Title: Closet Space
Author: Karen

Rating: Pg-13
Disclaimer: Joss.
Feedback: Yes I want feedback.
Based on a an idea barely thought out by Robyn the Snowshoe Hare
Title by Rob.

12:01 AM

"I can't believe it! You are such a MORON!"

"Don't blame me darlin. Who closed the door?"

"Who said it was unlocked? Who said it would open right back up?"

"You're getting hysterical now. Just relax and Angel will come and find us."

"How's he going to find us Doyle? You told him we were going to the other side of town. This is not the other side of town Doyle! I want to be where it's actually possible to be rescued."

"It's kinda close in here..."

"Ooooh. It's a closet Doyle. A closet! It's supposed to be small and cozy and a place for things that are not to be seen by popular people!"

"Huh? What's that sposta mean?"

"Just work on getting us out of here.

1:10 AM


"What happened this time? God. You are such a..."

"One more word princess and you can climb up here yourself!"

"Doyle! Doyle, there has got to be a way to get that vent open."

"Keep your shirt on. I'm trying. Ouch! Damn. I can't get this. We're just going to have to wait for somebody to come along and find us."

"They. Don't. Know. We're. Here. How are they going to know how to find us? Get down. I'll climb up there and do it myself."

2:30 AM

"So we're giving up on the vent then are we?"

"Shut up."

"I mean after ya fell and all?"

"Shut up."

"And landed in that puddle of cleaning fluid..."

"I'm going to KILL YOU."

"So we're done then. With the vent?"

"Yeah. We're done."

4:01 AM

"Got any threes? Can't we play poker?"

"No. And no."

"Why not? It's a real game. Not this... This is..."


"Don't be that way."

"Why don't we just play the stupid game and wait for Angel?"


"Go fish."

5:55 AM

"The door is still locked."

"And we're still trapped in here. At least one of us is trying to change that."

"Thought we were going to waitin' for Angel?"

"Yeah. Well he isn't here and I'm tired."

"Of Fish?"

"Of you and your attempts to get me to play strip poker.."

"It's a reasonable request..."



"No. Not ever."

8:00 AM

"Take it off."

"I'm down to my knickers as it is."

"Off. Now."


"Ew, wait. Nevermind. I've seen enough of you for one night."

"Kinda disappointed now."

"Yeah. I'll bet you are."

"Now what?"

"You get back up there. You get that vent open. And you get us out of here, now!"

"Right. I'll bust my arse while you sit here?"

"Get up there and I'll give you back your pants."

"I'm on it."

9:56 AM

"Got it!"

"Really? We're free?"

"No. I got one screw. Three more to go."

"Damn it."

"Can I have my pants now?"

"Hell no. I said when you got us out of her and you haven't done it yet. Now get back to work mister."

"You just like lookin at my legs..."


"Admit it. You think my legs are sexy as hell."

11:30 AM

"I think I've got it!"

"The last screw?"


"Oh my God! We're almost free! I can't believe this! I could kiss you!"



"Give a guy scraps."

"Open it."

"Patience, princess."

"Hurry! Hurry!

"I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying."

12:01 PM

"You guys okay?"

"Angel, oh Angel!! You found us! How did you find us?"

"Someone called the night watch. Call went out."

"I had us out!"

"Right. Whatever...."

"Doyle what are you doing up there? And why is Cordelia holding your pants?"

"Oh, ah..She and I..."

"Dream on. Doyle got us locked in here..."

"The door was open."

"Let me see that...It won't budge."

"It turns the other way."

The End.