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WELCOME to Smallville Fan Fiction Resources! This site was designed to be a complete resource for authors of fan fiction based on the hit WB series Smallville. Whether you are looking for a record of canonical facts, a beta reader or workshop to get the necessary feedback to revise your fiction, or essays and articles on the craft of writing, it is our hope to provide you with anything and everything you might need to write better Smallville fan fiction.

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smallville fact checker
Facts sorted by character and location, visual reference guide, episode guides, and more.

smallville mary sue litmus test
Why certain traits and combinations of traits are hallmarks of Mary Sue.

fan fiction faq
Everything you ever needed to know, but were afraid to ask.

beta reader index
Need a beta reader? Want to volunteer to beta?

the big list of sv clichés
Help new writers avoid evil plot contrivances!

fun stuff
Quizzes, fanfic challenges, and goodies.

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fan fiction recs
Have a favourite story that you would like to share?

writing workshop
Work out all the bugs in your fiction before you post.

official smallville novels
Check out the crop of officially licenced tie-ins!

smallville store
Smallville videos, DVDs, and other assorted goodies.

Smallville, fan fiction, and general writing websites.

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