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F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

1. Okay, just who are you?

The Mafia.


Okay, we're a group of four fans of new Doctor Who, who decided it would be a fantastic idea to have some awards. It was as simple as that.


The Wordybod. She's responsible for the wording of much of the website, as well as putting out tentacles into the murky world of fandom to try and get as many people involved as possible. She writes fic sporadically, and is small, fluffy and cute. As such, she is intrinsically evil. Go and annoy her (and read her fic!) at her Livejournal.


The artist of the group, responsible for everything from banners to buttons. She's also the one feeding us all jelly babies every so often, and has an unhealthy interest in Four/Nine. She was also responsible for the Sonic Screwdriver Award. She writes fic too, y'know. She also can be found at LiveJournal.


Often referred to as the sane one, she has also been known to walk around in public with a bright purple and black witches hat. That should tell you what kind of mind you're dealing with. Also a fic-writer, she's the one doing all the counting and adding up for the awards. Once again, she is a denizen of LiveJournal.


LJC built the entire website. To say the least, Everyone Owes Her. The sole American of the group, she adds an valuable counter-balance to the somewhat strange harmonics of The Team. She writes lots of wonderful fanfiction and posts a lot of it at her LiveJournal.

2. Are you official? Can you send my message on Russell T Davies?

Nope. This is entirely non-profit and all for fun. Seriously. See the disclaimer. We don't know anything about the upcoming season, and we don't have a link to TPTB. Sorry.

3. Why are you doing this?

There should be a good and noble reason, but really, it's just because we thought it was a good idea after a long conversation post-Boom Town between Hathor and Raven. E-mails were then sent in a more generalised sense, lists were made, awards were born.

In all seriousness, it's so that the best fiction in what is, frankly, a wonderful and vibrant fandom, is given its due recognition.

4. Why the name?

Why not?

We also appreciate that the acronym is MAD, but make of that what you will. The leprechauns tell us that it's fine.

5. You're including smut fic? But... THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

We appreciate that Doctor Who is a family show, and all appropriate warnings will be put on links about sites with adult content. However, these awards are for every aspect of fandom, so we will be including it.

6. You're including slash fic? But... THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Oh, please. Slash is just another type of relationship. If Captain Jack can kiss the Doctor at 7.20pm on a Saturday evening, them we can include it in this award. Before you ask, the same is entirely true of het fic, too. If you don't like, don't read.

7. You so have to include my friend's fic!

We may well do. Nominate them, and see if other people do too. This awards process is entirely democratic. If you want to see a fic get in to the final, then nominate it and tell everyone you know to join in the nominations process.

8. I nominated a piece of work, and I know other people did too. Why isn't it in the final?

Basically, it was felt that the piece did not match the criteria of the categories. We've been pretty flexible about most things, but certain fics just didn't fit. In the majority of cases, the piece went on to be nominated in other categories, if it's any help.

9. Do you need any help?

Thus far, we have everything under control, but we DO need advertisement. Tell all your friends, put the buttons on your websites and blogs and forums. Let's get everyone involved and make it the best awards around!

10. I have a question about a category!

Have you checked the category definition list? Have you checked the rules for nominating?

If you're still confused, drop us a line on

11. Why is this just focussed around the new Doctor Who?

Mostly because we're all newbies to the series. That's not to say we don't like Classic Who (between us there's unhealthy interest in Four, Six, Romana Mk II and the TARDIS) but simply because we couldn't do it justice. We love references to the old series and we even have a category, but in the end, this has to be based around the continuum of the new series.

12. You've not answered my question in this FAQ!

That's probably quite true. Contact us at or leave a comment at the LiveJournal Community. One us will get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy the awards!

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