neil Neil Gaiman is quite possibly one of the most terrifyingly intelligent, insightful, and genuine people I have ever met. He writes wonderful stories, lives in an Addams Family house that is continually acquiring new cats as the old ones decide to try out some other owners for a while, and owns many black tee-shirts and pairs of sunglasses. He usually has an appalling haircut or an appalling lack thereof, and he wrote Neverwhere the television series and Neverwhere the novel(s).

Neil has also written short stories, poetry, essays, songs, a very funny novel about the Apocalypse and childhood with Terry Pratchett, a children's book, and comic books. He used to be a journalist, and swears he never ever—not even to put a roof over his head or food in his mouth—authored a biography of the 1980's rock group Duran Duran. As this non-existent book is out of print, I would of course offer huge rewards of money and chocolate for a copy, as would any sensible—if overzealous—fan of Neil's work.

He eats lots of salads.

He wrote a very popular series for DC Comics called The Sandman that managed to tell all kinds of stories, and brought comics to a lot of people who would never, ever have picked up a comic book. He practically made them downright respectable. He also knows exactly how to use the medium to the fullest, and he's won lots of well-deserved awards. He's worked with some of the very best artists in the field—like Dave McKean, his longtime friend and collaborator (who in addition to doing amazing and vaguely disturbing things with Macintosh computers, wrote and performed the music on Warning: Contains Language and did the main title sequence for Neverwhere as well as the dust jacket of the UK novel) and Charles Vess—who does exquisitely beautiful work (which can be found currently in Stardust and Ballads and Sagas at your local bookstore).

In the way of biographical information, Neil was born November 10, 1960, and is married with two not-so-small-any-longer children and one-still-quite-small child, and has any number of cats (see above), and a Fabulous assistant.

Neil's a really nice guy.

Here's a long list of some of what he's written: