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jake 2.0

It's every red-blooded American male's dream to be either a secret agent or a superhero.  In UPN's new action-adventure drama, JAKE 2.0, Jake Foley gets his shot to be both when he is infected by nanites — based on nanotechnology, the real life break-through technology in development that reduces the size of computers to the molecular level.

Jake's day job is providing tech support at the super-secret National Security Agency (NSA), but his dream is to become an NSA secret agent — a dream that surprisingly and disturbingly comes true after a freak accident at the Agency.  When inexplicable things start to happen to Jake, he learns that he was exposed to a liquid containing the top-secret nanites, which are now giving him mind-boggling powers—superhuman strength, lightning-fast speed, heightened hearing, razor sharp vision and the telepathic abilities to communicate with computers.  This development sends shockwaves through several major players at the NSA:  Kyle Duarte, an intense and talented former field agent now working behind a desk; Louise "Lou" Beckett, a powerful senior agent, and Diane Hughes, a research doctor desperate to understand Jake's unlimited powers.

jake 2.0

Presented with the superhuman Jake, a remarkable but untested new asset, the NSA authorizes the creation of a new Special Ops division with him at its core.  Jake realizes his dream has finally come true, but at a price — now he has to straddle two different worlds: the treacherous life of being the world's mightiest secret agent while keeping his new powers hidden from the outside world, including friends, family and the beautiful congressional staffer, Sarah Carter, for whom he secretly pines.

The series stars Christopher Gorham ("Felicity") as Jake Foley, Marina Black ("Six Feet Under") as Sarah Carter, Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Kyle Duarte, Judith Scott ("C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation") as Louise "Lou" Beckett and Keegan Connor Tracy ("Final Destination 2") as Diane Hughes.

 David Greenwalt ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel"), Silvio Horta ("The Chronicle"), Gina Matthews ("What Women Want") and Grant Scharbo ("Deep Core") are the executive producers.  JAKE 2.0 is produced by Roundtable Entertainment in association with Viacom Productions, Inc.

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