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Behind The Scenes
by Voleuse

Dear diary,

My dad has gotten on my last nerves again. I do not know what is wrong with him, he keeps saying go to college pick a major. If he would just shut up a minute, he would see that I am already applying to colleges some have already accepted me but he will not listen. He is also yelling get a job. All I keep thinking is dad stop, look, listen to your child…

Years later — Friday June 11, 2004

"I think it’s a really good idea that you are going out with her. But what I’m trying to figure out is why haven’t you asked her yet?"

"I don’t know. I really don’t think she wants to anyway. However, I was wondering since July 4 is coming up in a few weeks I‘d tell her that I am having some friends over for a BBQ. Then surprise her and take her to the park where a romantic picnic is already set up then after dinner, I ask her. What do you think? It’s probably a bad idea anyway."

"No. Not exactly. Let’s see, how can you not mess this up. Here’s an idea…"

No one knows how I feel on the inside, no one knows if I want to be in this family. Does anyone care? I want to move but where will I go? I would not mind moving to Jamaica, but I do not know anyone there. My mother is the only who I could talk to, the only thing with that is I think that dad beats her sometimes. However, I could be wrong it might be my imagination getting the best of me. Maybe it’s just in my dreams things can always change.

Yours truly.

Friday June 11, 2004

"Do you think he’ll ask you this weekend? I mean really you guys have been going out forever."

"I don’t know mom. I really do not know. Well, let me go I have to get to work before I’m late. I love you and I’ll talk to you later."

Years later

Dear Diary,

Well, I have graduated college I did what dad wanted me to do and that was to go to college and get a job. Well, I finished college and I got a job working for the government, which is somewhat cool. We will see what happens.

Yours truly.

A week later — Friday June 18, 2004

"Can I please have that weekend off its really important? As much as I know, the world needs to has to be saved. We always need our rest. Can I have that weekend off please?"

"You know how much we need you here right now!"

"I will make sure that in the next week all of my paperwork is done for and submitted properly and ahead of schedule. I do not know how much will be done what ever will be left is what I will give to you early the following week. Please don’t make me beg?

"Finish this work within the next week and half and we will see what happens. Fair enough?"

"Thank you."

A few years later

Dear diary,

I am still working for the government and everything is going well. Dad is recovering from his heart attack. Mom is still a nervous wreck. Dad does not yell at me anymore. My social life is probably about to go into the fire. But I am dating and it is going wonderful. I just do not know if we will get married, we keep talking about it. Here’s hoping.

Yours truly

Two weeks later — Friday July 2, 2004

"Everything is done. Can I have the weekend off? I don’t think the world will blow by Monday."

"As soon as I check out everything."


"I don’t know what I was thinking in the first place getting involved with a co-worker. Am I crazy?"

"No you’re not crazy. Just mad because he hasn’t asked you yet. Even though he has been avoiding you the past couple of weeks."

"He told me he had a lot of paperwork to do for the next couple of weeks, and that was two weeks ago. I will give him one more week and we will see what happens."


Friday July 2nd, 2004

Dear diary,

Life is good, but I do not know how long this relationship will last. We have dated on and off for a year now, but going steady for the last six months. For the past couple of weeks or at least a month now he has been avoiding me and it is getting annoying. So since he has been avoiding me I have been avoiding him. Then when I arrived for work this morning there were half a dozen roses on my desk with a note saying he was sorry and he will make it up to me I do not know how though. Later I got the other half of the roses and an invite to a BBQ tomorrow at his place. I think I will give him one more week after tomorrow depending on how things go.

Yours truly.

Saturday July 3rd, 2004

"So here’s what I need you to do Fran make sure that when she get dress she gets dress for a romantic picnic and not a BBQ. Do what ever it takes."

"I will distract her as much as possible until you call to come and get her for the picnic."

"Thanks I really do appreciate it."

"No problem."

"Kyle, you have everything that I gave you right? Moreover, you do have the music right? It really is important."

"Relax. I have everything under control. Go to the store buy her some gifts, get you a new outfit. You might want to do that now so you will have time later in case she ask you a bomb of questions since you have been avoiding her for a while. YOU do have HER RING RIGHT?"

"YES, I have her ring. Thank you guys for helping out."

Later that day

"Fran, why do you want to dress me up again?"

"Because when Jake called earlier he said that he had a surprise for you and wanted you to get dressed up for it, he said that it was special."

"Yesterday he said that he was going to have a BBQ. Do you know what happened?"

"No. All he said was that he would be here in about an hour. Which means we have to hurry he will be here in about forty — five minutes."


"Diane he’s here."

"Ok I’m coming."

"Hey Jake. Just want to let you know that everything is ready to go from this end she doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on. I called Kyle about half an hour ago and he said that everything was ready on his end. So far so good."

"Thank goodness. How do I look?"

"You look good like a movie star. Do you have the ring? If so, may I see it?"

"Sure. A quick glance it sounds like Diane is coming."

"It is gorgeous. I want one, can I have this one?"

"No. Here comes Diane I need the ring."

"So where are you taking me that I needed to get all dressed up for?"

"You will just have to wait and see my lady."

A little later

"Jake why are we pulling over?"

"I have to blindfold you. It’s a surprise remember?"

"Alright, as long as we get there quick I am starving."

At the park

"We are almost there just a few more steps."

"Why does it feel like we are walking on grass? Jake where are we? Oh my god."

"Surprise. This is for not being there when you needed me."

"You are wonderful. This is beautiful. Thank you."

After dinner

"Did you like your gifts?"

"Yes, I did thank you."

"I have one more surprise."

Jake pulls out the ring gets on one knee he had a speech all planned but all he could get out was.

"Will you marry me?"