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Have a fave Cordy fan-written short story, novella, or novel that you'd like to share? Let us know! Stories will be added to the appropriate Scribes pages.

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Type of fiction:

Please write a synopsis of 50 words or less, including the story's MPAA-style rating (PG, PG-13, NC-17), when during the series the story is set (ie. before "To Shanshu In L.A", or "During sophmore year at Sunnydale High", etc.) and what story or stories it is a sequel/prequel to, if applicable.

Example of a correct synopsis:

    Example of a correct synopsis:

      Set after "Hero". Cordelia and Angel visit the Oracles to try and get Doyle back. Sequel to "My First Story"

    Example of an incorrect synopsis:
      I wrote this story after listening to my fave song from my fave movie for the millionth time. It is a seven hankie story! I mean it!

    DO NOT include the following in your synopsis:

    • Any kind of "hanky" rating. It's juvenile, and more importantly, it dictates to the reader what emotions they are meant to be feeling while reading the story. If you have written a good story, you should not have to TELL the reader they will cry. Either they will, or they will not.
    • Please do not note if it is any kind of challenge other than an "Queen C Scribes Challenge" story.
    • Any kind of "character death" warning. Try surprising your readers. If you do feel it necessary to contain a warning (for example, if it is an NC-17 story due to rape, incest, gore, or extreme violence that a reader may find disturbing) then put a disclaimer at the top of the story. However, the MPAA rating should be sufficient to warn younger readers away from adult stories.


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