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Have a fave Cordy fan-written short story, novella, or novel that you'd like to share? Let us know! Recs will be added to this page, and links will be added to the appropriate Scribes pages as well. Please do not recommend an entire website, or provide a story recommendation without a link.

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recommended fiction

Cordy Gen Fiction
Title Author Rec'd by Why You Should Read It
Chaos Theory FayJay Little Willow Wonderful stand alone piece. Excellent grasp of character. Great summary of the things gone bad for Cordelia over the past few years, and her struggle to overcome these issues. Butterfly flaps its wings. . .
Summary: Set in Angel Season 1. Cordelia ponders when things started to go wrong for her.
The Reason Why Wravyn Antoinette It's really a pity that Wravyn seems to have disappeared from the Fanfic scene, because she really has an excellent grasp of Cordy's psyche. I've read other In Her Head type stories before, but this one stands out in my memory because of the justification she gives for her personality, all very valid, all very true.
Summary: An early Buffy-show Cordelia examines her personality, and explains why she is the way she is.
Splinter Yahtzee and Rheanna LJC In a lot of ways, this story turns on Cordy's relationship with her Angel Investigations cohorts, as well as her new-found friendship with Fred who has only just joined the gang. I won't reveal all the twists and turns, but I will say that Yahtzee and Ruth have Cordy in fine form, and this story is a must-read for all Cordy fans.
Summary: Set during There's No Place Like... The gang's trip back from Pylea takes a detour into a terrifying world on the brink of annihilation seemingly at the hands of Angelus. And the group's new-found togetherness is put to the test as old fears, hurts, and issues rear their ugly heads.
The Price of the Wish Robert darklight It's one of a couple of fics I give feedback and can't wait to see what will happen next. Also created much more powerful evil.
Summary: Cordelia thinks before she wishes, and makes everyone's life even more interesting.
The Dreams Begin Meridian Misty Flores I just love this story. How the author can stay so true to Buffyverse or Stephen King astounds me, but just a beautiful depiction of the world gone awry, and the two most unlikely people in the world left behind - and on different paths.
Summary: A government plague escapes, killing off 99.9% of the world's population. If you've read "The Stand", or seen the movie, this will make sense. If you haven't, it'll still make sense.
A Tiny Flickering of Hope Wravyn Antoinette It's a beautifully written vignette that gives us a very good idea of what Cordy's life was like before she was lucky enough to stumble into Angel at the party. I love how it occurs RIGHT before said party, and the foreshadowing wordplay on how a dark, handome man would come was very nicely done.
Summary: It's a pre-Season 1 vignette on Cordelia's less than inspiring life as a failing actress...that takes place right before the first episode of Angel.
Cordy Slash Fiction
Title Author Rec'd by Why You Should Read It
Heat Jennifer Oksana Laine It's incredible. I love most of Jennifer Oksana's stuff, but this is a really good Buffy/Cordelia piece - and I don't even like Buffy/Cordelia.
Summary: Riding in cars with girls. Rated NC-17
Let That Lonesome Whistle Harper Misty Flores Wow. I mean, wow. Never being one for slash, I read this and was completely blown away. Harper treats Faith and Cordelia to a romance that is so believable and so intense, never faulting on characterization and never giving les>>.s than the best. Faith and Cordy are so deliciously human, their faults and their personalities are shown honestly, and they still become heros, stumbling through affection that's so foreign to them both. A must read.
Summary: Some revelations are in store when Faith gets a new cellmate. Rated NC-17
Title Author Rec'd by Why You Should Read It
Amity I: Confession Vanessa Nichols Prima It's a tad maudlin but there is something about the imagery (fading bubbles, swirling steam) coupled with Angel's dialogue and Cordelia's thoughts that works so well here. Heady stuff.
Summary: Angel's tired...
As Time Goes By Yahtzee LJC First of all, it's brilliant. Secondly, it's incredible true to all the Buffy and Angel characters, it's wickedly clever, and will make you laugh and cry and it may not change your life, but you'll never look at Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund the same way every again. That's a promise.
Summary: Set 6 years in the future, after the epic battle and Angel's Shanshu, the war continues to be waged, but on different terms. And everybody comes to the Hyperion.
Kathy P. Yahtzee is an excellent writer, but as her focus has been B/A (though not traditionally 'shippy) she hasn't done a great deal of Cordy-centric fiction. She does, however have a wonderful gift for characterisation, and her Cordy is fascinating, complex, flawed and heroic (often all at the same time). I love Cordy/Angel, and Yahtzee has written as fine a C/A love scene as I have ever read (and they never even kiss)! She also had me in tears for about 20 minutes as I read the final chapters. Moving, affectionate, witty, and intelligent.
The Beyond Reach Trilogy Christie Misty Flores Christie deals with the Curse and the C/A relationship in a heartbreakingly realistic way - painting a portrait of a relationship that's too close for comfort, and too needed to be without. Just... beautiful.
Summary: When Cordelia spends an evening with Wesley, he opens her eyes to a whole world of possibilities.
Catharsis BJ Carlson Julia BJ has an amazing insight into the relationship/friendship between Angel and Cordelia. Her characterizations are spot on, and done with so much care and love for the characters. An astonishing look into both their hidden depths.
Summary: What you see, is rarely all there is.
The Darkest Glimpse
of Light
Melissa Flores Stef Melissa is a stunning writer, who is able to convey great emotions and insights from each and every character, and still remain true to the show. Her Cordelia is a work of art, troubled by what's inevitable, but also displaying a brave and confident side. This story left me in tears, delivering a good share of angst, but leaving me wanting to know more. This is definitely required Cordy fiction.
Summary: In bitter irony, Cordelia begins to face death, just as Angel begins to truly live.
Hungry Eyes Melissa Flores
Summary: When Angel Investigations investigate a murder at a local strip joint, one of the crew gets a little more undercover than they bargained for.
Into the Past Anne Tiffany This is very well written and keeps the continuity flowing very well. Sometimes when people write fics where people go in the past, there are continuity problems. Not so here.
Summary: A new prophesy involving Angel surfaces--What lengths are Wolfram and Hart willing to go to in order to insure that it comes true?
Peek-a-Boo Wravyn Antoinette One of the earlier pieces of C/A, before the couple, or for that matter, the show, was established. This is a sweet look on the domestic life of our now-favorite pair...the image of Cordy eyeing Angel in the tub is just too delicious.
Summary: An adorable little piece on Cordelia catching Angel in the tub.
The Sacrifice Andrea Camille This story is just so powerful and extremely well written. Andrea's originality and her way of conveying the emotions are just superb. I was enthralled in this story like I've never been in another story before. It's very emotional, very real and probably one of the best stories I've read over at Stranger Things.
Summary: Cordelia has not seen her family since moving to LA, but when her young cousin is found unconscious on the doorstep of the Hyperion, carrying a painful secret and and a life threatening mission, Cordelia and Angel's lives will take a very unexpected turn and will never be the same... ever.
Seasons Of The Soul Series Elektra Julia Elektra is a magnificent talent. Her imagery and prose are something to be admired. She truly understands the Angel and Cordy relationship. She knows these characters. Her writing is almost poetic. A stunning, haunting series.
Summary: synopsis missing. Rated NC-17
Sitting in the Back Row Florrie Misty Flores Quite simply, Florrie manages to take everything I like about C/A and put it together in a fic that makes me almost cry with it's beautiful simplicity. Complicated issues all boiled down to one deceptively simple conclusion.
Summary: Angel and Cordelia go to the movies.
A Soul for Angelus Anne Tiffany This story shows that Cordelia is a strong person and can stand up for herself, even around Angelus.
Summary: Darla realizes that Cordelia is the key to Angel's downfall. How far will she go to bring her boy back? Rated NC-17
It's a Woman Thing Anne Tiffany It is really funny. It shows that Cordy can, indeed, still wrap guys around her little finger.
Summary: Uh oh, Cordelia's mad at Angel. With the help of Wes, Gunn, and an article from a woman's magazine, will Angel be able to fix things? Pure fluff.
Family Anne Tiffany It is an excellently written story with a well thought-out storyline. It was one of the first "Vamp Cordy" fics that I've ever read.
Summary: Darla and Dru want to bring Angelus home to them. Will the new addition to their 'family' be just the thing to get him back? Rated NC-17
When Slayers Fall Saber Shadow Kitten Tiffany This story contains Buffy/Spike and Faith/Xander and is still well written. This shows that Cordelia is not a helpless little girl.
Summary: A minion of a powerful master vampire wants revenge on Angel, so Buffy & co. head to LA to help him. Rated NC-17
Now Onto the Present Anne Tiffany Anne's characterization of both characters remains excellent.
Summary: Sequel to "Into the Past'. Lilah and Jeremy have a new plan in store for Angel and Cordelia. Rated NC-17
The Law of Possession Melissa Flores Julia Quite simply, Melissa is still the Queen of C/A fic. She also writes a brilliant Cordelia. She masterfully balances the pros and cons of the character, without choking on "Saint Cordy", "Victim Cordy" or "Martyr Cordy". This is a very touching, subtle yet powerful piece of writing.
Summary: Cordelia contemplates on the epiphany in her own life.
Here Comes the Rain Again Florrie Jennifer C Florrie beautifully captures the delicacy and pain of the C/A relationship in this short story from the Brief Conversations series. If you don't want sugar-coated solutions to your C/A fantasies, then spend some time with Florrie.
Summary: A contemplation piece, plus some discussion on the weather.
Into that Good Night Chrystler sidera In the author's note, Chrystler says, "Into That Good Night' was conceived as a love story without the romance. It was supposed to be an exploration of the power of love between friends. Therefore in my mind it is not a C/A story as much as a C and A story (to me, there's a world of difference)." She succeeds in doing this amazingingly, and the way that Chrystler focuses on the C/A connection based on friendship really captures the intertwined way Cordy and Angel know the ins and outs of each other's characters.
Summary: Cordelia is ready to go gently. Others aren't ready to let her.Spoilers up to 'Billy' and based upon spoilers and speculation for 'Birthday'.
Title Author Rec'd by Why You Should Read It
Cats and Kiddie League Andi Antoinette Andi is the mistress of vignettes, I must say. She manages in a few short paragraph to convey a story, a precious memory that shows how the ties of the Scoobies went far beyond the Buffy years. This story is just so sweet, you can't help but smile.
Summary: A short vignette in set in the park. The gang reminisces on the good ole days.
Killing Time Andi Antoinette I'd recommend this story simply on the fact that they remember their old pal Jesse, who has been sadly relocated into the Halls of the Unknown in Buffyverse. But honestly, this fic is a heartbreakingly simple little story that portrays a Xander and Cordy that I truly wish could have stayed together. The last paragraph alone sent me searching for a box of tissue.
Summary: The missing scene (if only Joss had seen this) from Killed By Death, when Cordy brings Xander donuts, and they sit, and they talk...
in Your Arms
Jennifer Oksana Laine It's sweet and nostalgic without being annoying.
Summary: Cordelia and Xander dance.
Cewitched, Cothered, and Cewildered JeffW Tiffany This is an excellent piece showing that even when she was Queen C, Cordy did feel bad about things. This story is a companion piece to Xewitched, Xothered, and Xewildered
Summary: Cordelia's thoughts during the episode "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered."
Best Intentions Andrea Tiffany A Cordy growth piece that is intertwined with a Cordy/Xander piece.
Summary: A spark of mistrust and chance causes Cordelia to come to a lifeshattering descision, that leads her to a life in which she has everything, but the love she needs. Years later, she attempts to come to terms with what she's done and pick up the shards of her life, but it may already be too late.
Dark Reflection Nick Midian Misty Flores Nick Midian has constructed an entire universe with an original premise that I don't think I've ever seen taken before this. Just beautifully written, every character dealt with- and Cordelia? Man. Couldn't be any truer to character.
Summary: In the year 2002, a very changed Xander comes back to Sunnydale, and he's not alone. How will his old friends react? What are the secrets that he keeps?
The Day That Laughter Faded Andrea Tiffany This story shows how strong Cordy's will is and that she can be a little Energizer Bunny when she wants something bad enough.
Summary: Buffy gives up happiness to a demon and as a result, Xander is torn from his friends, and Cordelia must deal with the loss.
Title Author Rec'd by Why You Should Read It
Conversation Piece RG Hill Misty Flores This dialogue fic is so funny and in character you don't need action to know what's going on - everything is vibrant and funny in itself.
Summary: So what do you talk about when there's nothing to talk about?
Gilesean Vibrations Kim Wylie Misty Flores I don't think I've ever loved a fic as much as I love this series. Kim takes an unconventional pairing, makes it loving, intense, and so completely in character. No one is without fault here, and no one isn't a hero. When two of the most understated people in the world come together- this is how it should be.
Summary: Starting with Popsicles & Stitches: Giles has been hit on the head but the worst pain is Cordelia’s insistence on accompanying him to the hospital. Rated NC-17

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