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Stories for September, 2003

Title Author Description
Inflicted WoundLittleBeeSet almost 20 years before Caretaker. B'Elanna Torres goes through the worst night of her life. Rated PG
Class ReunionDeniseB'Elanna and Tom attend a class reunion shortly after arriving home. Rated G
The Ribbon Of LifeMaquis LeaderLife is what you make of it... (Voyager and STNG) Rated PG
Stones In The RoadMaquis LeaderTwo opposites find a common ground Rated PG
The RiverMaquis LeaderVoyager has a chance to go home, but will everyone in the Alpha Quadrant welcome them with open arms? Rated PG-13
Survival TrainingDiane KlepperTom struggles to make it through his father's Survival Class during his first semester at the Academy. Rated PG
Taking A ChanceAmiSet about a year after 'Blood fever'. Sometimes it takes a disaster to tell you where your heart lies. Rated PG
Compromising PositionsAdmiral SabSet after Scientific Method. Tom compromises an away team mission. Rated PG
Nik's PlaceBrigidThis story is AU and explores the possibility of Voyager returning to the Alpha Quadrant in 2374, in the middle of the Dominion War. Rated PG-13
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