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Welcome to the Odyssey 5 fic-a-thon!

by Konstantine
Written for eep. "You had an agenda with me. Admit it."
Rated PG
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No Regrets
by Eep
Written for konstantine03. The disintigration of Kurt and Angela's relationship in the original timeline, and coming to grips with it the second time around.
Rated R
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Formica Bubble
by Suz
Written for LJC. It's the day the world imploded. Only not.
Rated R
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Living in Yesterday
by Kira
Written for Tiriel. Kurt reflects on the mission's success so far and what sacrifices might have to be made in the future.
Rated NC-17
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Scientific Method
by Tiriel
Written for Kira. Set after "Half-Life". Neil has a lot on his mind.
Rated R
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Might Have Beens
by Tara O'Shea
Written for Suz. Sarah was there with him, the last day Kurt saw Zach Ambrose alive.
Rated R
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