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F O R U M   P O S T I N G   G U I D E L I N E S

  • Flaming will not be tolerated in this forum. A flame is a personal attack made in an inflammatory, purposefully ugly or hurtful way. While discussion and even spirited debate is encouraged, posters should treat one another with respect, or risk being banned from the forum.

  • No hotlinking. If you have an image or piece of fan artwork you wish to share, do not "hotlink" or link directly to that image unless it is hosted on your own server. Otherwise, you are stealing bandwidth from the owner of that image.

  • Always credit all news, photos, etc. and provide a link back to the source.

  • All spoilers (i.e. any facts, news, or speculation which may reveal a plot point in an upcoming episode) should go in the spoiler forums! Please, be kind to the masses who may wish to remain unspoiled.

  • Please limit your signature files to 2 lines and 1 graphic only.

  • Please limit your avatars to 60x60 and 100K max.

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