Kyle Duarte

KYLE DUARTE was a top NSA field agent until his cover was compromised in 2001 through no fault of his own. He was re-assigned to Sat Ops full-time, and acts as Lou's right-hand. However, Kyle would prefer to be out in the field again, and knowing how much IT tech Jake Foley wanted to be an agent, it was Kyle who convinced Lou to grant Jake active agent status. A gifted agent, Kyle personally supervises Jake's training. While they began with a mentor-student relationship, the two have become good friends.

Kyle had a prior relationshipp with Chinese double agent Wong Mei Ling. However, the NSA intercepted a message that Chinese intelligence suspected Wong were working with them, and had snipers waiting outside the Hotel in Seville where Kyle and Mei Ling were to meet. If he had met her, or even shown up in the city, they would have killed her. He sacrificed their relationship to save her life.

Kyle has few relationships, due to the nature of his job, and counselsls Jake to learn to enjoy the single life. However, he was seeing a woman named Megan Reilly for some time, and even talked Jake into "double dating" with Megan's younger sister, who proved a bit too aggressive.


  • Identity specialist Earl Wenk owed Kyle a favour--a big one--which Kyle cashed in to offer Jake an "out." However, Jake gave his chance at a new life away to Prince Malik

  • Kyle was shot in the stomach by Jake while on a rare field mission to back Jake up while he infiltrated the elite Wolf Pack special ops unit.

  • Kyle professed his love for Lou when she had Jake smuggle beer into Kyle's hospital room