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Welcome to the JMD : The Jake 2.0 fan fiction archive and home of the jake20_fanfic mailing list!

This website archives fan written short stories, novellas, and novels based on the series Jake 2.0 created by Silvio Horta. This archive has an open submission policy and accepts Jake 2.0 fan fiction of all ratings and content. Also featured on this site are character bios for the main characters, supporting cast, and key guest stars. The Fan Fiction FAQ serves as an introduction to the history and practices of fanfic (both on-line and off) as well as writing tips, definitions such as "hurt/comfort", "Mary Sue", "slash/gen/het" and more.

If you are looking for general Jake 2.0 information such as cast bios, an episode guide and transcripts, and image gallery, we suggest you check out j20fans : the ultimate jake 2.0 fan site (which is also the home of the Jake 2.0 on DVD Campaign!).