Check out these Archivist's Star Trek novel, calendar, and referance book recommendations!

Now Trekkers can go warp-speed to the Web's "good stuff"—more than 800 of the best Trek-related sites. Quickly find photos, scripts, sound/video clips,characters, historical perspectives, fan groups and free fun sites. 50 screen captures.

Star Trek VOyager: Endgame

Star Trek Voyager: Equinox novelisation by Diane Carey. Captain Janeway believed they were alone in the Delta Quadrant—until the USS Voyager came to the rescue of a battered starship besieged by a ravening horde of extradimensional predators. Check out Double Helix: Quarantine for a fun B'Elanna story set before Caretaker, during Chakotay, B'Elanna, and Tuvok's days in the Maquis prior to being lost in the Delta Quadrant. cover
Order Christie Golden's latest Star Trek: Voyager novel Seven of Nine from _Seven of Nine_ by Christie Golden And for romance fans, check out Peter David's latest hardcover Star Trek: The Next Generation epic, Imzadi II: Triangle _Imzadi II: Triangle_ by Peter David

by Dean Wesley Smith

"It's a facsimile of the pulp magazines of the 40's, like Captain Future, except of course it's Captain Proton. It's what I call 'An artefact from an alternate universe.' If there had been Captain Proton pulp magazines in the 40's, this is what they would have been like. :) It'll have a Captain Proton complete short novel, an instalment from a Captain Proton serial story, and solo short stories from the POV of Buster Kincaid and Constance Goodheart." —John Ordover

Now in stores! New Worlds, New Civilizations trade hardcover, with briefings, descriptions, articles, and stunning illustrations of Star Trek planets such as Vulcan, Bajor, the Klingon Homeworld, and more! Now in stores! The Star Trek Encyclopaedia trade paperback, including 128 new pages, and updated entries up to Equinox, pt. 1. A must own for any fan fiction writer!

It's here! Another anthology of Star Trek fiction by fans, for fans. Check out stories by fellow fanfic authors:
    THE QUICK AND THE DEAD by Kathy Oltion
    RENAISSANCE by Peg Robinson
    DOCTORS THREE by Charles Skaggs
    RECIPROCITY by Brad Curry of FL
    CALCULATED RISK by Christina F. York
    GODS, FATE, AND FRACTALS by William Leisner
    I AM BECOME DEATH by Franklin Thatcher
    RESEARCH by J.R. Rasmussen
    ESSENCE by Steven Scott Ripley
    TOUCHED by Kim Sheard
    ALMOST...BUT NOT QUITE by Dayton Ward
    THE HEALING ARTS by E. Cristy Ruteshouser & Lynda Martinez Foley
    SEVENTH HEAVEN by Dustan Moon
Read the Official Strange New Worlds III Contest Rules. Missed the first anthology? Order Star Trek: Strange New Worlds from

The following Star Trek: Voyager novelisations and original novels from Pocket Books are my favourites for Tom and B'Elanna bits. Caretaker in particular has a wealth of good Paris chacterisation, and the Collective has damn near diefied Christie Golden for Marooned.

Also, when you purchase these books online through the links to, a small percentage of the price goes to help maintain this archive. So if you haven't given them a try and find yourself with a bit of pocket money, splurge!

cover cover cover
by L.A. Graf
The Murdered Sun
by Christie Golden
by Diane Carey
cover cover cover
Her Klingon Soul
by Michael Jan Friedman
Day of Honour
by Michael Jan Friedman
by Christie Golden

For more information about all the Star Trek tie-in novels, check out

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