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About the Scribes
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About the Scribes

The Queen C Scribes was originally created by its founder Melissa Flores with one intention: linking together, and bringing together, as much Cordelia Chase-centered fan fiction and as many Cordelia authors together as possible. This website is a collaboration of webmasters, websites, and authors who all have one intention in mind: forming a support group and getting together all the great Cordy fic in one stop so any Cordelia fan can easily access it.

Although any fan fiction site is welcome and encouraged to join our webring, Official Scribes Affiliates are common in the fact that they are devoted to high-quality Cordelia fan fiction. Affiliate status must be requested, and once granted, the Affiliate site becomes part of the Queen C Scribes family.

We hope to make this your one stop source for all types of Cordy-centric written works, regardless of genre, length, or rating.


Joining the Scribes

The Queen C Scribes has a number of associated sites, which proudly bear our banner or buttons saying they are affiliated with us. If you are interested in becoming one of these sites, please read the following carefully :

Associated sites are divided into three categoriesL Official Scribes Affiliates, Honorary Affiliates and Linked Sites.

Honorary Affiliate sites are reserved for the "first" Official Scribes sites, as a dedication to when this place began, but any site is welcome to apply to become a new Official Scribes affiliates, or may request a simple link.

Becoming an Affiliate Site:

In order to become and Affiliate site, you must meet these three criteria:

1: You must update monthly except for extenuating circumstances. If your site is NOT updated monthly, you will recieve a warning, after which you will then have one month to update the site. If there is NOT an update, you will be moved to "link" status. If there are problems that you cannot control, you must contact us.

2. You must join the Queen C Scribes webring before you apply for membership, this is to ensure that you are serious about joining the Scribes.

3. The site that is applying for admission must include at least five Cordelia centered fiction pieces. They can be any couple of Genre, but they must be significantly Cordy.

  • NC-17 or slash is acceptable but those affiliates will be listed separately under a disclaimer.

  • Any site that does not meet the criteria will be sent a warning, given a month to update, and then they are moved to a list of honorary affiliates, or linked sites.

  • The first two tiers will receive buttons, linked sites will not.

  • The Official Scribes Affiliates are not limited to one per category. There can be as many Official Scribes Affiliates as qualify, and keep qualifying.
  • If you feel your site meets the above criteria, then fill out the Official Scribe Application.

    Contacting the Scribes

    The Queen C Scribes was originally a website run by a core team. However, due to time constraints on the part of the team, the website is now maintained by the current webmaster, LJC.

    The Original Queen C Scribes Core Team Members:

    Melissa Flores: Founder and Site Designer
    Ellen: Core Team Member and Co-Webmaster
    SealedNFate: Core Team Member and Co-Webmaster
    Kylia: Core Team Member and Co-Webmaster
    Messina : Core Team Member and Co-Webmaster
    Nickle : Core Team Member and Co-Webmaster

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