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Completed Stories

Title: Riding on a Storm (slash)
Author: Stormkpr
Summary: Set during "Journey to Shangri-La." Jetta explores her feelings for Roxy. Rated R

Why you should read it: Just a lovely look at Jetta and Roxy's relationship, and how it evolved.

Title: Something Is Missing (slash)
Author: Stormkpr
Summary: Set during "Father's Day." Kimber looks at Stormer during the farewell party and reflects on what could have been. (slash)
Rated PG

Why you should read it: A beautiful look at what could have been, between "The Bands Break Up" and "A Father Should Be" between Kimber and Stormer.

Title: Farewell to Life The Way We Knew It (gen/slash)
Author: Stormkpr
Summary: A few years after the events in "A Father Should Be", the Misfits find themselves struggling to cope with major changes in the music world. Stormer, meanwhile, struggles with a secret of her own. Rated PG-13

Why you should read it: Orwellian take on the Jemverse made even creepier by the suspicion that in this post-nipplegate world, we may not be so far off. Poor Stormer, always stuck in the middle. Excellent look at intra-Misfit dynamics, and terriffic plotting as well as characterisation of the entire ensemble.

Title: The Secret Keeper (gen/het)
Author: Catharine Suzanne
Summary: Kimber just cannot deal with her sister's complicated love-life anymore. Rated PG.

Why you should read it: I giggled the entire way through. Just an absolute scream.

Title: Trapped (gen)
Author: Denisia
Summary: Roxy's returned to the band after "Roxy Rumbles," but she isn't a happy camper about it. Rated G

Why you should read it: Wonderful glimpse into Roxy's character, and excellent portrayal of the Misfits band dynamics, and Roxy's relationship with Stormer in particular.

Title: Into the Mirror (gen/het)
Author: Voleuse
Summary: He can't say no to her. Rated PG

Why you should read it: I'm not the biggest fan of the Jerrica/Rio/Jem triangle, but this vignette really gave me a Rio I could understand.

Title: Spreading the Word (gen/slash)
Author: Mae
Summary: Pizzazz gets saved and causes all sorts of trouble in the name of Jesus. Rated PG-13

Why you should read it: Because it's so funny you will have to abstain from drinking any kind of berverage which might harm your PC while you read it.

Title: Take Two (gen/slash)
Author: Mae
Summary: The Misfits get a little distracted during a video shoot and Eric decides to use this to his advantage. Rated PG-13

Why you should read it: I admit it—I'm secretly an Eric Raymond fan! He's evil, no doubt about it, but boy is he fun.

Title: So Out of Sync (het/slash)
Author: Charabok
Summary: Stormer's budding romance may lead to a lot of female-bonding and togetherness Author: the Misfits. Or not. Rated PG

Why you should read it: Stormer! Stormer/Riot! Femmeslash! It's like I've died and gone to ink and paint smut heaven.

Title: Jingle Bell Rock (slash)
Author: Kanna-Ophelia
Summary: The Holograms and Misfits join together in a beautiful celebration of Christmas spirit. Rated PG-13

Why you should read it: Excellent Kimber characterisation, snarky passive agressive hate for Jem, and Pizzazz has some laugh-out-loud funny lines. And did I mention the Kimber/Stormer goodness?

Works In Progress

Title: Bad Influence (slash)
Author: Kanna-Ophelia
Summary: Set during The Bands Break Up . It's humilating to Stormer to beg Jerrica and the Holograms for help, especially when she keeps forgetting she's no longer a Misfit, but she'd do pretty much anything for Jerrica's little sister... Rated PG

Why you should read it: this is a stunning missing scene/continuation story for "The Bands Break Up" which deos a lovely job of not just showcasing Kimber and Stormer's friendship, but also some lovely Stormer/Kimber as well. And it beautifully reminds the reader that Stormer was born a Misfit, after all.

Title: Open Secret (slash)
Author: Kanna-Ophelia
Summary: Set during "World Hunger Shindig." Eric sleeps on the couch, dreaming of a better world for rock managers everywhere. Rated PG

Why you should read it: More fun with Eric! Also, all the voices of the characters come through loud and clear.

Title: Versatility (slash)
Author: Kanna-Ophelia
Summary: Set after "Britrock." Jetta's tongue has landed her in the mess of all messes, and to make things worse, she can't figure out what Roxy thinks about it all. Rated PG

Why you should read it: Beautiful, beautiful continuation of the episode. The plane-ride chock full of tension is just a delight. Excellent characterisations all around.

Title: Our Time Is Now (gen/het)
Author: Aja
Summary: A continuation of the series, revolving around the personal reasons why Jerrica chose to create Jem. Rated PG-13

Why you should read it: Another story that actually makes me care about Jerrica and Rio. Who knew? Also, excellent Kimber & Stormer friendship, and wonderful Eric, as well.

Title: Totally Above It All (gen/slash)
Author: Charabok
Summary: Set during "Starbright: Falling Star." Pizzazz's life has become a kind of eternal slumber party, which she likes more than she's willing to admit - if she could only figure out just where Roxy fits into it all.

Why you should read it: Fabulous look at what makes Pizzazz tick, and how she views her sisters-in-rock. Plus, fun with props and costumes.

Title: Forbidden (slash)
Author: Iztayul Tepes
Summary:Anyone else sick of Kimber's love triangle? Rated R

Why you should read it: Why should the girls get to have all the slashy fun? Here Jeff and Sean discover that maybe they have more than Kimber in common.


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