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Welcome to Better With Two, a Doctor Who fan website dedicated to the relationship between the Doctor and his assistant, Rose Tyler.

What is the Doctor without a companion? From Susan Foreman to Ace, Jo Grant to Romana, and Jamie to Turlough, the Doctor has always had partners, allies, friends, and like-minded compatriots sharing his adventures through time and space. Some have been damsels in distress of the first order. Some have been more likely to go after a Dalek with a bat. Some have even been Time Lords (erm... Ladies).

But what they all shared in common was a relationship with the Doctor which helped (human) audiences relate to his very alien nature, and share in his fantastic adventures. Rose Tyler brings a very 21st century travelling companion to this updated Doctor Who, and her relationship with the Doctor is definitely part of the new series appeal for many fans.

Whatever aspect of their on-screen relationship gets you grinning—from platonic friendship to romantic subtext—welcome to Better With Two.

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