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A Normal Life
by selena

Kyle hadn't slept at all that night. Not that he had gotten much sleep in the last few months as it was. Not since a certain geek god had awkwardly dropped into his life. But last night had been the worst, this time he knew what was to come in the morning, and he didn't like what that would be. He had lain awake at night worrying about Jake before. Worrying about his safety when he was out there doing something stupidly dangerous to protect his country. Things that more often or not he wasn't really qualified to do, but he volunteered because that was the person he was. But Kyle worried; he worried that this would be the mission that Jake didn't come back from. That this would be the day, or night that his incredible run of luck finally run out. And despite all his enhancements, Jake would die. As Jake grew as an agent, Kyle began to worry less and less about Jake being able to take care of himself, he had shown that time and time again. Kyle began to lie awake at night worrying about worrying; he knew that his feelings towards the handsome young man were becoming more that professional, more than friendly. At first it had scared the hell out of him. He wasn't sure how to handle this; there was no protocol for it. You weren't supposed to fall in love with your very male, very straight gorgeous young protégé. But he couldn't help himself.

He would think of Jake late at night and he would smile. The kid was reckless and headstrong, dangerous traits for an NSA agent. But he was also so resourceful and brave. And so damn naive. Kyle was certain that this is what had attracted him to Jake the most. Kyle didn't like to think of him self as hard-bitten and world weary, not yet anyway. But he did recognize himself as being cynical and distrusting, you had to be in the world he lived in. Then along comes this kid. This beautiful wonderful young man who wanted to believe that the world was still a good place. He thought he could see the good in everyone, he thought that every one could be redeemed in some way. Kyle's heart would break every time he saw one of Jake's hopes crushed. When Jake was hurting, all Kyle wanted to do was take the young man in his arms and hug him. Tell him it was all going to be all right. But that would be a lie, he had to lie enough to him as it was. Nothing would be all right for Jake, not ever. Sometimes Kyle really believed that life was a bitch. The thing that had brought Jake crashing into his life, would also be the thing that made Jake's life almost impossible to live. That was why he had given Jake Earl Menks's number. Jake was a wonderful person, he of all people deserved to have a good life. Or as good as it can get for a man with super human abilities. And as much as it would kill him never to see Jake again, Kyle knew that it would be the best thing for the would be superhero. To be free of the NSA. All he wanted was for Jake to be safe and happy.

So he had gotten no sleep that night. Knowing that this would be the day when Jake wouldn't be there. He would walk into Sat Ops only to hear of Jake's accidental 'death'. He would now be just another statistic. Kyle swallowed a hard lump in his throat as he thought about the funeral he would be expected to attend. He would probably cry and ruin his 'tough agent' image, not that he cared about that right now. Jake may as well be dead, Kyle was never going to see him again. He had to force his legs to carry him into Sat Ops; it was business as usual there. He made himself pay attention to the job at hand. They were facing a war situation, his work was important and he had to deal with it. He would grieve later. He looked up as Diane came rushing into the room; she ignored Kyle and went straight over to Lou.

"Lou . . . Hey, I thought that I would find Jake here . . . Maybe."

Kyle regarded the young Ddctor, she looked visibly shaken. She too had feelings for Jake. She wanted a more than professional relationship with him, it was clear to everyone. Except of course to Jake, but then the kid was born with Blinders on. But unlike Kyle, Diane had the luxury of being able to show her feelings, while he had to hold them inside. Yeah, he resented her a little for that. So maybe that was why there was a touch of venom in the words he ground out.

"You won't."

Diane sagged, hurt shone in her eyes, and for a fleeting second Kyle felt like he had kicked a puppy. He looked away from her and turned back to his work. He heard her turn away and start to walk away. But then she stopped.

"Jake?" she said, surprised. Kyle's heart thudded in his chest. "Hey, you're late for you're morning work up." Kyle turned round, afraid that he was hearing things. If he was, then he was seeing things as well, because there he was, standing in the doorway big grin on his handsome face. The news report came on before Kyle could say anything. So Prince Malik was dead, and Jake was alive. Kyle gave Jake a sideways glance, pride swelling in his chest. This was truly a remarkable young man. Kyle knew there would be repercussions to the selfless act that Jake had performed, but Kyle would happily deal with them. Because for one more day, Jake had come back to him. He would just have to come up with another way for Jake to have a normal life.