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Welcome to 21st CENTURY FOX, the Keegan Connor Tracy Fanlisting!

Flare Magazine was not wrong when it called talented Canadian actress Keegan Connor Tracy a "21st Century Fox" in the September 2000 issue which touted her as one of Canada's up-and-coming stars to watch.

Born in Sarnia, Ontario, Keegan (which means "little fiery one" in Gaelic) attended Wilfrid Laurier University, where she earned a degree in social psychology. She speaks fluent French and studied at Université Canadienne en France (UCF) for a semester, then worked for an CD-Rom distributor in Paris. She also lived in Ireland for six months with a host family and worked on the Irish Stock Exchange. In addition to acting, Keegan is a self-admitted "foodie" and among her many accomplishments, has studied the Greek martial art of Pankration. "I could surprise a lot of people," Keegan told Stuff Magazine in December 2003 of her potential to kick butt. "You would never expect me to put you into a submission hold, but I could do that."

Funky and cool, with her own well-defined sense of style, Keegan told NOW magazine "I shop vintage or choose clothes that look vintage, I like really bright colours, and I'm addicted to comfort. I'm not a slave to things." She has two tattoos—the tattoo her upper back is the Chinese symbol for "Fire" which she chose as her element, and on her right foot she sports three Japanese characters: Suru, part of the word for journey (ryoko suru) meaning "it's all part of the journey", and kenji is "fun." So in Keegan's own words, "whatever you do - have fun; it's part of the journey."

Keegan is married, and currently lives in Vancouver.

Keegan's career began in her native Canada in the late 1990s with guest appearances on series such as Viper, Cold Squad, Millennium, and Dark Angel. In 1999, she won the role of ditzy Audrey Malone on the critically acclaimed series Beggars and Choosers which aired on Showtime in the United States and Bravo in Canada. A wicked satire of the industry which shot in Toronto from 1999 to 2001, Beggars was developed by the late great Brandon Tartikoff and showrunner Peter Lefcourt, and chronicled the lives of fictional television network LGT's employees. In 2002, Keegan was nominated for a Gemini Award and was awarded the Leo Award for Best Supporting Performance Female for her appearance as an ex-junkie on DaVinci's Inquest.

On the big screen, Keegan can be seen in the dramedy Duets with Gwyneth Paltrow, and in the romantic comedy 40 Days And 40 Nights, with Josh Hartnett, in which she tries to seduce a young man who has given up female companionship for Lent by making out with a girl right in front of him. Horror fans delighted in her performance as Kat, the chain-smoking PR rep trying to cheat death in Final Destination 2, and her sexy turn as Dawn in Blackwoods. Of her brief foray into the horror/thriller genre, Keegan said "I think it was just fun to do something in this genre which I hadn't really ever done. It was like a bit of a break—not big emotional scenes—just a fun little romp though a really trippy premise. It was great to do all the prosthetic work and car crashes— quite a departure from the usual for me. I thought it was wild having the 'double' made of me—quite an experience being covered in goo and having an exact replica made of my head!"

Most recently, Keegan has won a whole new flock of fans from her performance as NSA nanotech expert Diane Hughes on Jake 2.0. While she originally auditioned for the role of Jake's college crush Sarah Carter, the producers immediately asked her to read for quirky Diane, who turned out to have a much longer life, as Sarah was written out in episode seven of the series! Her role which was quickly expanded to include love interest thanks to the actress' chemistry with series lead Christopher Gorham in the pilot, according to producers Gina Matthews and Silvio Horta.

"One of the things that we didn't really expect was the chemistry that Jake has with Diane," Horta explained during the UPN Summer Press Tour. "They had very few scenes together [in the pilot], but there's just this chemistry, this magnetism." Fans clamoured for more Diane, as Keegan brought tremendous charm and vitality to shy Dr. Hughes, and were rewarded as her role was expanded and showcased in episodes such as "Last Man Standing" and "Middleman." While the series has been placed on hiatus on UPN, it is currently airing in Europe on Sky One and Korea on OCN.

In addition to being an accomplished actress, Keegan also heads up her own production company, Drama Queen Inc., which has to date produced a pilot for a food/adventure series called "Eat the Sky" and a documentary "Ghaiaanook: The Canadian Picasso" about artist and sculptor Tom Duquette.

In addition to her varied career as an actor and producer, Keegan also hopes to launch both a bath line (Keegolicious), and a dry spice mixture called "Rub It In." She also ran the first version of her website,, herself before she realised "I just maxed out the technology. I thought to myself, 'I've got enough money to pay somebody, why make myself crazy?'"

Be sure and check out her recently relaunched and expanded official website for fantastic photos from all of Keegan's projects to date, and to keep up with all the news straight from the source, regarding this fantastic actress wherever she may next appear!

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