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Inspector Thompson
(Stephen Fry)
Bumbling; has pretensions of grandeur

Inspector Thompson seems to genuienly believe he has something in common with the McCordles and their guests. However, Sylvia doesn't even bother to learn hsi name, and makes it very clear through subtle put-downs that she considers him working class and beneath her.

Thompson is so busy trhying to impress upon Sylvia and her guests the common ground that exists between them, he ignores the actual forensic details fo teh case, tampering with evidence and generally making a mess of the crime scene.

He firmly ignores any input from Constable Dexter, who has actually been doing all the real policework. However, with Thompson in charge, it is almost certain that the case will be closed, and Sir William's death written off as an unpremeditated murder by a surprised burgler, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Constable Dexter
(Ron Webster)
Junior officer; more intelligent than his boss

Dexter is a better copper by far than the inspector, and makes note of all teh physical evidence Thompson misses such as the broken coffee cup, and mud on the floor of the library.

Dexter also takes great delight in regailing past cases with female servants over endless cups of tea in the servant's hall belowstairs. Bertha and Sarah both vie for his attention.

Dexter had a brother who was a Consciencous Objector during World War I and served time in prison. He tells Jennings this when he releas that he is aware of Jennings' prison record, but assures him not to worry.


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