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Archive FAQ

1. What software do you use with this site?

This site uses the Automated Archive software by Naomi Novik, and the Random Story Software created for AA by Sarah T.

2. Who can post here?

Anybody! You don't even have to be on the Wild Coyote Mailing List. If you have a het story, and you'd like to archive it, then please step right up to the automated posting interface! However, if you are a member of the list, you can both post to the archive, AND the list all at the same time, isn't that convenient?

2a. What can I post here?

All ratings, all pairings, and all genres of Smallville het fiction are welcome on Wild Coyote. If you have a story with slash content, we welcome it as long as the story has het content as well. Stories without het content may by deleted by the archivists. If your story is mostly slash, please consider joining ClarkLexFic or uploading your story to the Smallville Slash Archive, they'd love to have that story there, too! If you have a gen story (or would like to share your het story with a wider audience,) please consider joining Level Three or uploading your story to the Level Three Records Room, they accept every kind of Smallville fan fiction!

RPF (Real People Fiction, het or slash) is not allowed on Wild Coyote, nor is the discussion of it. There are plenty of lists out there where it is welcome, we're sticking solely to stories based on and/or crossed with the fictional Smallville characters (including fiction that incorporating elements and fictional characters from the comics canon, for future stories, so long as it is based on the Smallville we watch every week.)

Please note: we do not archive, nor do we accept on list, sexually explicit fan fiction featuring minors, which for our purposes, are defined as person or persons described as under the age of 15 (that's 14 years old or younger,) regardless if they are paired with an adult, or another minor. There are lots of lists and archives out there who do accept these stories, so we've chosen not to.

3. How do I format my story for Wild Coyote?

For the Posting Interface to work correctly, authors need to do a few things first:

1. Save As Text.

When you have finished writing your story, save a copy as a plain text file. This means you should please make sure to turn off your autocorrect functions- usually located in "Tools" in both WordPerfect and Word. Turn off curly quotes, turn off autocorrect for your ellipses, and accents, otherwise your stories will not be in plain text, and will be missing characters when you post them.

To save your file as plain text, almost every word processor has two ways to save a file: Save, and Save As. If you choose Save As, you will see an option such as "Save as what file type?" or "Type of File" or "Save as Type?" Among your choices will be Text, Text Only, ASCII Dos Text, or something of that nature. Any one of those will usually work. Your filename should end with .txt.

2. How To Create Emphasis.

Since plain text files do not have any special formatting, you have to use a few special tricks to indicate emphasis. To get the Posting Interface to italicize a word, surround it in *asterisks*. (This only works if there is no punctuation inside the asterisks. "*Lex*!" will be turned into italic text. *"Lex!"* will not.) Likewise, to underline a word, surround it with _underscores_. The Posting Interface will convert *this* to this and _this_ to this.

3. Scene Breaks

To create a horizontal line-break between sections, hit return, then type a line of asterisks (at least three,) then hit return again. In your text file it will look like this:


and the archive will turn it into a line like this:

Parts of this FAQ have been adapted from the Smallville Slash Archive FAQ. Special thanks to Livia, Shrift & Sarah T. for help installing the archive script, and patiently answering many, many stupid questions.

Smallville and its characters © DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Tollin/Robbins and Millar/Gough Ink. "Wild Coyote" is a non-profit fan site, and is not endorsed or licensed by DC Comics or Warner Brothers.