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This page last updated: August 8th, 2000
08/09/2000 - The Queen C Scribes is pleased to announce we have two new core team members, Messina of The Nutella Jar, You Look Smashing, and Happy Fun Time fame, and Nickle, of Decaf Land.

Also, if you haven't taken a peek, we've got some new affiliates. Please make sure to make them feel welcome. ;-)


07/07/2000  - Hi all, this here is Melissa Flores, just a warning. This page may not be updated all that often, mostly because there are now four people who are updating the sites at different times. This means of course, we might not all have time to GET to the update page. ;-)

As for MY part, I've added another couple images to the Queen C Scribes webring page, one done by me, another done by Tara O'Shea for her Cordelia Fan Fiction page. It's quite faboo.

I've also added some beta readers. A reminder to all recommenders for stories: make sure the stories are on a Scribes site, (and we're starting to get applications now. woohoo!) and please, don't recommend your own fiction. Ask someone else to do it for you. If the story is not ON a Scribes site, as the site master to join. We'd love to have more members.


~Melissa Flores

06-20-2000 - The Scribes is now under new management... sort of. ;-)  Melissa is still around, she's taking care of all the design aspects, but the updating, and other things are now going to be taken care of by the team. Please make them feel welcome, and welcome to an all new scribes!

the rules have changed. Please make sure to look them over.

    The whole site is getting  a facelift, in preperation for the *new* Scribes, which will be bigger, better, and run by more than me. :-)  So be carefull as you wander around, avoid the dust,and just generally hang out. :-) have fun, and have patience with us as we crawl around. :-)


Added some recommendations, story ideas, beta readers, and so forth. Joined the C/A C/S site masters alliance, and stuff like that. <g>

  Got rid of the mouseovers, too much trouble, and the coding is a pain.
  Life Lessons are finally up. Woo hoo!
  Updated a few links

    those of you who know me know the Queen C Scribes is my baby. I love this site, and I put my heart and soul into it, however, I really don't have the time to keep it up. But no worries, I'm in negotiations with a couple of other webmasters so they can take over here and keep this place a cool place for any Cordy fan.
    I'm going to make sure they keep the soul of the Queen C Scribes alive, and the flavor will be the same. <g> I love you guys!

    This isn't going to happen for a week or so, I still need to play a bit with the site to get it all nice and trim, but I"m just letting everyone know now. <g>



Well lo and behold, the javascript works! <g> added the guestbook. I'm going to Vegas for the weekend, but when i get back I'll link up the life lessons and the new links, okay?

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