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Captain Zachary Foxx

Father of two, married. Brown hair, blue eyes. Mid to late thirties. By the book type. His wife Eliza is currently in a coma, due to the Queen of the Crown. The Series 5 team was formed with the primary mission of freeing Eliza's psychocrystal from the Queen so that she can rejoin her family. Zach's implant is linked directly to his bionic left arm and leg. The arm can fire high intensity cannon blasts, and gives him extra strength when he has enough charge.

Shane "Goose" Gooseman

Single (but he has quite a way with the ladies. Goose's Harem, I like to call it), Blond, green eyes. Late twenties, possibly early thirties. No parents. Born as part of a failed genetic experiment conducted by Joseph Walsh and Doctor Owen Nougata. Their attempt at creating the perfect genetically enhanced soldiers went horribly awry when an overzealous and utterly stupid senator decided to speed the mutation process along with a highly unstable chemical (now called Supertrooper Juice) which drove the Supertrooper's insane. Most were trapped and are in cryogenic chambers. A few escaped (Ryker Kilbane, Brainchild, Darkstar, Stingray, to name a few) and Goose is allowed to be a Ranger on the terms that he will hunt down the remaining rogue troopers as a bounty hunter. Goose's implant activates his bio-defences, and allows him to shapechange to a certain extent (always a biped, same general mass).


No last name given. Long auburn hair, blue-green eyes. Mid to late twenties, tops. She was raised on the haven world of Xanadu by Ariel, her teacher and mentor. Unknown parents, presumed dead. She is an amateur archaeologist, among other things. Her implant boosts her already considerable psi talents, allowing her to construct shields and amplifies her talent for clairvoyance and psychokinesis. She also knows tae kwon do and carries a very large gun. She and Gooseman are fond of each other, and carry on an interesting, if extremely subdued, courtship (He is also involved with three other women).

Walter "Doc" Hartford

Single, but with a vested interest in Maya of Tarkon. African American, moustache, mid to late twenties. A computer hacker, the series five implant in Doc's brain allows him direct access to any and all types of computers using animated little "programmes" he created (Tripwire, Firefly, etc.). He is irreverent, has a great left hook, learned fencing at Miss Abercrombie's charm school, and loves his work.

Commander Joseph Walsh

The Series 5 Ranger Team is his baby. He is the commanding officer, as well as the head of B.E.T.A., the Bureau of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs located in Beta Mountain (where, incidentally, it never snows). Brown hair (with grey at temples) brown eyes, assumed to be in his late forties, but hell, this is a cartoon, and people don't age normally. With Dr. Nougata, he was in charge of the failed Supertrooper Project, of which Shane Gooseman is the only intact (read: sane) survivor. The Rangers are his friends, and Gooseman is something of the son he never had. He has been know to bend the rules for them when the Council of Leaders of the World Federation (typified by the nozzle Senator Wyner) tries to do things like put Goose away, etc.


The Ambassador from Andor, creator of the Andorian hyper drive. Very tall. Distinguished. Highly amusing when paired with Zozo of Kirwin. Logical to a fault (can you say Vulcan?). The ambassadors are in very close contact with the Rangers and Comdr. Walsh at all times, and are friends of the Foxx family.

Short blue guy from Kirwin, where they can grow damn near anything. Best friend of Waldo. Very emotional, highly amusing. Has brother, nieces and nephews back on Kirwin. See Waldo.


Weird, bald, skinny guy. All around doctor and genius. Not unlike Q from the 007 films. Creates all sorts of gadgets, including the android ranger Buzzwang. Creator of the series 5 brain implants. Hangs out at Beta Mountain or the Longshot research facility.

Zachary Foxx Jr. (L'il Zach)

L'il Zach, approximately 16 years old, spends most of his time hanging out with Q-Ball's gopher, the android Ranger Buzzwang.

Jessica Foxx (Jessie)

Jessie, approximately 12 years old, attends a boarding school. She sees her father and brother often, and also spends time with Ambassador Zozo's extended family. Both she and Zach miss their mother very much.

Eliza Foxx

Eliza Foxx was kidnapped, along with almost a hundred other humans from Kirwin, and transported to the Queen's Psychocrypt.
While Zach and the Series Five Ranges were able to free the other humans and recover Eliza's comatose body in their first mission, Eliza's life-force had been trapped in a psychocrystal. She is currently is stasis until her psychocrystal can be recovered.


Ariel is Niko's mentor, and raised her on the cloaked planet of Xanadu. Though she is occasionally bothered by Niko's reliance on technology, she is very proud of her student's progress and strong sense of purpose. At first wary about allowing Niko to petition BETA for entrance, she now sees that Niko belongs with the S5 team.
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