Trek Resources For Writers

Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks
Sister Site of the PTCA. Crew roster, character and actor bios, maps, duty shifts, rank and insignia for Starfleet and Maquis, history of the Maquis, and more.

The Bajoran Central Archives
Need to know about the foods/drinks/mating rituals/politics of the Alpha Quadrant for a story you're working on? Always wondered what the difference is between a Bajoran betrothal bracelet and Bajoran pledge bracelet? This is the place for you.

The Klingon Language Institute
For when you need just the right word...

Delta Blues—Doin' Time At Sandrine's Bar
Jim Wright's transcripts and reviews are an indispensible resource for writers who need to know quickly exactly what was said to whom when in which episode. And what's more, they include a healthy dose of humour. Highly recommended.

The Daystrom Institute of Technology
An incredible bounty of information—a must-see site for all writers.

The Daystrom Institute Technical Library
An excellent overview of the races, planets, ships, and technology of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

LCARS Federation Database
Yet another resource.

Holodeck 3
Okay, not so much a reference as just a damn cool site.

The Coffee Nebula
Any writer who has ever needed to know a) how many shuttles Voyager has left, b) how to finish the sentence "I'm a doctor, not a..." or c) who eats what when from Neelix' kitchen, head on over.

Rollcall: The Minor Crewmembers of Voyager
Need to know which Delaney scared Harry so bad he took a holographic dip? Wondered where Joe Carey's been for the last two years? This is the place for you.

Fan Club Sites
MAJC: The Official Josh Clark Fan Club Page

Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres Sites

Paris Philes
Paris Nights
The Parisites' Web Page
Roxann Dawson
Steve's Roxann Dawson Page

Fan Fiction Links

Star Trek: Voyager Virtual Season 8
Yahoo! Star Trek Fan Fiction Index
Alt.Startrek.Creative Archive Index
Fanfic Resources
Fan Fiction on the Net
Truth In Feedback
The Guide to Star Trek Fan Fiction On the Web
Best of Trek Fanfic
Fan Fiction of the Coffee Nebula
The J&J Fanfic Archive
Recommended Paris & Torres Reading
The Warp Core

Star Trek: Voyager Links

Cinescape's Star Trek: Voyager page
The USS Voyager
Vidiot's Star Trek: Voyager Web Pages
Project: Voyager's Star Trek: Voyager Page
Musings From the Comfy Chair
Trekkin' Through the Delta Quadrant

P/T Pages

P/T Fan Webring
PT Fever
PT Dreams
The KRET RATS P/T Home Page
A Li'l Piece of Paris & Torres Heaven
To The Moon and Back
JoAnna's Star Trek: Voyager and P/T Page
Cheile's Paris & Torres page
Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres in the UK
The P/T Fanfic Index
PT Sensuality

Other Star Trek Relationship Pages

The Star Trek Relationshipper's Station
The Official JetC Webpage
The BONC Homepage
The Julian and Jadzia Love League
The Colonel and the Constable
KTH Main Terminal
Seventh Heaven: The Kim and Seven Page
The CroW's Nest
The Star Trek Relationships Page
Peace Rose

Star Trek Pages

The Boston Star Trek Association

P/T Collective Homepages

The Collective Net Port
Khan's Place in the Universe
The Gentleman Pirate's Cave
Dangermom's Homepage
my (ljc's) little corner
Why Don't They Look?
La-la Land
Marianella's Voyager Fiction Page
Neetz' Pages - Central Control
Meandering with Jamelia in the Delta Quadrant
LtJBP's Home Page

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