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Most Recent Additions

Title Author Description
Inflicted WoundLittleBeeSet almost 20 years before Caretaker. B'Elanna Torres goes through the worst night of her life. Rated PG
Class ReunionDeniseB'Elanna and Tom attend a class reunion shortly after arriving home. Rated G
The Ribbon Of LifeMaquis LeaderLife is what you make of it... (Voyager and STNG) Rated PG
Stones In The RoadMaquis LeaderTwo opposites find a common ground Rated PG
The RiverMaquis LeaderVoyager has a chance to go home, but will everyone in the Alpha Quadrant welcome them with open arms? Rated PG-13
Survival TrainingDiane KlepperTom struggles to make it through his father's Survival Class during his first semester at the Academy. Rated PG
Taking A ChanceAmiSet about a year after 'Blood fever'. Sometimes it takes a disaster to tell you where your heart lies. Rated PG
Compromising PositionsAdmiral SabSet after Scientific Method. Tom compromises an away team mission. Rated PG
Nik's PlaceBrigidThis story is AU and explores the possibility of Voyager returning to the Alpha Quadrant in 2374, in the middle of the Dominion War. Rated PG-13


Title Author Description
Take Your Daughter to Work DayBASICmanTakes place 4 years post-Endgame. Miral Paris wreaks havoc at Utopia Planitia. Rated = PG
Killing TimeTamSet before seventh season. Tom and B'Elanna are held as hostages by paranoid aliens. Rated G
Primal ImperativeMaisieRita & SapphireAn alternate view of the episode *Blood Fever*. Suppose, just suppose, that being bitten by a half-Klingon infected with *pon farr* could result in spreading the condition. . . . Rated NC-17


First Day JittersNicole PhillipsWhen it's time to enroll Miral in school, B'elanna feels anxiety about her daughter fitting in as a Klingon child in an Earth prep school. Set when Miral is five years old. Rated PG
There is Something to Fear SeabiscuitA coda to 'Gravity.' Elaborates upon B'Elanna's indifference to the return of the away team as is mentioned by Tom at the end of the episode. Rated G
Knight, Miss Worker Voy_GirlSet after "Workforce, Part 1". What if the brainwashed B'Elanna took up on Tom's offer to meet with a pregnant couple? Rated PG
Primal Imperative MaisieRita & SapphireAn alternate view of the episode *Blood Fever*. Suppose, just suppose, that being bitten by a half-Klingon infected with *pon farr* could result in spreading the condition. . . . Rated NC-17
The Admiral's Granddaughter Diane KlepperThe sixth and last part of "The Admiral's Family" series. Owen takes to his granddaughter about his relationship with Tom. Rated PG
Survival Training Diane KlepperTom struggles to make it through the Academy's Survival Training class that is taught by a teacher he would rather not have. Rated PG


Just Say ItDiane KlepperAs the Paris family is about to leave Voyager to start their new lives on Earth, B'Elanna wants Tom to tell her something Rated PG
DistanceBrigidSometimes homecomings can be very painful. Rated PG
Family MattersBrigidSeven seeks out Tom and B'Elanna for some advice. Rated G
TriskaidekaphobiaBrigidTom solves a medical mystery. Rated G
Thank You, KathrynDiane KlepperOn her first day on the job as an Admiral, Kathryn Janeway gets a surprise visitor. Rated PG
Thank You, CaptainDiane KlepperAs the Voyager crew is about to leave the ship, Tom thank's someone for giving him a second chance Rated PG
The Admiral's Daughter In LawDiane KlepperThis is the fifth part of the Admiral's Family series. In this story. Owen Paris talks to B'Elanna about his relationship with his son. Rated PG
A Birthday To RememberDiane KlepperTom tries to get through his first birthday on Voyager. Rated PG
Glimpses of the FutureRFKB'Elanna Torres discovers a device that enables her to see the future. Set during Seasons 1, 7 and in between. Rated R
PuzzleVoy_GirlSet after "Extreme Risk." B'Elanna tried to figure out which feeling of hers that are real, and which ones are fake. Can it not be so, that they all were there before? Rated PG


A Birthday To Remember Diane Klepper Tom celebrated his first birthday on Voyager. Rated PG
The Admiral's House Diane Klepper After Voyager returns home, Owen Paris talks to his granddaughter Miral about her father. Rated PG
Thank You, Captain Diane Klepper The night before the crew leaves Voyager, Tom thanks a very special person. Rated PG
A Plea For Faith Emily Home B'Ellana and Tom have been having some rough times and she is writing him a letter. Rated PG


Of Epidemics and Physiologies Mac Set during the seventh season. Tom finds himself acting Captain after an epidemic on Voyager. To make matters worse, an alien race heard about B'Elanna from the Viidians and wants to study her. Can Tom protect the ship and his wife? Rated R
The Crush Mac Set during the fifth season. Naomi has a crush on our favorite pilot. Now B'Elanna wants to break it off with Tom and he wants to be relieved of duty. Rated PG-13
One For The Family Scrapbook Dangermom A little bit of fluff, set three years or so after Voyager's return, in a peaceful and probably AU timeline. Something of a sequel to "No Good Deed" and "One Good Deed." Rated G
The Final Candle Annie M Set in the Alpha Quadrant, several months after the episode "Message in a Bottle." B'Elanna's mother reacts to the news that her wayward daughter isn't exactly where she thought she was. Rated PG
If Only She Knew Emily Home Kathryn's POV. She and Tom have broken up and she is watching Tom and B'Ellana across the holodeck while listening to music. Rated PG


The Journey Home Liz A young writer has been hired to write the official account of Voyager's journey. The Paris-Torres family do not give an easy interview. Rated PG-13
The Admiral's Wife Diane Klepper Tom thinks back to when his Mom visited him in prison. Second part of the Admiral's Family series. Rated PG
The Admiral's Daughters Diane Klepper Tom's sisters prepare for their brother's return and think back to memories their shared with Tom. The third part in "The Admiral's Family" series. Rated PG
Bewitched, Bedazzled and B’Elanna Alice Max Set sometime at the end of sixth season. B’Elanna treats herself to a Voyager Halloween Costume Party. Tom, on the other hand, has a few tricks up his sleeve before the party begins. Together they celebrate the traditional “trick or treat” holiday – with a Paris-Torres twist. Rated NC-17


The Helmsman's Logs - 2373 L.E. Jones The third in a collection of Tom Paris' personal logs during Voyager's seven years in the Delta Quadrant. Part 3 focuses upon the ship's third year, 2373. Rated PG-13
The Sweetest Days Seema Set five years after Voyager returns home. Tom and B'Elanna have a post-midnight chat. Part of the "Glory Days" universe. Rated PG-13
No Body's Business But My Own Kerry During the shuttle scene in "Bliss" with Tom, Seven and Naomi, Tom tries to explain to the little girl why he is with B'EWlanna and not Naomi's favorite Borge, Seven of Nine. And before "Someone to Watch Over Me" though I just realized that. rated PG Rated PG
Cause and Effect Alice Max Set after "Revulsion” and just before “Scientific Method.” This is a continuation of my fan fiction entitled “Made For Each Other.” Rated NC-17
The Admiral's Boy Diane Klepper Eighteen months after Voyager is declared lost and the crew is presumed dead, Admiral Paris thinks about his son. Part one of "The Admiral's Family" series. Rated PG
With Harry Kim's Compliments RFK Harry Kim decides to play matchmaker with a shower and his two best friends. Set between Season 3's "Alter Ego" and "Coda". Rated R
Tuning In Kerry Tom and B'Elanna have a "discusion" about how he spends his free time. After "extreme risk." but before the t.v. came in as a supporting cast member in "Memorial." Rated G
Miral's Daddy Diane Klepper Tom tells Miral about his past. Rated PG


Not Endgame B Doll B'Elanna Torres goes though a Space/Time Anomaly and sees the past and future as it could have been if Admiral Janeway had not gone back in time. Rated PG
Lost and Found Ronda Sexton From the Voyager being declared missing to meeting Voyager's EMH, Owen Paris has time to reflect. Rated PG
Workforce AU BDoll AU from episode Workforce. What if certain events had happened differently. Rated PG
little yellow smiley faces kerry Set after day of honor and before “Drive,” Tom declares his love for B’Elanna while standing in the corridor half naked and in front of half the people on deck nine section twelve.
mouse hunt kerry my second story Tom mentioned a mouse hunt through a Jeffries tube in one of those episodes with the Hunters "Prey" I think and I've had a lot of mouse problems this year so it is about his little adventure/hunt Rated PG
It's A Baby, Not A Warp Core Breach Bella Azzurri So B’Elanna’s going to have a baby. She’s had the baby. What next? Post Lineage & Endgame. P/T with a smattering of J/C UST. Rated G
The Rain Chronicles: Book IV RFK By some twist of fate, Rain Robinson from Season 3's "Future's End", ends up on Voyager. Told from Rain, B'Elanna and the Doctor's POV. Book 4. Post-"Blood Fever" to "Favorite Son". Rated PG-13
Extreme Risk Revisited BDoll Extreme Risk, AU. B'Elanna founds out the consequences of self-medicating her injuries. Happens about six weeks after Extreme Risk. Rated PG
Civil War of Words Briar Rose My reply to "The Q and The Gray." A little bit of fun, 'nuf said. Rated G
Hyperspanners at Dawn Starburst Set after “The Q and The Grey,” and spans the events in “Macrocosm.” A sequel to Briar Rose’s story “Civil War of Words.” Rated PG
It's All In The Game Alice Max What ever happened to Freddy Bristow? This story explains his fate after Tom confronted B’Elanna about her relationship with Ensign Bristow during Season Three’s “The Swarm.” Rated PG
A Dark And Cold Place Diane Klepper Tom rells BE'lanna how he accidently got trapped in a closet when he was five years old. Set after the episode "One." Rated PG
Marrying In Haste JoAnna Walsvik An alternate version of events that could have led to Tom and B'Elanna's marriage. It takes place about the time of "Drive." Rated G
DOTS: Friendly Fire, Part 1 Barbara Watson Another in the ongoing series of "Connect the P/T Dots" stories, leading up to the episode "Unity." New Year's Eve 2373 brings new beginnings on Voyager. As the crew prepares to celebrate, Tom and B'Elanna have to learn a brand new dance, Harry rediscovers an old flame, and Chakotay and Tom get a few painful lessons in trusting and being trusted. Rated R
Zero Hour Lay McDaniel Set during the ‘Before and After’ episode. A look at what happened to Voyager, and to Paris, in the immediate days following Torres’s death. Rated PG


Reality Diane Klepper Tom wakes up in a strange room and he is told that he never left the Federation Penal colony. Rated PG
Family Shayla A 100-word drabble. Tom gets to meet his daughter for the first time. Rated G
Honeymoon Lessa Tom and B'Elanna heat it up in the back of the Delta Flyer. This short story picks up where "Drive" leaves off. Rated NC-17
Klingon Drinking Songs & Musicals Bella Azzurri Post-Virtuoso and Memorial. B'Elanna knows more than a few Klingon drinking songs. Rated PG-13
A Question on Love Brigid Chakotay asks Tom for help with a mystery. Rated G
Intimate Relations Deede Follows "Someone to Watch Over Me", in the aftermath of Seven's study, Tom and B'Elanna ponder their relationship. Rated R
The Deal Alice Max Set after "Endgame." What would happen if the deal that Tom and B'Elanna made in 'Friendship One' actually came true? Spoilers are 'Friendship One' and 'Endgame.' Rated PG-13


The Kidnapping Of Tommy Paris Diane Klepper After Tom wakes up from a bad dream, he tells BE'lanna about a woman who saved his life when he was kidnapped when he was nine years old. Set after "Lineage". Rated PG
The Truth Hurts B'Elanna Paris Set during & after Memorial. CODA. Tom & B’Elanna are ignoring each other. Rated G
The Helmsman's Logs - 2371 L.E. Jones The first in a collection of Tom Paris' personal logs during Voyager's seven years in the Delta Quadrant. Part 1 focuses upon the ship's first year, 2371. Rated PG-13
The Helmsman's Logs - 2372 L.E. Jones The second in a collection of Tom Paris' personal logs during Voyager's seven years in the Delta Quadrant. Part 2 focuses upon the ship's second year, 2372. Rated PG-13
Infatuation Alice Max This is the missing part to Season Seven’s “Nightingale.” B’Elanna tells Tom about Icheb’s crush on her. Will the “green-eyed pusshog” (to quote Neelix) rear its ugly head? Rated PG-13
Do You Think... Brigid A small discussion on happiness. Rated PG-13


Take Me Out to the Soccer Pitch Lay McDaniel A morale problem sparks off the idea of having a soccer match. Rated PG
Packing Up Diane Klepper As Tom packs up to leave Voyager, the Doctor comes to see him and tries to convince him to finish his medical training. Rated PG
When there's only one Amy Elizabeth The Demon plant ship makes it to the real VOYAGER before they fall apart. More are alive than at the end of the episode but not all....S et during the time period of "Course: Oblivion". Rated PG
The Rain Chronicles - Book I RFK By some twist of fate, Rain Robinson from Season 3's "Future's End", ends up on Voyager. Told from Rain, B'Elanna and Janeway's POV. Book 1. Rated PG
The Rain Chronicles - Book II RFK By some twist of fate, Rain Robinson from Season 3's "Future's End", ends up on Voyager. Told from Rain, B'Elanna and Tom's POV. Book 2. Rated PG-13
The Rain Chronicles - Book III RFK By some twist of fate, Rain Robinson from Season 3's "Future's End", ends up on Voyager. Told from Rain, B'Elanna and Tom's POV. Book 3. Rated PG-13
Letters to Neelix Barbara Watson An original short story set exactly five years after the Voyager series finale, ENDGAME. Starfleet’s only permanent ambassador to the Delta Quadrant is now receiving his own private monthly datastream. Two of his old friends have a lot to tell him about the changes in their lives and the lives of the rest of their friends. Rated G
The depth of a lie kate Tom Paris is not who he appears to be, he is an agent for the S.E.F (Special Elite forces) When he is sent 10 fresh new agents to train, it is a matter of time before the cover breaks, but that is not all which is on their mind. Rated PG-13
Reflections of a Bride RFK Bride-to-be, B'Elanna Torres, reflects on her choices for a mate minutes before her wedding. Set in mid-Season 6. Rated PG
Just Let Me Be In Love Maquis Leader Tom loves B'Elanna but knows that sooner or later he'll screw it up. For tonight he just wants to be in love. Rated NC-17
Captain Proton And The Lost Orgasm Maquis Leader My turn at Chakotay and Kathryn are stranded on a really cold planet so they gotta share body heat to keep warm story. And let’s just pretend Tom isn’t here… Rated NC-17
Challenges Brigid Takes place after 30 Days. The Captain gives the conn to Culhane and Tom is reduced to gamma shift for the foreseeable future. Rated PG-13
A Night At The Movies Jennie Harris Set after 'Day of Honor', B'Elanna isn't sure wether Tom meant he loved her or not. I sworw I posted this two months ago.... Rated PG
A Night At The Movies Jennie Harris Set after 'Day of Honor', B'Elanna isn't sure wether Tom meant he loved her or not. I sworw I posted this two months ago.... Rated PG
Voyagers Maquis Leader (AU fic)The ride into the Delta Quadrant was rough and Commander Cavit nearly died. Waking from a coma he found that not only had Captain Janeway broken the Prime Directive and destroyed their only way home -- he had been demoted and the Maquis terrorist they were sent to capture had been given his postion as Voyager's first officer. Rated NC-17
The Sweetest Dreams Alice Max This is the adult version of “Sweet Dreams.” The story is set during Season Two’s “Persistence of Vision.” As a result of the Botha’s intervention, Tom and B’Elanna hallucinate about their secret passions. Rated NC-17


The beginning of the end katie Tom's hearing voices which are giving him second thoughts about his friends and if he should stay on voyager. He doesn't know what his destiny holds. Rated PG-13
Sweet Dreams Alice Max This story is set during Season Two's “Persistence of Vision.” The Botha'a energy shield causes Tom and B'Elanna to hallucinate and come face-to-face with their true feelings about each other. Rated PG-13
I Hope You Dance Brigid Tom sings at Harry's wedding. Rated PG
Lover Man RFK A curious B'Elanna Torres stumbles upon an illicit love affair that involves Voyager's Chief Helmsman. Set during mid-Season 1. A bit dark and angsty. Rated NC-17
Of Heroes and Men Deede A coda to the episode "Memorial". Rated PG-13
The Nameless Series: Part 2 Zappy Zaps While engaging in the festivities of a planet, things take a dangerous turn when a terrorist group and a spy decide to take a hostage from the crew of Voyager. Rated PG-13
And This Is His Story: Part 1 Zappy Zaps Future Encounters: Living with the very people who abducted him, Tommy's life crosses the path of others that he will meet again. Rated PG-13
Sins of the Father Zappy Zaps AU When Voyager and the Liberty get stranded in the DQ problems arrise with the intergration of the two crews. Sequel to“The Trials and Tribulations of Tom Paris”. Rated PG-13
The Decision Diane Klepper Tom tell BE'lanna a story about how he almost quit Starfleet Academy during his first semester. Set during the seventh seasonRated PG
You wanna know me D'Orba Sandels A little poem from Tom to B'Elanna. Rated PG
One Pip D'Orba Sandels Tom's thoughts about what happened in "Unimatrix Zero". Rated PG
Just a bit Jealousy? D'Orba Sandels A missing scene from "Equinox" concerning the dinner and Tom's jealousy. Rated PG
Death of a Monster - Life of a Child D'Orba Sandels Set at the same time as "Lineage". B'Elanna has to deal with a pregnancy. This is my own version of this episode, before I watched it. Rated PG


Transitions Liz Voyager has just returned to the Alpha Quadrant, and B’Elanna finds herself in unfamiliar territory. Set two days after “Endgame.” Rated PG
When Irish Eyes Are Talaxian RFK Voyager's crew celebrates St. Patrick's Day with another one of Neelix's special brews and chaos ensues. Set just before "Inside Man" in early Season 7. Rated R
Perils of a Matchmaker RFK Tom Paris helps Pablo Baytart win the affections of Sue Nicoletti and endangers his own pursuit of the Chief Engineer in the process. Set during late Season 3. Rated PG-13
Hidden Emotions II A New Beginning Peggy Schultz A sequel to Hidden Emotions. Can Q help B’Elanna to change the future? Takes place during the events of Day of Honor, and seven months after Hidden Emotions ended. Rated PG-13
A Guilty Mistake katie A fatal away mission causes a sudden death but can Tom Paris over come the guilt or is it to late? Rated PG-13
In My Dreams Peggy Schultz B'Elanna's reaction to the events before, during, and after the episode "Investigations". Rated PG-13
P/T Diagnostic Dasia Scenes missing from "Drive". B'Elanna applies her analytical skills to an important decision. Rated R
Go Diane Bellomo Eleventh Challenge: "What was the end of 'Endgame' like from B'Elanna's point of view?" B'Elanna's having some trouble in Engineering, and it's got nothing to do with the warp core. Rated PG
The French Roast Connection Briar Rose Paraka wings and forbidden things--"Doc's a bad guy, but a good cop" in this post-Lineage tale wherein sex, drugs, and intrigue all play a roll as B'Elanna--and everyone else--adjusts to her pregnacy. P/T, ensemble. Rated PG-13
Until Tomorrow Katherina Rosellini Tom and B'Elanna's first night toghether. Set after Scientific Method. Rated NC-17
Adjustments Katherina Rosellini A dialogue only story. Tom and B'Elanna are trying to make some adjustments to living life on Earth after spending seven years in the DQ. Rated PG
Remember Me... Brigid An alien attack leaves B'Elanna without memories of her life on Voyager Rated PG
Color Everywhere Deede Set after "Endgame". B'Elanna's thoughts after returning home. Rated PG
A World of Color Deede Companion piece to "Color Everywhere". Miral reflects on her childhood. Rated PG-13
Shifting Out of Neutral Deede Tom's thoughts during the episode "Drive". Rated PG-13
The First Taste Deede Set after "Day of Honor" and right up to "Revulsion". Tom reflects on the journey to B'Elanna's heart. Rated PG-13
Irrevocably Tied Deede Tom and B'Elanna thought that they had already been through it all, but adjusting to life in the Alpha Quadrant turns out to be the most difficult challenge, ultimately testing their marriage and their love. Rated PG-13
And This Is His Story: Prologue Zappy Zaps At age five Tommy Paris' life takes and interesting turn when he seperated from the rest of his family. Rated PG-13


For Miral Dasia An Endgame coda, mostly B'Elanna's thoughts about Miral's birth. Rated PG
Penny For Your Thoughts Katherina Rosellini A short little piece about what goes on in the minds of new lovers. Set immediately after the episode "Revulsion." Rated PG
Til Death Do Us Part Katherina Rosellini After spending a lifetime together, it's time to say good-bye. Rated PG-23
Noëlle Marié Luyken The first story in the Christmas series entitled "Decisions", set mid-seventh season, diverging into AU. Although the focus here is on Janeway and Paris, this is very definitely P/T. It must be read first. It's Christmas eve and Kathryn and her daughter Noëlle prepare to spend it alone. Rated PG-13
Pieces of my Dreams Marié Luyken The second story in the "DECISIONS" Series. From B'Elanna's POV, motivating her decision. B'Elanna has made a decision - one that will have far reaching implications. Rated PG-13
The Years Between Marié Luyken The third story in the "Decisions" Series. Sometimes, when life offers people second chances, you grab it with both hands. Rated PG-13
After the Pain Marié Luyken The final story in the "Decisions" Series. Four years after Tom and B'Elanna remarried, they celebrate Christmas again. The various family members reflect on the happiness of the couple and the pain that went before they could get together again. Rated PG-13
Visitor From Home Diane Klepper A holographic visitor from Starfleet Command comes to help Voyager modify their engine. Is it a visitor Tom does not want to see Rated PG
That Which Does Not Kill Us Barbara Watson Set after "Natural Law." Tom has been spending every night on the holodeck, but this time he isn’t playing games. See how the “ghosts of those three dead officers” learn a lesson of their own, when Tom must finally come to terms with his greatest failure. Rated PG
Balance & Imbalance, Part 2 Barbara Watson Another in the ongoing series of “Connect the P/T Dots” stories, set during and after the episode “Blood Fever.” The truth is out there. Now a decision has to be made: is this the beginning or the end of the line for Tom and B’Elanna? And what are they going to do about the rumors that are flying around the ship at warp speed? Rated R
The Way It Is Laura Barnes A small piece from B'Elanna's perspective on the way her and Tom's love making really is. Rated NC-17
Shmily JoAnna Walsvik Naomi Wildman helps Tom realize that he has never told B'Elanna that he loves her, and the two come up with a plan for him to tell her in a very unique way. Rated PG
Stay Seema A coda to "Random Thoughts." Tom is forced to reevaluate his relationships with various members of the crew as he helps B'Elanna deal with the aftereffects of her experience on the Mari homeworld. Rated PG-13
Takarian Flu K'Lara Takes place directly after “Blood Fever” and explains how Tom knew exactly how to deal with Tuvok’s Pon Farr experience in “Body and Soul”. Rated PG-13
Showers and Weddings K'Lara Archivist’s Challenge. Takes place during the last moments of Drive. Rated PG
Lineage Addition>. Kiva Set after the end of Lineage. Tom comforts B'Elanna as she deals with her feelings about the pregnancy, and what she revealed during tlhe confrontation in Sickbay. In the process, Tom reveals his own worries about impending fatherhood. Rated G
365 Days Alice Max This story is set sometime in the sixth season when B’Elanna and Tom are still going through their 'on again, off again' relationship. Tom has a tendency to get bored with his job and usually is in competition with Nelix creating occasions to party down. This story follows Tom throughout the year as he tries to keep his relationship with B’Elanna interesting and, at the same time, keep his sanity. Rated PG-13


Chameleon Sirap Set after "Threshold". Tom Paris and Alex Monroe are abducted. Rated PG-13
The Trials and Tribulations of Tom Paris Zappy Zaps Starts from after Caldik Prime but Tom does not join the Maquis directly. He lives with friends in the DMZ were he makes a name for himself as a smuggler and the leader of a group of renegades. Shows what really happened at Caldik Prime. Rated PG-13
Before I'm 30 B'Elanna Paris Nightingale Coda. Tom & B’Elanna discuss what they planned to have been doing when they got to thirty. Rated G
A Father So Greater Savannah Vixen Nine years after Voyager makes it back to the Alpha Quadrant, Tom runs into B'Elanna's father. Rated G
A Study in Human Mating Practices by Seven of Nine Brigid Seven of Nine is studying human mating practices and chooses Ensign Paris and Lt. Torres as her subjects during a rough spot in their relationship. 5th season. Rated PG-13
Nighttime Consolations Liz B'Elanna's idea of cheering up a friend goes terribly awry. Set sometime after or around "Basics." Rated R

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