SatOps (Satellite Operations) is located in the Headquarters of the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland.

Ft. Meade by day

Ft. Meade by night

SatOps is primarily engaged in monitoring intelligence from a variety of sources including signals intelligence, ESCHELON monitoring system, and electronic intelligence.

SatOps is a large, circular room containing computer terminals radiating from the centre of the room, and a second row of stations directly on front of "The Big Board."

Data from any terminal can be displayed on the "Big Board".

Lou's superiors Skerrit and Warner often monitor SatOps from the catwalk.

The holding area consists of several isolated clear cells. Some detainees are allowed to keep their clothing. Others are issued white jumpsuits.

The cell Caleb Fulton was held in was accessed through an ante-chamber, and is free-standing. However, the cell DuMont was held in consisted of three glass walls around a metal wall. The cells either contain a bench/bed, or are completely devoid of furniture.

The cells are monitored on-site by two guards at computer terminals, and are accessed through the ante-chamber doors which are monitored using a computer-driven security system. All the cells are monitored using hidden cameras. The holding area where Caleb was held has an emergency fire exit inside the main area, rather than outside the ante-chamber.

Lou's office

The view from behind Lou's desk

The shelves and low table to the left of Lou's desk.

The Medlab is where Diane and Fran monitor Jake.

One wall contains several screens, and storage areas.

The lab consists of two main areas.

The main lab is outfitted with workstations similarly to the array pattern in SatOps

The med lab portion contains the diagnostic bed and mice. The diagnostic bed is portable, and can be moved away from the wall with the cages containing the mice.

The view into the lab from behind the glass wall of the coridoor which seperates the two main parts of the labs. Diane recently installed an espresso machine.