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Welcome to serenity V A L L E Y, my Firefly website index!

Like my Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel site collective  s u n d o w n and my Smallville collective chandler's field, this site came about when I realised one crisp Fall day that I have a lot of Firefly sites in the works, and out there on the web. And I needed a place to put fun stuff like wallpapers, and other miscellaneous goodies.

What's new around here...
New challenge is up at serendipitous! Added new images of Simon and Kaylee to shiny and you're pretty... pretty, and added a link to the Firefly DVD site to the links pages of each as well. Updated my fan fiction with a new story, Living. Posted Improv Challenge #12 to serendipitous, and updated the fanfic archive.

Here is the rundown of what you can find here at serenity valley:

ljc's firefly fan fiction
I fell madly in love with Firefly almost a year ago, and started writing fan fiction based on the series starting in December. Every story I've written thus far is archived on my fanfic site, and I've also got a reader survey as well.

you're pretty... pretty
a Simon/Kaylee fansite, chock full of fan fiction, images, fan art, wallpaper, and more. Why Simon and Kaylee, one might ask? Over the course of the series, the relationship between Serenity's mechanic and medic captured the hearts and imaginations of Firefly fans across the globe. Beginning with Kaylee's crush, evolving to genuine affection between them, and the eventual promise of more, the Simon/Kaylee friendship and romance may not have gotten an enormous amount of airtime‹but what was there certainly packed a punch. If you love Simon and Kaylee, alone or together, then this is the site for you!

the cortex: fanfic recs by ljc
Fan written Firefly short stories, novellas, and novels I've particularly enjoyed.

shiny : the official sean maher fan listing
Whether you are a fan of Sean's work on Firefly, Brian's Song, The $treet, Ryan Caulfield: Year One or Party of Five, feel free to join the fan listing or browse this modest fan site dedicated to this talented young actor.

The Firefly improv fan fiction archive, now under new management! "Improvs" are fan fiction challenges issued bi-weekly. Authors are required to include the 3 to 5 words or phrases of the challenge somewhere in their fiction. Stories can be any length, any MPAA-style rating (G through NC-17), and any genre (gen, het, slash, or any combination thereof). A new challenge is issued roughly every fortnight, on the 1st and 15th of each month, and all challenge replies should be posted to the mailing list, and will be archived on the site.

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