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West of October
by slodwick
Summary: Heaven is his. Rated R (Het)
Why You Should Read It: Between Trifles Light as Air and Otherwise and this, slod is bound and determined into turning me into a Chloe/Jimmy Olsen Shipper. And she's pretty much succeeding, may I add. Like Wendi's marvelous Chloe/Flash fic, this is for all of us who think Chloe deserves better than Clark and other various and sundry homicidal mutants. Lovely fluffy romance, and just what I needed.

Coming to Town
by ingrid
Summary: A collision, a wish and a tiny Christmas miracle. Rated PG (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: Dude... it's Santa! In a way that works, it really does. You have to believe me. Just a lovely little bit of holiday fluff that made me smile like a freak for about 12 hours after reading it, just because...

by slodwick
Summary: Chloe needs him. Rated PG (Gen/Het)
Why You Should Read It: I am the biggest Gabe Sullivan junkie on the planet. I mean that sincerely. I love Gabe. Adore him. Even though we've only seen him in, what, 5 episodes total? Don't care. He lives a very full life in my imagination, and I'm just taking the gorgeous bittersweet little scene slod has shown as as part of my personal Gabe canon. This little snippet just felt utterly true for me, and does a lovely job of capturing exactly what I can only imagine the loss of a spouse feels like for a father. It's the mundane details that resonate for me.

Gabe Sullivan Versus Waffles
by Molly
Summary: Gabe Sullivan's life had caved in three hours ago. He'd stopped trying to make sense of it, channeling all his anger and frustration into mixing waffle batter, instead. Rated PG (Gen/Het)
Why You Should Read It: Another lovely little look at how the Sullivan clan survived Chloe's mother leaving, with the focus squarely on Gabe. The father/daughter relationship between Gabe and Chloe is probably, next to the Kents, the most functional and loving parental portrayal on the show--at least, in my head it is, anyway. And it may not have the pathos or angst of the Luthors or, at times, the Kents. But it's just one of my fave relationships that gets explored more in fan fiction than on the actual series and Molly did a lovely job with this.

Veritas Vincit
by Hope
Summary: You can find the truth on accident. Rated PG-13 (Gen/Het)
Why You Should Read It: Your reasons for recommending this story: Just wonderful characterisation of both Chloe and Lex. I could completely see this entire story happening. It felt completely natural. Also, Hope laced it liberally with a light touch of humour (the bit with "she needed mauve, and Shalimar and... a boost up, because she was trying to take the screen out of the front window." just KILLED me dead.) that just made me giggle.

by Ingrid Matthews
Summary: Lex notices something about Martha Kent. Rated PG-13 (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: Gorgeous little story, with spot on characterisation of Lex and Lionel.

One For The Road
by Molly
Summary: Smallville has a few surprises left for Lana. Rated R (Het)
Why You Should Read It: I usually have a hard time wrapping my brain around this pairing, but Molly created an utterly perfect and believeable scenario chock full of excellent characterisation of both Lex and Lana. A real treat.

by Sarah T.
Summary: Jonathan may or may not build fences. Rated G (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: Really gorgeous characisation of Jonathan, and Sarah just nails the Luthor family dynamic.

The Path She Takes
by wookie
Summary: The road stretched ahead of her like a promise. Like an escape.
Why You Should Read It: For one thing, the universe is short on excellent Nell fic, and that alone made me bounce with joy. For another, Wookie perfectly captures the panic of someone who is being crushed beneath the weight of her responsibilities, while still grieving. Just a lovely little story.

My Friend the Gay Mutant Alien, by Pete Ross
by jacquez h. valentine
Summary: I am Pete Ross, cool guy. This is my gay mutant alien friend, Clark. Welcome to my world. Rated PG (Slash)
Why You Should Read It: Hysterical little ficlet, with spot-on Pete characterisation and voice that gave me the giggles for a good 20 minutes. Very fun and very apt.

This Year's Love: A Heap of Broken Images
by zahra
Summary: A year in the life. Rated PG (Slash)
Why You Should Read It: Really lovely little snippets of truth, and great overview of Lex and his relationship with Clark, not to mention Lex's relationship with the town, his own self-esteem, and dead old Dad.

by paperbkryter
Summary: Post Vortex, Martha helps Lex cope. Rated G (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: A lovely glimpse of Martha Clark Kent, what kind of woman she is, what kind of wife she is, and how that helps her to see what no one else can and do what no one else does. Just a very real moment, captured and put down by one of my fave authors elegantly and with grace.

Raze Out Troubles Written
by Ingrid Matthews
Summary: Post-Vortex. Lionel comes home from the hospital. Lex deals. Rated PG-13 (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: Excellent father-son dynamic, and actually makes me feel for the MB. Also some excellent insights into Lex, and how "Vortex" changed him.

The Autumn People
by jenn
Summary: Not all roads lead back to Clark. Even when they do. Rated NC-17 (Het)
Why You Should Read It: Love how much Chloe and Lex have in common. Love the differences and how Chloe's obsessed with them in a "Please give me more self-esteem, I seem to have missed a round" way. Love the little details of the restaurant, and love how jenn worked in all the shared history deftly. Just all around nifty.

Elvis Loves E.T.
by paperbkryter
Summary: Clark and Chloe go to the movies. Rated G (Het)
Why You Should Read It: Love Clark's reaction to the movie, and what it means to him. Just great banter between Chloe and Clark, and sweet and sappy and just... pure fluff. Great little pick-me-up.

by Hope
Summary: Sometimes the rules change in the middle of the game. Rated NC-17 (Het)
Why You Should Read It: Ha) it's sexy as hell, b) it's Chlex I can completely believe in and c) it doesn't whitewash either character, nor is it angst and dark for the sake of being angsty and dark. Excellent read all around.

The Art of Laughter
by paperbkryter
Summary: Clark is flunking art, and Lana volunteers to help him. Rated G (Het)
Why You Should Read It: Paper is probably the only author I've read thus far that can write Clana that doesn't make me want to kill someone, and she does a great job of writing the kids as, well, kids. Lovely, sweet without being saccharine, this story gives me just a big ole smile. Great handle on Clark, in all his doofy 16 year old glory.

Nowhere Fast
by Lint
Summary: Going the distance. Rated PG-13 (Het)
Why You Should Read It: Excellent Chloe POV, and very nice atmospheric setting. Lint does a great job painting a picture with words, and I really enjoy his take on both Chloe, and her relationship (or lack thereof) with Clark.

Those Mean 'Ol Low Down Lando Calrissian Blues
by Yahtzee
Summary: "Okay, on the off chance that I've misheard you, that perhaps there is a merciful God and my cold medication is just creating auditory hallucinations, let me repeat -- You're saying that Crackpots Day is only a cover for the clandestine supernatural and paranormal activities of the government?" Rated PG-13 (Slash)
Why You Should Read It: Oh dear God in heaven, I can't believe I left this story off my recs. Believe me, it was entirely unintentional, as this is imply the funniest and most clever crossovers I've ever read in my life. Not to mention, a dead-on parody which really tackles the realities of how neglected black tertiary characters on TV should bond together, and stand up for themselves.

by nerodi
Summary: She had always wanted a son. Rated PG-13 (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: Haunting portraits of three mothers, their relationships with their sons, and abandonment. Packs a whallop.

by Hope
Summary: That year when you know everything and nothing. Rated R (Slash/Het)
Why You Should Read It: Hope's Lionel is 100% spot on--in terms of voice, in terms of actions, I bought this completely. Love the juxtaposition of the boys, and how 16 changed them (or made them realise who they actually were). Also loved the Nell--dammit, I've been dying for Nell fic, and this little tiny bit of Nell/Lionel made my day. Very in character for both of them. Also loved Clark's 16 year old observations about Chloe, and "solitude." Just an excellent character study, start to finish.

The Sweet Smell of Air
by slodwick
Summary: Marble floors, silent halls, broken hearts. Rated G (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: Excellent, sweet and heartbreaking look at how Lillian's death affected her family.

Flying Lessons
by paperbkryter
Summary: Chloe teaches Clark how to fly. Rated R (Het)
Why You Should Read It: One of the best Chlarky future-fics I have seen, in terms of balancing romance with great character development and plot. It's sexy and sweet without being sugary and cloying, and realistically sad without being operatic and weepy. And it has one of the better fannish explanations for Clark's gift of flight that I've read.

by ingrid
Summary: Old game, new moves. Rated NC-17. (Het)
Why You Should Read It: a) it's sexy as hell, b) it's got fantastic Lex dialogue that is 100% his voice and c) it does a great job with a minor character (Carrie Castle from "Drone")

by Elynross
Summary: In which Lex finds a conscience, and Clark helps him overcome it. Rated NC-17. (Slash)
Why You Should Read It: Elyn has a fantastic grasp of both Clark and Lex's characters, and really takes tremendous care in the way each character's fears are illustrated. The pacing is perfect, and the story is sweet and sexy and really rings true.

The Martinelli Affair
by Linda Seaton
Summary: Chloe and Lex and the challenge that is head trauma in Smallville. Rated PG. (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: This is absolutely 100% delightful. Linda really caught the flavour of both characters--particularly picking up where the verbal judo in "Kinetic" left off. She just nailed the speach patterns of both of them, and I think she's got Chloe in particular down pat. Lovely, lovely work.

by Grail
Summary: Clark is never going to die. Rated R. (Slash)
Why You Should Read It: I spent half an hour, on the sly at work, devouring this. It's a fascinating character study, and one of the best explorations of how Lex becomes Clark's nemesis. I loved the little details of Clark's life in Metropolis, and how each of those details contribute to Grail's characterisation of Clark. The pacing was tight, and the story gave the reader eactly which bits of info the reader needed, when he or she needs them. Excellent future fic, and just heartbreaking precisely because it's a little bit understated, and played close to the vest.

The Outsiders
by paperbkryter
Summary: A "baby Clark" fic. Clark's twelve and feeling a bit alienated. Rated G. (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: I was utterly charmed by this--particularly the skateboard.

by paperbkryter
Summary: The "gang" contemplate their futures. Rated G. (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: I really love the simplicity of this one. Just four friends, hanging out, being kids. They act like real kids, and real people. And that just lovely.

The Randolph Ghost
by paperbkryter. (Gen)
Summary: Clark, Chloe and Pete investigate a haunted house. Rated PG
Why You Should Read It: Very entertaining ghost story! Loved Chloe in particular, and Jonathan's admission that he couldn't spend a night in the haunted house when he was Clark's age either. Very fun stuff, and genuinely creepy at points.

Metropolis Confidential
by Hope
Summary: Clark does a little investigating. Not Rated. (Slash)
Why You Should Read It: As a dyed in the wool hard-boiled detective fiction fan (I'm doleing out Chandler, Hammett, Cain, and Ellroy to myself all year long as a treat), I squealed with delight over it. As pastiches go, this one is top notch, and it's hilarious, yet somehow totally fitting, seeing the SV characters thrown into a noir world.

Bizzaro World
by Lint
Summary: Clark Luthor's life is no picnic. His therapist believes he's delusional, his father wants him to spy on his older brother, and all he wants in the world is to be someone else. Rated R. (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: This story does what a good alternate universe story is meant to: it uses the differences to explore the canonical characters as well as to spin an entertaining tale. The structure, all Clark's POV, is rock solid, the dialogue and pacing spot on, and the romance is sweet without being cloying. Thoroughly enjoyable, and very believeable.

Would You Like Some Java With Your Snark?
by käthe
Summary: Lex/Chloe—conversations over caffeine. Rated PG-13. (Het)
Why You Should Read It: The first and frankly, the only Lex/Chloe I've ever read which I actually find plausible—and that's saying a great deal.

Reasons Unknown
by Perri Smith
Summary: Trapped in a room with Smallville's most eligible bachelor...dream come true or total nightmare? Rated PG. (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: Well-written look at both Chloe and Lex, and posits a very believeable situation which would forge a friendship between the two.

by slodwick
Summary: Set during Crush. Whitney's thoughts on the day of the funeral. Rated G. (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: The little mundane details such as his father's closet still smelling like his aftershave, or how Whitney's suit jacket was too big just make this piece. It's a lovely, quiet piece that just rips you apart with the realities of losing a parent. Of all the "Crush" missing scenes and codas I've read thus far, this one has affected me the most.

by Cyb
Summary: Sort of an alternate-universe meets the "real" universe series. Lex and Clark deal with other realities and other possibilities. Rated R. (Slash)
Why You Should Read It: Cyb has a very strong grasp of both characters, and does some really excellent and subtle things with the Clark/Lex relationship, as well as each character individually. The plot is very well paced, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. There are some very funny moments, as well as some lovely touching ones as well. Really well done all around!

Prophet of Eden
by Destina Fortunato
Summary: Caught between temptations, Lex must make difficult a decision that will impact the future -- with the knowledge that the wrong choice will spell disaster. Rated NC-17. (Slash)
Why You Should Read It: Stunningly fabulously plotted story. Destina has an incredible gift for language, and I really appreciate how she handled the drama without ever tipping over into melodrama, and the moments felt true and sincere, rather than operatic and strained. The author has a great handle on Lex--both in terms of dialogue, and character, and also writes Jonathan very, very well. My only regret was that we never saw Martha or had Lex thinking of his mother--but this was a story about fathers and sons.

The Flood
by paperbkryter
Summary: Clark vs. Mother Nature. Rated PG. (Gen)
Why You Should Read It: I love plot. Plot makes me happy. The pacing was perfect, and the characterisations just were spot on. I particularly loved Martha and Jonathan, but everyone was 100% true to the series, with great added depths. And the author's attention to detail and obvious research really make this piece shine.

by Debchan
Summary: A post "Jitters" interlude--part of a larger story, but enough to stand on its own. Martha and Lex talk. Not Rated. (Slash)
Why You Should Read It: Really marvellous little vignette that really captures Martha Kent, and how she feels about her son's relationship with Lex Luthor.

Past Grief
by Te
Summary: Everything changes. Rated NC-17. (Slash)
Why You Should Read It: Te has a remarkable gift for language and her prose style is unique. She spins a tale of a future for Clark and Lex that's similar to, yet completely different from any version of Superman thus far, but it's strongly grounded in Smallville canon. Her premise is a wonderful Worst Case Scenario drawn out to its logical--and slightly horrific for its plausiblility--conclusion.