Reader Reviews

New to the archive, and looking for a place to start? Read reader recommendations.

Have a favourite story or author, and want to point new readers to your favourite fanfic? Write a recommendation.

Guidelines: Please be honest in your reviews of the writers' work archived on this site. Keep in mind that your reviews should be limited to the work itself, and not the author. Be kind, be courteous, and even if you have constructive criticism to impart about a story here, please do so firmly, honestly, but without personal attacks or by casting aspersions upon the author's character, parentage, nose-hair, or pets. In short: no flames. On the flip side, "Wow, this was so cool!" does not count as a review! Please, if you like a story, tell new readers why. From dialogue to plot to language to readability to structure to twists to characterisations, let readers know why this story deserves to be read and why you believe it is the best fan fiction out there!

Please be aware that authors are NOT allowed to review their own work (and if any pseudonyms are discovered, the reviews in question will be DELETED).

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