apartment, her office at the Torch. The last always brings nostalgia for something that could never have happened then, but she lives it in her pre-sleep time. Her imaginary teenage love affair—that one is always about love, though she never quite understood why. A spun glass fantasy she built into false reality while shrouded in the darkness of her loft, the hand between her legs serving as a poor but necessary substitute.

Chloe can't remember when she started fantasizing. She can nail the date she first asked for Lex's help—shaking with anxiety, over her head and no one who could possibly help other than a friend of a friend who was barely more than a stranger—probably down to the hour, if she was pressed. She knows exactly the moment she stopped looking at Lex as merely a co-conspirator and started considering him a friend—the night of the spring dance her junior year, when he'd called bullshit on her not wanting to go and had told her to find a date or he'd take her himself and scandalize the entire town. She'd called him on his bullshit with a grin, but she'd called up Danny Fitzgerald and asked if his invitation still stood. But the need and the heat and the want... their origin remain a mystery. It seems like it has always been there, though she knows it couldn't have been. She never would have been able to concentrate enough for them to derail Lionel if it had.

She's been wanting for so long, and Lex still hasn't touched her, but her nipples scrape against the sheer lining of her bra nonetheless. He's performing some exquisite brand of torture to be so close and not do anything more, because Chloe can't move no matter how much she wants to. The inkling fear that reaching out will turn him away holds her body frozen, as motionless as a deer upon hearing a twig snap. Shallow breathing has induced a faint feeling, and she inhales sharply on instinct. The minute shift brings her back in contact with his chest, and sparks dance across her nerve endings, lighting fires under her skin.

A whimper clouds her exhale, the barest whisper of a plea, but it's enough to make him move. Strong arms lock around her, one circling her waist, the other her hips, and Lex pulls her back against him. Chloe stifles the scream that rises in her throat at the feel of his burgeoning erection pressing against her ass. The sound emerges as a gasp, and she lets her head fall back on his shoulder, turning her face into his neck and breathing deep as he strokes against her, slow and hard. One hand skates up her rib cage, cupping her breast then closing around it. The massage of deft fingers draws vibrating pleasure out of the flesh, intensifying it to near pain when he focuses his attention on the nipple, playing with the tensile flesh hidden under the fabric of her shirt and bra.

They're both fully dressed, but this is the most erotic experience of Chloe's life.

She uncurls her fingers, just noticing that they'd remained fisted. She extends a hand behind her to close on Lex's hip, giving her leverage to meet his thrusts with her own. She darts her tongue out to taste his throat. Her mouth floods with salt and the sharp bite of cologne residue. She breathes out against the wet spot she'd created, then nips the skin lightly with her teeth.


Her name rattles out of his throat, husky and dark with intent. His palm skims away, traveling from hip down to the waistband of her slacks. The catch falls open and she feels deft fingers slip between layers of fabric. No pressure, simply a presence that heats her skin, and she can't wait for him to move this time. Her hand slides down the front of her pants and closes over his. A thin barrier of fabric between their fingers, another between his hand and her skin, Chloe presses down and moves her hips. Guiding. Asking. "Please..."

She loses her bearings for a moment when Lex whips her around. Her back presses against the door, and Lex leans in. Trapped in place by his body against hers, Chloe's eyes catch Lex's. He doesn't speak a word, just studies her with an intense gaze. A wordless conversation occurs in the space between breaths, questions asked and answered, before Lex moves again. Fingers entwining with hers and pinning them to the door on either side of her head, he leans down. His lips hover over hers, his eyes a magnetic North that she can't turn away from. She tilts her chin up in silent entreaty, and finally, his mouth covers hers.

No dream can compare to the feel of his lips teasing hers open, his tongue sliding in to slowly explore. She'd expected to be plundered, but the soft stabs are an invitation, and she accepts the challenge. Their tongues twirl and collide in her mouth, and soon, it's not enough. She needs to taste him. Chloe coerces entrance, and the dance continues on new ground. She traces the ridge of his teeth, then slides in further to draw patterns on his palate with the tip of her tongue.

The kiss breaks with them both short of breath. Lex releases her hands and moves back just enough to allow fingers to find buttons. They exchange nipping kisses that merely tease as fabric parts under the assault of anxious hands. Lex completes his task first, and he slides his hands under the fabric plackets to caress her breasts over her bra. Chloe rolls into the touch, and her fingers slip on his buttons. Distraction makes it difficult, but she finally releases the last fastener from its hole.

Chloe pushes the pearl gray shirt past taut shoulders, forcing Lex to release his hold on her to shuck it off. She takes advantage of the delay, bringing her mouth to the dip of his collarbone. Sucking on a pulse point, she maneuvers her arms around his waist so she can caress his back. Her fingertips dip into the hollows beneath his shoulder blades to trace each sinew, memorizing by touch as her mouth slides upwards.

Their lips collide again, open and hungry, and Chloe's back slams hard against the door. She only notices by the sound, the rest of her senses focused on the kiss. This is more like what she'd been expecting—hot, wet, bordering on animalistic. She feels as though she's being devoured, and she never wants it to stop.

Lex pulls away and curses under his breath. It's only then that she hears the phone ringing. The shrill siren call of it has Lex walking backwards toward his desk, pinning her in place with eyes that forbid any type of movement. Chloe wants to scream in frustration, but there's a reason her fantasizing never ventured to this particular location, so she bites her lip and waits. Chloe knows as well as anyone the number of distractions in Lex's penthouse office, unlike the office at LexCorp, which comes complete with an assistant to prevent interruptions.

He reaches the desk and glances down at the phone. The press of a button sends the ringer silent, and Lex leans indolently against the desk. Chloe takes in the lascivious smile and the folded arms, and shoots a sultry grin right back. Lex sending the call to voicemail pleasantly surprised her, but noting that he'd checked the caller id first only enforces the reality of what's happening. She steps out of her heeled sandals and her slacks, leaving them puddled on the floor as she pads barefoot toward him. She sheds the sleeveless blouse next, and if she'd had any clue this would be happening, she would have worn something sexier than her blue cotton set underneath. Judging by the hungry light in Lex's eyes, giving her a head-to-toe examination as she approaches, he doesn't care that her underwear and bra are more practical than seductive.

When she reaches him, Chloe skates both palms up his chest until they close over his shoulders. Without the heels she's at more of a disadvantage height-wise, so she raises up on tiptoe to kiss him. Her lips linger on his only for a moment before she drifts down, sampling his neck, chest, and abs before kneeling on the floor. She nuzzles her face against his crotch and hears Lex groan above her. Chloe picks up his left foot to remove his shoe and sock, then repeats the action on the right. She lays her palms against his shins and glides them upward, fingers extended, until she reaches his fly. Undoing it quickly, she pushes the fabric out of her way until Lex's cock springs free.

Flash memory of hearing dorm-mates in college complaining about their boyfriends always wanting oral sex, and how Chloe had simply sat there, smiling to herself. She'd never bothered to point out that some women love to give head and that she was one of them. If they didn't enjoy it, she supposed she was simply luckier than most. This fantasy had come first, and she shutters her eyes to focus on the sensations when she closes her hand around the shaft and licks at the head. The thick salted-cream of precome coats her tongue as Lex gives an aborted jerk above her. "Oh, fuck..."

Chloe nearly grins to herself, but she's too enraptured with what she's doing to bother. She encloses the head with her mouth, tongue wrapping around and over, learning the feel of him one inch at a time. She takes a little more and relishes the weight on her tongue, the smooth scrape of the cock head against her palate. A faint whiff of musk and sweat hits her nostrils, and she breathes deep, knowing from experience that immersion of all her senses only makes it better. With that thought, she lifts her lids and tilts her head slightly so she can look up. Lex's head is flung back, breath rasping, and she knows he's struggling to control instinct, to let her lead if she wants to. It had gone both ways in her dreams. Sometimes she'd hold his hips still, sliding up and down slow enough to drive them both insane. Other times, Lex would hold her head and thrust down her throat over and over again.

While the last image sends a rush of heat between her legs, Chloe decides that she wants to see how close to the edge she can push him before he takes over. Instead of coaxing his hands to her shoulders, she closes her fingers over his hips. Her cheeks hollow out as she starts applying more suction. Moving forward just a little more on each down stroke, she gets to the point where she's kissing her fist before withdrawing. She idly wonders if Lex's fingers can carve grooves into the edge of his desk. The tendons are standing out and the flesh has drained white from the force of him holding on.

Chloe doesn't want Lex to hold on. She wants him to let go.

She pulls back and stays immobile, just keeping the head of Lex's cock in her mouth and teasing at it with flicks of tongue. Waiting, waiting, and finally he looks down. Locking her eyes on his, Chloe removes her hand and swallows him down.

The thread of control snaps, and Lex grasps her shoulders. He thrusts three times before pulling out of her mouth. His cock is red and straining, painted in glimmering lines by her tongue. She doesn't have the chance to question before she's pulled to her feet and Lex's tongue invades her mouth. Chloe feels the clasp of her bra come undone and she rolls her shoulders until the straps fall. She finishes removing it while Lex works her underwear down her legs so she can kick free of them. His pants disappeared in the melee as well, and he's holding a condom between his fingers. She takes it from him and slides it on, her fingers slightly clumsy with haste.

Lex lifts her up, setting her on the edge of the desk. She reaches for him, but he bats her hands away, laying her out across the (thankfully barren) blotter. His fingers delve between her legs as his mouth closes over the crest of one breast. The dual pleasure points fire sensations throughout her body, and Chloe cries out Lex's name. Lex rolls her clit under his thumb while two fingers penetrate her. Chloe arches against his hand, her entire body shivering with lust. Like sticking her finger in an electrical socket, like her skin is a conduit, nerves she didn't know she had spring to life under Lex's touch. A light scrape of teeth over her nipple followed by a lick breathes fire through her, and she wants him inside her when she comes. "Lex, just..." He's not paying attention and she's having trouble forming sentences, so she grabs his head and lifts it from her, meeting his eyes as she wraps her legs around the small of his back. "Now."

His hand pulls out and rests slickly on the skin of her back when he shifts it there. Lifting her upright and moving in between her splayed legs, the other hand positioning for the first thrust, Lex's eyes gleam quicksilver as he enters her.

A shockwave rolls through her on that first thrust and it just grows with every one thereafter. Lex clutches her hips with desperate fingers; his mouth closes hot over her throat and he licks a path to her ear. Nipping at her lobe, he brings his lips to hers to catch the gasps off her tongue. His rhythm becomes erratic, and one quick circle of his hips sends Chloe crashing over the edge. Waves of wet heat convulse throughout her body as she clings to Lex with her legs and arms to anchor herself. When she's able to speak, she whispers into his mouth. "Do it, Lex. Let go."

Two thrusts later, his arm closes so tight around her that Chloe thinks her bones might crack. He stiffens and stills, then gives two last staggered thrusts before she feels the tension drain out of his muscles.

Chloe collapses back on the desk, and Lex follows her down, head settling between her breasts. His breath torments her sensitive flesh, but the last thing she's planning to do is complain. The hazy tranquillity of post orgasm high settles over them like a mist, and Chloe finds her hands tracing nonsense maps on Lex's back. There will have to be a talk. She knows this, but for now, she's not going to worry about it.

Wherever they go from here, she plans to enjoy the ride.

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