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Submit your fan fiction!

The Meaning of Roses by Lady Raven
This is set about five years in the future (hopefully the second movie!), and after Angel leaves LA and comes home to Sunnydale (and Buffy!) where he belongs. This story expresses my hope for Angel and Cordy's relationship.

Enough by Rachel
Cordy's insight after Willow's tragic news of Buffy’s death.

It's Not Possible by Rachel
Cordy insight into Angel's attractiveness

Kissing, Mmm Kissing by Rachel
Just what the title says. You don't have to be a rocket scientist, or an educated Watcher, to get that one.

R & R by Rachel
Angel pisses off Wesley and Gunn when he spends all his time obsessing over getting Cordelia the perfect gift.

The Windmills of Your Mind by Kath
Like a door that keeps revolving in a half forgotten dream... A spectre of a past dream comes back to haunt Angel, perhaps revealing something of the future.

Growing Up by Rebecca Scharlach
Set sometime during season 3. Cordy's POV about Angel and her life. Rated G

She Knows by Rebecca Scharlach
Set sometime during season 3 after Waiting in the Wings. It's Angel's POV about Cordy, Buffy, and his life thus far.

Thinking by Rebecca Scharlach
Cordy and Angel's POVs after Waiting In The Wings. Rated PG-13

And Now I Never Will by Rebecca Scharlach
This story is set after Tomorrow. It contains spoilers. It is Angel's POV about Cordy and Connor. I am assuming Fred and Gunn have found him already. Rated PG-13

I Was In Your Arms by Rebecca Scharlach
This story is set after Waiting In the Wings. It's Cordy/Angel's POVs. Rated PG-13

The Beyond Reach Trilogy by Christie
When Cordelia spends an evening with Wesley, he opens her eyes to a whole world of possibilities.

Catharsis by BJ Carlson
What you see, is rarely all there is.

The Darkest Glimpse of Light by Melissa Flores
In bitter irony, Cordelia begins to face death, just as Angel begins to truly live.

As Time Goes By by Yahtzee
Set 6 years in the future, after the epic battle and Angel's shanshu, the war continues to be waged, but on different terms. And everybody comes to the Hyperion.

Hungry Eyes by Melissa Flores
When Angel Investigations investigate a murder at a local strip joint, one of the crew gets a little more undercover than they bargained for.

Into the Past by Anne
A new prophesy involving Angel surfaces--What lengths are Wolfram and Hart willing to go to in order to insure that it comes true?

The Sacrifice by Andrea
Cordelia has not seen her family since moving to LA, but when her young cousin is found unconscious on the doorstep of the Hyperion, carrying a painful secret and and a life threatening mission, Cordelia and Angel's lives will take a very unexpected turn and will never be the same... ever.

Sitting in the Back Row by Florrie
Angel and Cordelia go to the movies.

A Soul for Angelus by Anne
Darla realizes that Cordelia is the key to Angel's downfall. How far will she go to bring her boy back? Rated NC-17

It's a Woman Thing by Anne
Uh oh, Cordelia's mad at Angel. With the help of Wes, Gunn, and an article from a woman's magazine, will Angel be able to fix things? Pure fluff.

Family by Anne
Darla and Dru want to bring Angelus home to them. Will the new addition to their 'family' be just the thing to get him back? Rated NC-17

When Slayers Fall by Saber Shadow Kitten
A minion of a powerful master vampire want's revenge on Angel, so Buffy & co. head to LA to help him. Rated NC-17

Now Onto the Present by Anne
Sequel to "Into the Past'. Lilah and Jeremy have a new plan in store for Angel and Cordelia. Rated NC-17

The Law of Possession by Melissa Flores
Cordelia contemplates on the epiphany in her own life.

Here Comes the Rain Again by Florrie
A contemplation piece, plus some discussion on the weather.

Into that Good Night by Chrystler
Cordelia is ready to go gently. Others aren't ready to let her.Spoilers up to 'Billy' and based upon spoilers and speculation for 'Birthday'.

Seasons Of The Soul Series by Elektra
synopsis missing. Rated NC-17

Peek-a-Boo by Wravyn
An adorable little piece on Cordelia catching Angel in the tub.

Amity I: Confession by Vanessa Nichols
Angel's tired... Rated PG

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