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What is the Paris/Torres Collective, and how can I join?

    The Paris/Torres Collective (or P/T Collective, as it is commonly known) is a group of Star Trek: Voyager fansóboth fanfic writers and readersówho congregate on AOL's Star Trek: Voyager message boards (specifically, in the Collective: Paris/Torres folder, inside the Trek Romances folder inside the Message Board folder at Keyword: Trek).

    To join, you must have access to AOL. Then simply go to the P/T Collective discussion folder, and let everyone know you're interested in becoming a member.

    You will be assimilated.

What is a round robin?

    A round robin is a story written by committee, with each author writing a segment and then handing the story off to the next author. It is then edited for clarity, form, content and copy by a separate editing team.

What is the "Cracks in the Wall" series?

    A series of Star Trek: Voyager stories focusing on the characters of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres and their relationship, written in "round robin" format by members of the P/T Collective. Each story is a sequel to and bound by the canon of the last. However, there are P/T Collective round robin stories that are not part of the "Cracks in the Wall" series. And another story is being written, called "Sworn Enemies", that is not being written on the AOL boards, but is being circulated through a private email loop.

    The "Cracks In the Wall" series:

    • Cracks in the Wall
    • Clear as Mud
    • Test of Faith
    • Echo of a Nightmare
    • Flight of Memory
    • Inheritance
    • Whither Are They Vanished?
    • The Judgment of Karis
    • With Murderous Intent

    The round robins outside the series are:

    • Echo of a Nightmare
    • Mind Games
    • Poised
    • Plasma Chills
    • Warrior Women At The River of Blood

If I don't have access to AOL, can I still submit P/T stories to the archive?

    Absolutely. Almost half the archive is currently devoted to P/T fanfic written by authors outside the Collective. The aim of this archive is to become a comprehensive library of all P/T fan fiction, bringing AOL's fiction to the Internet, and the Internet's fiction to AOL in an attempt to break down the walls that occasionally exist between the two. And yes, contrary to popular opinion (and their adverts) AOL is not the Internet!

Is there anywhere for the Internet P/T fans to meet and congregate the way the Collective does?

Do you have a question that you don't see here that you think would qualify as a "Frequently Asked Question", or simply a question that you would like answered? Drop me a line and I'll do my best to answer it, or point you to someone else who can.

Last updated 01.07.98

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