Title: No More Coffee.
Author: Karen
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Joss.
Feedback: Please.

For Melissa.

I like this girl, yeah. She's a looker and a fire cracker. I'm telling you this girl is somethin'. She looks as sweet as one of those French paintings...You know the ones with all the girls and the hats? Than she can turn around and beat the hell out of you with a folding chair. I still have the scars. Serious man.

She's rude. Tactless. Can't type. Does all manner of horrible things to coffee and I think I'm in love. How could ya not be when faced with such a vision of whatever it is that people say visions look like, man.

But I'm no man for the likes of her. No man, actually. I'm a half demon and she's a lady. Well, mostly she's a lady but her old apartment was grade A slob. Ceptin that it makes her even more adorable. If that's at all possible.

And underneath that veneer of strong willed mega bitch there's a core of bitch that's much worse. The bitch who cares. That's a horror and a beauty in itself. She'd kill for us. Worse, she'd attempt to learn to make coffee for me and Angel. She;s so vulnerable sometimes...

One time I caught her putting metal into the microwave... Something about never having used one before. How is that possible? But she hadn't and the sparks had been spectacular. Oh I loved her more then...Look at me! I'm a grown half demon. This isn't like me.

Sure I'm a letch. Every man's a letch. Only natural. But I see her and I want things for her. I also want me for her, but I want her happy. She's so strong. She;s so caring. She so makes the worst pot of coffee ever. Aw, hell it's bad for me anyway.

So what I'm saying is, I think I'm in love with Cordelia Chase. And not in the let's tie one on and wake up cult members in Montana way either. This could be the real thing. The first step would be the hardest: Giving up the coffee. Cause there's no way I can drink that slop. It's like concrete with an attitude, man. Seriously.

The End.