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Title Author Rec'd by Summary
From the Outside In Victoria The Die Hard Chloe knows she has no shot at Clark -- not with Lex in the picture. Rated PG, Slash
Why You Should Read It: No overt physical stuff -- it's the emotional subcontext that will sizzle your hair. An excellent Lex and a right-on Clark, but an absolute must for Chloe fans -- Victoria gives us the best Chloe here that I've ever seen, with a characterization the show's writers only wish they could manage.
With This Letter, I Dissolve Lexalot Chillian Forgivable is not in the Luthor lexicon. Rated PG, Slash
Why You Should Read It: This ficlet is just plain beautiful, I have to say Lexalot is almost a writing god. Short but oh so bittersweet.
Surprise, Surprise lucy mars Callunaaurora Who you see and who I really am are completely different people." A futurefic of how Lex and chloe get together. Rated R, Het
Why You Should Read It: This story is the reason I became a chlex fan forever. It is a beautifully written story that is not only realistic in characterization but realistic in the way these two characters come together. Far from being cliche, the plot provides a rollercoaster of emotion and a new twist on the fall out between clark and lex. The way Lucy mars ended the story has to be one of my favorite. Its a must read for chlex fans and for those interested in how Chloe and Lex could be a couple.
Set, Game, Match! BashfulC Lena "What is greater than God, more evil than Satan, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you'll die?" Rated PG-13, Gen
Why You Should Read It: Two words: Verbal Judo. A lot of writers have a hard time writing the banter between Lex and Chloe but BashfulC makes it look easy. It flows and its also pretty funny! She also knows how to write good work. She could use a few pointers, but who doesn't? All in all, this a must read for Chloe/Lex fans!
What We Have Loved small fries denise The Smallville youths are graduating. Chloe mucks around in Clark's past and emotional chaos ensues. Rated PG-13, Gen
Why You Should Read It: in this story, chloe and clark's dialogue is so perfect, the characters are written so precisely, and the plot is wonderfully engaging. it's basically a great story by a chlark 'shipper - i loved it from beginning to end.
Higher Ground Valentine Michel Smith Beene Clark confronts his alienness and destiny. Rated PG-13, Gen
Why You Should Read It: Smart, fun, exciting, this fic stands as an awesome example of what fanfic writers can do. Features original characters who don't outshine canon characters but still seem alive. Well paced and full of intrigue, the story covers territory eps could but don't. A highly satisfying read for those looking for something other than romance. Will absolutely thrill fen who like mild angst and action. Bottom line? Squee! And damn, where's the sequel? Be warned tho - it's long, but oh so worth it.
Ruby Truth Valentine Michel Smith Margaret Greischar Alternate Reality ending to RED. The ring remains and Clark is changed. Rated NC-17, Gen
Why You Should Read It: This tale is unquestionably dark but so well written. It flows from the author's pen directly into your mind and makes you shiver with horror and delight. Great characterization of an alternate Clark you don't want to cross. Definitely leaves you wanting more.
Drive Danvers TJ Lex muses on his appearance in Smallville and new friends. Rated G, Gen
Why You Should Read It: If you are wondering what has been going on through Lex's head during the Pilot - You won't find anything better than this. It's simply Lex. Wonderfully done.
Whitney Fordman Woke Up Gay! Miss Windy Tim Ian This is an installment in the WakeUpGay!Universe found at which is an archive of stories about characters who one day just... well... :) Rated PG-13, Slash
Why You Should Read It: Because sometimes, you just need relief from all the angst. Lighthearted and funny, this story includes my favorite Lana line EVER. (Hint: The band Erasure is involved.)
Source Figure EscapeToCity D.G. Clark is taken by the government/Lionel and emotional turmoil ensues. Rated NC-17, Slash
Why You Should Read It: made me cry and think and smile and so many things. This author has a very odd way of writing sometimes, but I absolutely love the constant current of devastating loneliness I find in his stories. This story is a long read and sometimes vague but with vibrant description and imagery. Try it out and see what you find. I rec'd this story because while it can be 'dense' it has a power I can't really describe.
Strange Love Lucy Mars emma Their love, it was a strange love. Chlex future fic that explores how and why Clark and Lex become enemies and how Chloe fits into it all. Rated PG-13, Gen
Why You Should Read It: This is a touching story that just makes you ache for Lex and Chloe. The plot itself makes for an interesting read, and the author really does have an original take for story telling.
The Shadow of Love Kristina and Marsbert Dea Martha Kent, Lex Luthor and one night of passion. It's something that changes their lives forever. Rated R, Gen
Why You Should Read It: A look into what could happen to a couple that can't have children.
Unstoppable Lex's Lady and Mistress Ace Drina What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: I stumbled onto this story just today and it's a fantastic read! Devoured the whole six chapters and left hanging for more. Characterisation of each character is very detailed and true to form.
Ryan's Accidentals Devin Moonshine Hope Ryan is dying with Lex waiting at his bedside for Clark's return. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: It's loud in Ryan's head, and Devin captures that with sure fluid depth, reading this is like sinking in and hearing it all with your own mind. I've never been one much for the hint that Lionel abused Lex sexually, but Devin uses the concept well, it's not at all gratuitous. The whole piece is just masterfully written, and about a lot more than that one paragraph, so honestly, give it a try. Warnings: Allusions to incest, non-con.
Achilles' Heel X-parrot katyaz Nemeses, secrets, vulnerabilities, and the truth. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: A clever, well-written Clex futurefic, with just the right amount of bite. (At least, just the right amount of bite for me... Of course, I love angsty futurefics, so I guess that might not really be a good indicator). And I absolutely *love* the ending. I am surprised no one has recommended this already.
Snow Kathryn Kristina When the spaceship gets stuck in a snow drift, and Clark is elsewhere, Martha and Jonathan must dig it out. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: A very sweet Jonatha/Martha story. I like the way that the author wrote them.
Without You Kristina Kris Lana has chosen Chloe to be her partner in the traditional egg child raising in there class. She eventually tells Chloe why she chose her. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: An intersting take on the fem-slash in Smallville fanfiction fandom.
Lalique Ingrid-Matthews Camerada Lex notices something about Martha Kent. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: This is a very short, yet haunting story. Lex's relationship with his father is depicted in a very simple, yet believable way. This shows a growth in his relationship with Martha, and well, I just loved it. Read it!!
Mornings and Nights Jessica Alyssa Early to bed and early to rise/Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: This is the first of 4 stories in the same universe (The Delivery Boy and the Billionare's Son, Scenes on a Bridge, The Cow Goes Moo). It is one of my favorite looks at happy AU future Clark and Lex. While the stories all go together - they also are all stand alones that have their own themes and developments. Mornings and Nights is perhaps my favorite because it looks at the evolution of Clark and Lex's relationship over several years by utilizing vignettes from several specific mornings and nights in their relationship. It is also one of the best Lex POV stories I've read. The others are equally great - I love that the POV is different in the different stories, giving a really good look at both characters. All of these stories gave me the warm fuzzies but the best thing is that the stories aren't just sappy happy-endings, they have tension and plot and character development and all the things that make a fic a great story.
Sleep While I Drive Jenn Rana Eros A Clexian fairy tale. It's the journey, not the destination. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: I'm a little surprised this one hasn't been recced already, but also very pleased, because now I can rave about it. I'm a sucker for roadtrip stories, and this is the best I've read to date. The imagery is beautiful, I can *taste* the heat and smell the tarmac. The boys are beautiful and aching and hot, and the prose is poignant and lyrical. Overall, the effect is simply gorgeous. Go read and enjoy.
Victor Victoria Jayne Leitch Jennifer Shortall Little snippets of Victoria's life from childhood to present day, how she became who she is and painting her as more of an independent, thinking, sexual woman rather than a vapid piece of eye candy. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: An examination of a character that *could* have been so much better than she was on the show. This is a Victoria I could've empathized with, had she had this much depth on the show.
Almost to the End of the World Jenn Jennifer Shortall In the future, Pete writes a letter, facing up to The Truth, The Right Thing, and What Actually Happened. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: Pete gets a depth and vitality through fanfiction that he often sadly lacks on the show, and this story meshes SV canon with DC comics canon packed in one big wallop.
fuzzy wuzzy brown a campbell Serenitatis Clark, Lex, and puppies. No, it's not what you think. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: SexyLexyFarmboyNums. Um, what was the question?
Three Important Things Jenn Holly Future-fic. Clark changes everything. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Clark is in college and breaks up with Chloe and then chases after Lex--who wonders why. Deep and compelling as Clark in the aggressor in this one. Excellent writing, very mature, grown-up Clark who knows what he wants now and that's Lex! Amazing, deep-on characterizations and some steamy Lex/Clark scenes. Yummy story.
Have To Wonder Minotaur Lexi What if it had been Whitney to get a snootful of flower power, rather than Lana? Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Smut. Pure. Utter. Smut. A remarkable drool-worthy Clark/Whiney fic by one of the great ones: Minotaur. I would honestly recomend anything written by him, and if you've never heard of him go here. Minotaur is a gift to all things slash.
Breath, Body, Mouth and Memory Hope meretsv Clark asks. Lex answers. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Wonderfully erotic Clex with great characterization as well.
SHIFT.perspective Te meretsv Chloe, Clark, Lex, brattiness, and porn. Rated NC-17.
Why You Should Read It: Whoo! *Incredibly* hot story. Make sure you have the fire extinguisher handy. Wonderfully written.
Sister and Brother snuffleupagus myownspecialself Lex and his Mary-Sue sister. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: Lilly stays in the background--which is why we've never seen her on the show--and has the essential role of smart-ass confidante, generating snark galore (major barbs aimed at Lionel, Lana, and Nell). The characterizations, difficult to achieve in a dialog-only piece, are excellent. Last, but not least, Lilly provides both Lex and us with her amusing--and bemused--take on the Clex, which she clearly sees even though it's still a half-mile off. About 99% of the dialog is Lex/Lilly, but there is one brief (and very funny) Clark/Lilly conversation.
Vanishing Point Te Rana Eros Lex is. Clark is. They are. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: It's Te, and it made me deliriously happy in a shivery and sinister kind of way. It's gorgeous, it's creepy, it's a future that makes me smile.
At the Fifteenth Annual
Evil Masterminds Convention
Basingstoke anne m Austin Powers crossover. Lex Luthor vs Scott Evil! Rated R
Why You Should Read It: Your reasons for recommending this story: I've believed for quite some time that Lex and Scott would have at lot in common. Apparently, I wasn't the only one. And this is very, very funny. Warning: Some graphic sex.
The Path She Takes wookie LJC The road stretched ahead of her like a promise. Like an escape. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: Why You Should Read It: For one thing, the universe is short on Nell fic, and that alone made me bounce with joy. For another, Wookie perfectly captures the panic of someone who is being crushed beneath the weight of her responsibilities, while still grieving. Just a lovely little story.
Neighborly Sarah T. LJC Jonathan may or may not build fences. Rated G (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: Really gorgeous characisation of Jonathan, and Sarah just nails the Luthor family dynamic.
One For The Road Molly Set a few years ahead, time to leave home and head into the wide world; Lex and Lana find themselves discussing a Clark that's really not quite ever there for either of them and finding some solace in spilling their guts to someone who understands.
Why You Should Read It: The characterization is quite good and the dialogue believable. An enjoyable, if slightly angsty, read.
fuzzy wuzzy brown a campbell Serenitatis Clark, Lex, and puppies. No, it's not what you think. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: SexyLexyFarmboyNums. Um, what was the question?
Three Impossible Things Jenn Holly Future-fic. Clark changes everything. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Clark is in college and breaks up with Chloe and then chases after Lex--who wonders why. Deep and compelling as Clark in the aggressor in this one. Excellent writing, very mature, grown-up Clark who knows what he wants now and that's Lex! Amazing, deep-on characterizations and some steamy Lex/Clark scenes. Yummy story.
My Friend the Gay
Mutant Alien, by Pete Ross
jacquez h. valentine LJC I am Pete Ross, cool guy. This is my gay mutant alien friend, Clark. Welcome to my world. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: Hysterical little ficlet, with spot-on Pete characterisation and voice that gave me the giggles for a good 20 minutes. Very fun and very apt.
This Year's Love:
A Heap of Broken Images
zahra LJC A year in the life. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: Really lovely little snippets of truth, and great overview of Lex and his relationship with Clark, not to mention Lex's relationship with the town, his own self-esteem, and dead old Dad.
Splintered paperbkryter LJC Post Vortex, Martha helps Lex cope. Rated G
Why You Should Read It: A lovely glimpse of Martha Clark Kent, what kind of woman she is, what kind of wife she is, and how that helps her to see what no one else can and do what no one else does. Just a very real moment, captured and put down by one of my fave authors elegantly and with grace.
How to Lose Your Virginity
and Other Old Tricks
Thamiris Amanda Set in the summer a year before the events in Urban Legend. Lex's cousin Parker pays a visit, and Clark learns a few new tricks. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: this story is incredible. Thamiris did a great job of capturing Parker's character and contrasting it with Lex. The characterization of Clark is also dead-on -- he looks and sounds like a fifteen-year-old boy. The story is incredibly funny at the beginning, then turns poignant--the scene by the bridge was so sweet I nearly cried. It's the perfect balance.
Raze Out Troubles Written Ingrid Matthews LJC Post-Vortex. Lionel comes home from the hospital. Lex deals. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: Excellent father-son dynamic, and actually makes me feel for the MB. Also some excellent insights into Lex, and how "Vortex" changed him.
Interstitial Punk Deendell He doesn't know why this is happening. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: One of the best futurefics ever, because it resists all the cliches that the genre presents. No tights, no evil!Lex, no doom and gloom and no denial, but a melancholy sweetness throughout. Excellent characterization, from the brittle and defensive Lois to the understated and knowing Lex but most especially the achingly vulnerable Clark.
The Seven-Year Itch Corinna steeleye2000 Kryptonite isn't the only thing that's green. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Wow. What a great story. Well I think we all know that Jealous!Lex is not a nice person. The writing is very good and the story is interesting. It's worth the read.
The Autumn People jenn LJC Not all roads lead back to Clark. Even when they do. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Love how much Chloe and Lex have in common. Love the differences and how Chloe's obsessed with them in a "Please give me more self-esteem, I seem to have missed a round" way. Love the little details of the restaurant, and love how jenn worked in all the shared history deftly. Just all around nifty.
Remembrance Of One A.j. Paperbkryter A not so alternative universe. "Comic book" Clark remembers "our" Smallville, which in his world, never existed. Some hints at Chlark. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: This is a short little "what if" fic that uses a bit of time tripping without getting into the gory details. The author describes it as angsty, and it is, but with just a breath of wistfulness. Clark seems torn between being relieved that some events in the other timeline never happened, yet has a fondness for others. I thought it well written as although short, it really packed a punch.
Miscarriage nerodi LJC She had always wanted a son. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: Haunting portraits of three mothers, their relationships with their sons, and abandonment. Packs a whallop.
The Cat Andariel L. Nic Lex is dying. Rated R
Why You Should Read It: It's not a 'happy' story but definitely makes an impact. Not for the squeamish. To say any more would spoil it. Every so often, you come across a story that is brilliant in its execution. This is one of those. It's so far from what I usually read but the characterisation is impressive.
Sixteenish Hope LJC That year when you know everything and nothing. Rated R
Why You Should Read It: Hope's Lionel is 100% spot on--in terms of voice, in terms of actions, I bought this completely. Love the juxtaposition of the boys, and how 16 changed them (or made them realise who they actually were). Also loved the Nell--dammit, I've been dying for Nell fic, and this little tiny bit of Nell/Lionel made my day. Very in character for both of them. Also loved Clark's 16 year old observations about Chloe, and "solitude." Just an excellent character study, start to finish.
Promise Ruby Sandra Clark graduates then foils an assassination attempt, and Lex always keeps his promises. Rated PG.
Why You Should Read It: It is an excellent buildup to the relationship that Clark and Lex have. It is set just a bit in the future. It is so good. It doesn't skip in details and lets you know what the characters are feeling. It has it's comical moments, tense moments and happy moments. It shows how strong of a bond that Clex have, I can't wait for the next one!
Precipice Hope Tavia Whitney has post-Kinetic stress disorder. Rated R
Why You Should Read It: A moment in Whitney's life that unfolds to tell you more about his character than seemed possible. This writing just hums with energy.
The Sweet Smell of Air slodwick LJC Marble floors, silent halls, broken hearts. Rated G
Why You Should Read It: Excellent, sweet and heartbreaking look at how Lillian's death affected her family.
Memento Mori Jayne Leitch Hope L is for Lana; two parents she lacked... Ratied PG
Why You Should Read It: Okay, very few stories are creepy enough to make me get up in the middle of the night and turn the lights back on. THIS is one of those stories. A wonderfully creepy explanation for one of Smallville's more morbid aspects.
Flying Lessons paperbkryter LJC Chloe teaches Clark how to fly. Rated R
Why You Should Read It: One of the best Chlarky future-fics I have seen, in terms of balancing romance with great character development and plot. It's sexy and sweet without being sugary and cloying, and realistically sad without being operatic and weepy. And it has one of the better fannish explanations for Clark's gift of flight that I've read.
Some Days Better Than My Heart Nestra DarkEmerald Synopsis missing. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: One of the best opening sentences I've ever encountered in fanfic, followed by a fascinating and well-written dive down into the labyrinthine depth that is Lex.
Undertow Elynross LJC In which Lex finds a conscience, and Clark helps him overcome it. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Elyn has a fantastic grasp of both Clark and Lex's characters, and really takes tremendous care in the way each character's fears are illustrated. The pacing is perfect, and the story is sweet and sexy and really rings true.
Shrine DarkEmerald Tavia "You have to know your place." Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: Every word counts in this subtle vignette. You get excellent characterisation, fabulous images, and flashes of humour to leaven the angst. Well worth the read.
Vector Hope bonibaru Chloe is the intrepid reporter and Lex is the clever businessman, several years after Smallville. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Examines the lengths to which the characters will go to get something they want, and what happens if they get more than they bargained for. It's bittersweet and fluid and snarky and sexy.
The Presence of Fire RivkaT Alyssa The perils of wanting to believe. Or, the war Lex lost, the war he won, and the war he didn't know he was fighting. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: A really well writen future fic that offers a great look at the love and hate that develop between Lex and Clark. This is the best Lex characterization Iíve read Ė this story made me a Lex fan. This is also the first story Iíve come across where the reader doesnít want to hate Lex for hating Clark because Lex's reason is complex. The time jumps in the story are a little confusing at first, but become second nature and add a lot to the mood and rhythm of the story. And who couldnít love a story that is partially set against a back -drop of a war with Bug invaders from outer-space?
Confidence Beth Ann Thamiris Chloe goes on a reporting rampage and Clark gets caught up in it. Lex isn't pleased. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Just read this. Character-based, canonicall-accurate storytelling in the SV fandom, beautifully done, with the best Chloe ever, perfect Lex and Clark. Hot and smart. This is what I've been missing. Feed the author with chocolate-covered words.
Castling ingrid LJC Old game, new moves. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: a) it's sexy as hell, b) it's got fantastic Lex dialogue that is 100% his voice and c) it does a great job with a minor character (Carrie Castle from "Drone")
Only Dying Roses Linda Seaton Sara B. A seemingly irrational demand by Lionel Luthor touches each of Smallville's inhabitants in turn. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: The best portrayal of Lionel that I've ever read. All the other characters are right on, too.
Victory Nomad Amaltheia Lex Luthor smiled on the inside as his father died. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: A very short fic that takes you in one direction to deliver a kick that gets stronger every time you think about it.
Admit One Gigi Sinclair Nadia Lex and Clark have a less than successful movie date. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: The story of what happens when Lex and Clark attempt to have a normal, high school date. A nice break from all the sex (if you need one!)--it could probably be rated G. And I thought it was fairly amusing. By a fellow Canuck, no less.
The Martinelli Affair Linda Seaton chaeysa Chloe and Lex and the challenge that is head trauma in Smallville. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: The characterization is perfect and the experience is a delight to the senses. Not a 'coupling' just two people who have a great banter.
The First Step is Admitting
You Have a Problem
Wendi myownspecialself Synopsis missing
Why You Should Read It: I enjoyed wendi's characterization of Clark. Also features an excellent and subtle characterization of Lex.
Interval in Sunlight valentine myownspecialself Too few years between them and it's almost time. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: It's beautifully written and it's very bittersweet. Very touching. A fair statement to call it a tear-jerker. I'm not the kind of guy who usually shares things like this: after I read this ficlet I spent the rest of the day holding and cuddling the cat and sighing.
A Sound of Thunder Jayne Leitch valentine Lillian suspects he's sleepwalking. Rated G
Why You Should Read It: I'll admit I have a weakness for stories that feature Lillian and this one was excellent. Jayne gave me a telling and poignant look at the relationship between Lex and Lionel through Lillian's eyes. I also thought the imagery in this was lovely. This story will definitely stick with me.
Immortality Grail LJC Clark is never going to die. Rated R
Why You Should Read It: I just spent half an hour, on the sly at work, *devouring* this. It's a fascinating character study, and one of the best explorations of how Lex becomes Clark's nemesis. I loved the little details of Clark's life in Metropolis, and how each of those details contribute to Grail's characterisation of Clark. The pacing was tight, and the story gave the reader eactly which bits of info the reader needed, when he or she needs them. Excellent future fic, and just heartbreaking precisely because it's a little bit understated, and played close to the vest.
Drunk, And In Charge Of A Bicycle Jayne Leitch bonibaru Lex goes to a party and meeting up with someone unexpectedly. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: I most enjoyed the characterization of Lex and the dialogue he is given: it's perfect, snarky, smart-ass Lex getting over on somebody, kicking them while they're down and making it seem like an art form.
Cotton Vera Tavia Martha Kent is doing the washing. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: A very believable view into Martha's head. Nice concrete detailing and some lovely phrases.
Quid Pro Quo Smitty Tavia Some memories can save your soul... Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: This well-crafted little story deals with Lillian's death without over-sentimentality and includes a childhood Lex I can believe in.
Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms
in Your Cellar!
Julad pearl-o Synopsis missing.
Why You Should Read It: This story has a wealth of elements which would each be exciting on their own: a rare Pete POV; pretty, clean prose; understated Clex; baby!Clark being an adorable freak; great characterization; and a wonderful sweetness and cleverness enthused throughout it. Even better, they all fit together into an excellent and highly satisfying story.
Whistle Down the Wind Caroline Baker myownspecialself Characters are Whitney and Clark (with an established relationship hinted at). Brief mention of Lex and Lana. No purple sex or torrid romance; just excellence. No spoilers involved. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: I think this vignette is one of the pieces that set the standard for the short-short-story (a thousand words or less) in any genre. Great dialog. Great descriptions: often terse, yet complete. All presented in an economical, sparse--but wistful--style. It's bittersweet and hauntingly beautiful. Caroline Baker excels at Clark/Whitney slash. In the Smallville slashdom, her story technically falls in the category of futurefic or AU (alternate universe). But this piece is easily accessible to all, even if if it doesn't completely follow the TV show's canon or even if the reader isn't familiar with the show.
An Arrangement Between Friends Teri Leigh Jen Chloe has a proposition for Clark that leads to some interesting situations! Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: This is probably one of my all time favoite Chloe and Clark fics and trust me, I've read my fill of them. Chloe is written beautifully by Teri Leigh and as to how Clark is written, well suffice it to say "yum!"
Mercy Koi Thorn We all wonder what happens when Lex finds out that his best friend is an alien. In this story, Lex does not take it well at all. Warnings: not for the fainthearted. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Excellently and beautifully written and packs an emotional punch like you would not belive. Easily one of the best stories in the fandom.
Spin jenn Thorn Lionel, the father. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: A lot of stories show Lionel Luthor as an uncaring bastard. And he is. But Lex is still his son and heir. Not everything is what it looks like on the surface.
Crisis Series Christie jenn After Lana's graduation, she and Lex find themselves becoming more than just friends. Rated PG--R
Why You Should Read It: Slight futurefic. I like Lana in this. A full characterization of her that does wonders in making her both real and sympathetic AND her age, which I rarely see. Wonderfully drawn Lex, and a good, solid storyline that I thoroughly enjoyed.
The Lies We Tell Ourselves victoria p. Pearl-o The lies we tell ourselves to keep from falling out of love are all that keep us together. Rated NC-17 (Contains graphic sexual content.)
Why You Should Read It: This manages to be a Clex future fic that is neither happy denial fic nor apocalyptic. It features an excellent Lex characterization that rings true, while at the same differing greatly from most fics. It's well-written, in a way that feels unself-conscious, while evoking the angst, love, and melancholy wonderfully.
Bizzaro World Lint LJC Work In progress. Clark Luthor's life is no picnic. His therapist believes he's delusional, his father wants him to spy on his older brother, and all he wants in the world is to be someone else. Rated R
Why You Should Read It: This story does what a good alternate universe story is meant to--it uses the differences to explore the canonical characters as well as to spin an entertaining tale. The structure, all Clark's POV, is rock solid, the dialogue and pacing spot on, and the romance is sweet without being cloying. Thoroughly enjoyable, and very believeable. Can't wait to see where it goes.
Metropolis Confidential Hope LJC Clark does a little investigating. Not Rated
Why You Should Read It: As a dyed in the wool hard-boiled detective fiction fan (I'm doleing out Chandler, Hammett, Cain, and Ellroy to myself all year long as a treat), I squealed with delight over it. As pastiches go, this one is top notch, and it's hilarious, yet somehow totally fitting, seeing the SV characters thrown into a noir world.
Undone Hope Tavia Intent is a matter of degrees. Rated R
Why You Should Read It: I like stories that jump out of their mould to bite me. A fluent stylish read, coupled with a well-constructed plot and great characterisation, especially perhaps of Lex. Around cafe noir on the darkness scale.
Handful of Dust Jenn Linda Hostetler This is a dark future fic dealng with the final days of the battle between Lex and Clark. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: This is one of the most powerful stories I have ever read. Jenn has a great feel for her characters and the plot is magnificent. This is a real find.
A Good Year For The Corn Beth Tavia "It had been awhile since he had had to do this, but some things were like riding a bicycle." Post-Tempest. Rated R (violence)
Why You Should Read It: Simple idea, but it's the details that make this story for me. Great contrast between style and content. (Note, on the dark scale, I'd say this rates espresso.)
Ganyemede Kristina Diane Smith Sara Lex and Lionel spend some quality time with each other. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: So I'm not the only one who sees it. I liked this one because it is well written, and it's nice to see a Lionel/Lex paring done well, and for some one to admit that they do like the paring.
Bouquet Andariel Amaltheia Lex remembers his family's past in the language of a nursery rhyme. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: After reading this fic, I had to go upstairs and check that my sleeping one year old was still breathing. A piece that manages to chill and horrify whilst explaining Julian's death.
Billionaire vs. Pyromaniac Belladonna scorpio_flame Lex Luther meets his match; Smallville's bad girl. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Of all the Smallville fan fiction I've read, this story leaves the others in the dust. It's very well written and has an interesting plot (although it only kicks in at about the 7th chapter). Also, the battle of wits and wills that goes on between lex and Dahlia is EXTEREMLY entertaining. This story is a must read, even though it's currently a work in progress. It seems to be updated often, but even with that the suspense is driving me NUTS!
Teliko Grail valentine Clark knows. (Teliko is Greek for end) Rated R
Why You Should Read It: Your reasons for recommending this story: This is C/L established relationship that has a surprisingly insightful Clark pondering their future together. It's beautiful and sad and not at all the kind of inevitability I want to believe in but so real it hurts. Just wonderful.
Summers' Solstice Clexygirl18 Amanda A different perspective on the episode "Leech." Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: This story does a great job of exploring Eric's emotions throughout his downward spiral, from the perspective of an original character who avoids all of the "Mary Sue" cliches. Its companion, "Summers' End," continues to explore the consequences of Eric's legacy.
Not One of Them Clexygirl18 Amanda A night at an Eating Disorder clinic. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: Original plot, with Chloe battling bulimia. Highly realistic details are provided by an author who has battled the disease for quite sometime. The first-person voice makes for an intimate look at Chloe and the characterization is done well.
Strength slodwick LJC Set during Crush. Whitney's thoughts on the day of the funeral. Rated G
Why You Should Read It: The little mundane details such as his father's closet still smelling like his aftershave, or how Whitney's suit jacket was too big just make this piece. It's a lovely, quiet piece that just rips you apart with the realities of losing a parent. Of all the "Crush" missing scenes and codas I've read thus far, this one has affected me the most.
A Turn Towards Darkness smallville66 Mike Lex makes his first move to the dark side. Rated G
Why You Should Read It: A good and original plot with a few good twists. Highly reccomended.
Last Rites M. Scott Eiland Marybeth Future fic. Lex is present at two funerals. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: An incredibly unique take on Clark and Lex's future in a non-slash way. Clark's dialogue and Lex's characterization are dead-on. It's a powerful statement on the potential for greatness and the sacrifices that come with it. And the ending may have you near tears.
Hell Money FayJay Tavia Smallville/Angel crossover fic. Lionel's plans backfire. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: This crossover story will only work if you've watched Angel second season, but for those of us who love both series, it packs a resounding punch into fewer than a thousand words. Neat idea and nice characterisations. Well worth the read.
Boy Next Door Auden bonibaru Clark considers himself and how he is changing. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: It's a Clark voice that I believed wholeheartedly in. Characterization/voice is probably the most important and I never rec a fic if I don't believe in the character the author is channeling.
Eros And Agape Kellermanfan bonibaru Superman/Clark explore differences in terms. And get laid a lot.
Why You Should Read It: missing...
Of Security Bubbles and
Raspberry Cappuccino
Maddie bonibaru Chloe feels guilty after the events of Zero, and runs into Lex at the coffee shop. Rated PG.
Why You Should Read It: Both characters are extremely well written.
Other Cyb LJC Sort of an alternate-universe meets the "real" universe series. Lex and Clark deal with other realities and other possibilities. Rated R.
Why You Should Read It: Cyb has a very strong grasp of both characters, and does some really excellent and subtle things with the Clark/Lex relationship, as well as each character individually. The plot is very well paced, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. There are some very funny moments, as well as some lovely touching ones as well. Really well done all around!
Stratagem Kate Elizabeth Jennifer Shortall Lex is teaching Clark to fence.
Why You Should Read It: What I like about this fic is the way it balances the art of fencing both literally and metaphorically between the two characters as an exercise in getting-to-know-you - strengths and weaknesses revealed in small bouts. Rated R
Risk käthe Maveness Chloe has a crush on Clark. It's not for the reasons you think. Rated G
Why You Should Read It: We've all had unrequited love for a friend. Or at least I have. And we've read the Smallville stories on unrequited love. But this fic goes in deep and really hits a raw nerve. It's wonderful, wonderful Chloe introspection.
The Denny's Napkin Incident Helena Handbasket Kate Andrews Even Clark and Lex have their awkward moments. Clark copes by locking himself in the bathroom. Lex copes by doing math. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: The spot on characterazation, the humor, the quality of the writing and the Math!Lex--dear God, the Math!Lex--all combine to make a sweet, funny, hilarious and intelligent story.
Almost Dawn Justine bonibaru Martha's been waiting up all night. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: I enjoyed the characterization in this short fic by Justine, in which Martha Kent is waiting up for her son to return home from a place she'd rather not know he'd been. Clark/Lex is implied, non-slashers be warned. I love this Martha, strong woman, struggling mother.
Them Mean Ol', Low-Down,
Lando Calrissian Blues
Yahtzee Reema Crossover parody between Smallville, the X-Files, Angel, and The West Wing. Not rated.
Why You Should Read It: I enjoyed it despite having seen only Angel and Smallville. There is some priceless Pete-gets-a-personality banter between him, Gunn, and [West Wing's] Charlie, and a Clark comically naive to Lex's lechery.
I Blame the Coffee Maveness Sullivan Lane Never operate heavy machinery or talk to the friend you are obsessively in love with while under the influence of caffeine. There can be life-altering consequences. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: Fun, fun, fun Clark and Chloe flirting fic. That is always a good thing. Also, it does use the "Chloe is hooked on caffeine" cliche, but puts it to good use. The additional POVs from others (Pete and Lex) make it even more hilarious.
Hospital Coffee Tara O'Shea Christina K Chloe's thoughts at the end of Nicodemus, and an interesting view on Lex's reactions to the outcome.
Why You Should Read It: I liked it for the Chloe-voice, and the observations on the other characters.
The Sixth Hour Tara O'Shea Christina K An old friend of Lex's (and a non-Mary Sue) shows up in Smallville to ask for help, and Lionel's life is soon in danger.
Why You Should Read It: Very amusing Chloe, Clark, and Pete dialogue, a nicely laid-back-but-still-cynical Lex, interesting plot, and bonus points for working the rarely-seen Lionel into the story.
Demarcation Livia P.M. Marcontell and i try / to draw the line / but it ends up running down the middle of me / most of the time. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Beautiful future-fic. I wish they were all like this.
Painted Blind Rose Amaltheia Lex succeeds in breaking up Lana and Whitney, with unexpected results. Slight Clark/Lex implication - nothing overt. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: This is fic that - to be truthful - doesn't really go anywhere. But not all journeys need to be for a reason and perception doesn't always have to have a point.
Runaway Trains at 3 A.M. Christina K Amaltheia If a supernatural teenager from Sunnydale, California heads east at 70 mph, while a super-powered teenager from Smallville, Kansas is heading west at 65mph, at what time will they meet up in a Greyhound bus station in Denver? Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: One of the best written crossovers of all time, Christina K remains true to the internal logical of both shows, and keeps the dialogue completely in character. This fic has a wonderful sense of fun, yet manages to completely make sense.
Unpretty Elizabeth Nestra A short Chloe POV piece. Not Rated.
Why You Should Read It: Elizabeth's got a deft touch with supporting characters, and she provides great insight into both Chloe and Lana here. Not rated on the author's site. I'd put it at PG.
The Butterfly Effect The Spike Katya Lex can't let this Cassandra thing go. Rated R
Why You Should Read It: Beautiful writing, great premise, wonderful characterization -- this story has everything. This is the story that first got me interested in Smallville and made me a die-hard fan. (And considering how dead-set I was against liking Smallville at first, that's really saying a lot.)
I Know Your Heart Aklani Cyb Rated R
Why You Should Read It: This is a ten-part story with an epilogue and something you can spend some time enjoying and getting into. The initial set-up may be a little hard to swallow, but the author really invests time and work into crafting this story. The Clark/Lex stuff is great. I felt the interactions were believable, poignant, at times sweet and heartbreaking. Just overall a very rewarding story.
Prophet of Eden Destina Fortunato LJC Caught between temptations, Lex must make difficult a decision that will impact the future -- with the knowledge that the wrong choice will spell disaster. Rated NC-17
Why You Should Read It: Stunningly fabulously plotted story. Destina has an incredible gift for language, and I really appreciate how she handled the drama without ever tipping over into melodrama, and the moments felt true and sincere, rather than operatic and strained. The author has a great handle on Lex--both in terms of dialogue, and character, and also writes Jonathan very, very well. My only regret was that we never saw Martha or had Lex thinking of his mother--but this was a story about fathers and sons.
The Flood paperbkryter LJC Clark vs. Mother Nature. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: I love plot. Plot makes me happy. The pacing was perfect, and the characterisations just were spot on. I particularly loved Martha and Jonathan, but everyone was 100% true to the series, with great added depths. And the author's attention to detail and obvious research really make this piece shine.
(I) Forget Elizabeth Christie What do you want to forget? Rated R
Why You Should Read It: Pardon the pun, but I never forgot this story. I read it the first time, and it haunted me. I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I read it again. I think it only made it worse. Elizabeth embodies Lex in this story. Everyone's got a slightly different take on Lex, but when you read (I) Forget, you start to think that the way Elizabeth has him, is the way he is. Read this one, and trust me, you won't forget.
Circling Debchan LJC A post "Jitters" interlude--part of a larger story, but enough to stand on its own. Martha and Lex talk. Not Rated.
Why You Should Read It: Really marvellous little vignette that really captures Martha Kent, and how she feels about her son's relationship with Lex Luthor.
Past Grief Te LJC Everything changes. Rated NC-17.
Why You Should Read It: Te has a remarkable gift for language and her prose style is unique. She spins a tale of a future for Clark and Lex that's similar to, yet completely different from any version of Superman thus far, but it's strongly grounded in Smallville canon. Her premise is a wonderful Worst Case Scenario drawn out to its logical--and slightly horrific for its plausiblility--conclusion.
Reasons Unknown Perri Smith Maddie Trapped in a room with Smallville's most eligible bachelor...dream come true or total nightmare? Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: Why? Excellent dialog and characterization. Reader is thr.own into the story knowing little more than the characters about what happened to them, and this is skilfully revealed as story progresses. The characters are very much in character and believable. I was impressed enough to actually print this one!! Author took the time to proof-read, beta read, polish the story.
Vast Miss Windy wookie Chloe and Whitney deal with what it's like to be far too human in the presence of a would-be Superman and his ideal lady love. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: While this is a work in progress it is a worth the wait for new chapters. As first Chloe/Whitney fic I had seen, I was heartened to see something so well written out there. Her characterization is spot on and her dialogue is wonderful. Instead of lovely and overly sweet, which the characters are decidedly not, Windy is able to make them real, flawed, and captivating.
Would You Like
Some Java With
Your Snark?
käthe wookie Lex/Chloe—conversations over caffeine. Rated PG-13
Why You Should Read It: Enjoyable story all around. Great dialogue, good grasp of the characters, and fun plot. Kathe took Chloe/Lex, which is often poorly written—when written at all—and gave it a believable light.


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