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All Borderland fiction or artwork must carry the following notice: "The Bordertown world was created by, and is copyrighted by, Terri Windling. The world, its landmarks and characters are used with her permission only. All rights to Borderland material are reserved by Ms. Windling and the authors of the Borderland books: Borderland, Bordertown, Life on the Border, Elsewhere, Nevernever, and Finder."

No characters from existing Borderland stories may be used without express permission from the authors of those stories. Ms. Windling hereby gives permission for the following characters to be used in noncommerical fan fiction: Farrel Din, Gray, Sammy, Wicker Leaf-and-Tree, Thorn Leaf-and-Tree, Will Hernandez.

The Borderland world may not be used in any commercial venture whatsoever, including any publication or event for which money is charged. Permission to use the world is granted for noncommercial fan fiction, art work and role-playing only.

All dramatic and gaming rights to the Borderland world, characters and stories are strictly reserved by Ms. Windling.

Should Borderland material commercially published or produced by Ms. Windling co-incidentally resemble characters, landmarks or stories created by fan writers and artists, these fan writers and artists will not be entitled to compensation.

Ms. Windling reserves the right to shut down Borderland fan fiction at any time should her lawyer advise her that her rights or the rights of the other commerically published Borderland authors are endangered in any way.

Anyone using the Borderland world for fan fiction, art or role-playing must read, agree to and abide by the provisions outlined herein.

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