Jake Foley

JAKE FOLEY was working on the tech support staff of the National Security Agency when an accident exposed him to experimental nanites—tiny computers which have integrated into all of his systems. The nanites have given him the physiological equivalent of a human "upgrade" with the added bonus of being able to instantly connect to any computer. In short, Jake is a geek who now leads a double life as a superhero and spy. However, at times he's less The Six Million Dollar Man than he strongly resembles The Greatest American Hero as he uses his new abilities to protect his country and his friends.

Despite his application to become an NSA field agent being rejected twice, Jake suddenly finds himself at the centre of an NSA Special Ops team assembled by his new boss, Deputy Director Louise Beckett. His best friend and roommate, Darin Metcalf, was suddenly transferred out of the country, and he was moved to a new "secure location", an apartment over Luigi's Deli, and the girl he crushed on all though college, congressional aide Sarah Carter, has suddenly become a security risk as she is investigating the NSA's funding of the nanites project.

However, Jake is adapting. His spy mentor is Agent Kyle Duarte, who is determined to whip Jake into shape as a field agent. After saving Kyle's life, the two have formed a tentative friendship. However, his closest confidant is Dr. Diane Hughes, who gives him The Desk Lamp of True Love™ for his new digs, monitors his vitals via a PDA, and not-so-secretly seems to fancy him. To date, they've hung out in Jake's apartment, ride-shared, and even attended Jake's friend's Kevin's wedding together— albeit, not on purpose.

Jake, who has heretofore been blinded to the doc's charms by his unflagging Sarah-love, seems to be catching a clue. Only time will tell.


  • Jake is from Akron, Ohio

  • Jake showed up at Cheryl Rhodes sweet sixteen party as Gene Simmons in full KISS make-up and leather codpiece because they told him it was a costume party

  • Jake attended Georgetown, and lived in the same dorm as Sarah Carter for four years and never asked her out

  • Jake and Sarah graduated from Georgetown in 1999

  • Jake first saw Sarah freshman year at Georgetown. He can't remember what she was wearing. He just remembers her eyes.

  • When Jake was 19, we was working two part-time jobs and taking 18 credits at Georgetown

  • Kevin Parks is one of Jake's best friends

  • Jake has a neighbour named Karen

  • According to the file Jake hallucinates in Last Man Standing Jake is 24 years old, however Jerry tells a waitress that Jake is 26 in Jerry 2.0 (which jibes with the 1999 graduation)

  • Jake is 6' tall

  • His NSA Agent I.D. is NSA412-E5R

  • He has a younger brother named Jerry

  • Jake's sixth grade teacher was named Alan Hergott

  • His address in Jerry 2.0 is listed as 1705 Benton St., #19, Washington, D.C. 90014, however in "Last Man Standing" it appears as both 1974 Benton St. #19, and 1705 Benton St. Washington D.C. 20007