P/T Collective Round Robins

The Cracks In The Wall Series

Cracks In The Wall The P/T Collective Voyager encounters the Borg for the first time but they aren't what the crew expected. Especially when they ask a favor from Torres and Paris, one they aren't sure is such a good idea. First in the series. Rated PG.
Clear As Mud The P/T Collective Murphy's Law on Voyager. Anything and everything than can go wrong does go wrong. Sequel to "Cracks in the Wall." Rated PG.
Test Of Faith The P/T Collective An away mission to an exotic planet gives Paris and Torres more than they bargained for when the inhabitants mistake them for their deities. But there may be more to the myth than mistaken identity. Sequel to "Clear as Mud." Rated PG.
Flight of Memory The P/T Collective A shuttle crash causes Paris to lose his memory of the events that occurred during a mission. All information puts him at fault for the crash, resurrecting old memories he'd rather not look back on. Sequel to "Test of Faith." Rated PG.
Inheritance The P/T Collective Voyager discovers they are being trailed by a Klingon bird-of-prey, the Gin'tak! Janeway forces the Gin'tak to decloak and the crew becomes aquainted with the Gin'tak's senior officers, some of whom seem most un-trustworthy. Tom gives B'Elanna a family heirloom, but she is reluctant to keep it, and feelings between the lieutenants become strained. A handsome Klingon officer intrigued with B'Elanna steps in. Is he hoping to bridge the gap? Or widen it? Will he be succesful before the Klingons take over the ship? Rated PG-13.
Whither Are They Vanished? The P/T Collective Set after "The Gift." Upon encountering an enormous and mysterious nebula,Voyager is turned into a ghost ship, as strange apparitions haunt the crew. Rated PG.
The Judgement of Karis The P/T Collective Voyager finds itself in the middle of two warring societies. Janeway sends Tom Paris and Harry Kim on a diplomatic mission and they return with a very unexpected passenger. Can Captain Janeway figure out a way to deal with their guest before Torres takes matters into her own hands? Rated PG.
With Murderous Intent The P/T Collective Set at the end of season four. A deadly virus sweeps Voyager and a murderer takes advantage of the chaos. Rated PG.
Kathryn Janeway's Flying Circus P/T Collective Set before "Night." Voyager hits a vast area of empty space and the captain decides the crew needs a little entertainment. Rated PG

Stories Outside the Cracks In The Wall Series

Echo of a Nightmare The P/T Collective An alternate story ("Flight of Memory") to what occurred after a shuttle crash causes Paris to lose his memory. Events leading up to and during the investigation are much different, however, causing the final outcome to be just as distinct. Rated PG.
Mind Games The P/T Collective B'Elanna overhears a conversation regarding Tuvok's and Paris' recent adventure in 1996 Los Angeles. What she hears is more than a little irksome, so she decides to seek a little care-free revenge. Rated PG.
Poised The P/T Collective Art Sessions between Kes, B'Elanna and Tom bring the latter two closer together. Rated PG.
Plasma Chills The P/T Collective The doctor wishes he had a revolving door as what starts as a cold with the Chief Engineer becomes a series of accidents, assaults and mishaps centering around Lieutenants Torres and Paris. Rated PG.
Women Warriors
at the River of Blood
The P/T Collective Tom, thinking to learn a little more about what makes B'Elanna tick, picks up Women Warriors At The River of Blood and is plunged into the fictional lives of Rorg and M'nea, soldiers of the Empire and star-crossed lovers, Klingon-style. Rated PG-13.
Qumulative Chaos P/T Collective Q arrives on Voyager bringing another unexpected guest! How will Our Favorite Lieutenants manage to baby-sit a baby Q? Set after "Extreme Risk" but before "Thiry Days." Rated G
Sworn Enemies P/T Collective B'Elanna introduces Tom to one of the great romances of all time: The rocky romance of stranded Starfleet Commander Jake Coleman, and fiery Klingon junior tactical officer M'Leyva. Rated PG.

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