In 1985, Hasbro launched the line of Jem dolls, designed by Bill Sanders. The Stormer doll came with her "on stage" fashion (fuchsia halter top decorated with zebra-patterned fringe and black plastic "claws", a black miniiskirt, fishnet stockings, gold bracelets, and an orange plastic flower in her hair), a yellow guitar, full-colour poster, and a cassette tape with the songs "Winning is Everything", "Music is Magic" and the "Jem Theme".

Stormer has yellow blush and eyeshadow, and bright orange eye-liner and lipstick. She has a beauty mark on her right cheek (while her animated counterpart has a beauty mark on her left cheek, just above the corner of her mouth). The same head mold was used for Stormer, Shana, and Synergy. The fashions created for the doll line were named after Jem and Misfits songs, such as "You Gotta Be Fast" and "We're Off and Running".

Both the first and second edition boxes featured full-colour illustrations of the character by artist Sharon Knettell. "Doing Jem was one one the most intense and fun times of my life," said Knettell. "All the wigs and costumes were mocked up and photographed on models. It gave the art (I think) a belevability and liveliness impossible otherwise."

Stormer's instrument is actually a Roland G-707 synthesiser/guitar hybrid (also called a guitar synth). However, all of the artwork featuring the instrument has her holding it upside down (the stabaliser bar goes at the top, not the bottom).