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   "So Far Away" by Staind
   (14 Shades of Grey)

   "Get Free" by The Vines
   (Highly Evolved)
   Capitol Records

   "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet
   (Get Born)

Main Title Theme

   Donny Markowitz


   Robert J. Kral (pilot)
   Donny Markowitz (pilot & series)

Music Supervisor

   Randy Gerston (pilot)
   Jason Alexander (series)

"The Tech"

   "Where Are You Going" by Dave Matthews
   (Busted Stuff)

   "Yellow Shoes" by Alexis Harte
   Mentl Music

   "More More More" by Kylie Minogue
   Capitol Records

   "By Your Side" by Sade
   (Lovers Rock)
   Sony Records

"Training Day"
coming soon...

"Cater Waiter"
coming soon...

"Arms and The Girl"

   "Shining Light" by Ash
   (Shining Light)

   "Flames" by Kathleen "Bird" York
   (The Velvet Hour)
   Blissed Out Records

   "Never Gonna Find Us" by Kathleen "Bird" York
   (The Velvet Hour)
   Blissed Out Records

   "I.O.U. Love" by Six By Seven
   (I.O.U. Love)

   "Get Lost In You" by Devin Powers

   "Bahia Blanca" by Daniel Indart

   "Brand New Morning" by Gretchen Lieberum
   (Brand New Morning)
   Lakeshore Records

"The Good, The Bad and The Geeky"

   "Shiny Disco Balls" by Who Da Funk
   (Shiny Disco Balls)

   "Control Freaq" by Felix Da Housecat
   (Kittenz & Thee Glitz)
   Emperor Norton

   "We Are Connected" by Jondi & Spesh
   (Tube Drivers)

  "Shakin'" by Dandy Warhols
   (13 Tales of Urban Bohemia)
   Capitol Records

   "Hide U" by Kosheen
   Kinetic Records

   "So High" by Camel Rider

"Last Man Standing"
  "You're Good" by Brad Byrd
   (The Ever Changing Picture)
   Brad Byrd Music

   "Summer Can't Come Too Soon" by A.J. Croce
   Higher Octave

   "Sway (Remix)" by Dean Martin & Julie London
   (The Big Tease)
    Virgin Records

   "Sweet Spot" by Extreme

   "Sweet Ride" by Kid Gloves

   "Better Than A Dream" by Kid Gloves

   "When She Smiles" by Kid Gloves

   "Canon in D" by Extreme

   "That's What Love Is All About - Heavy Hitters

   "Statue" by Adam Cohen/Low Millions
   Manhattan Records

"Jerry 2.0"

   "Paranoid Run" by Repo

   "With You" by Kid Gloves

   "Crash & Burn" by Extreme

   "I Can't Have You" by Master Source

   "Ruff N' Tumble" by Extreme

   "Substance" by Kid Gloves

   "What Have I Gotta Do" by Kid Gloves

   "Electronic Satisfaction" by Kid Gloves

   "Raj Mirage" by Extreme

   "Make It" by Kid Gloves


   "Superhero" by Black Toast

   "Don't Be Surprised" by Kid Gloves

   "Flamethrower" by Black Toast

   "I'm Sorry" by Black Toast


   "Little Citizen" by Black Toast

   "Fuzzball" by Extreme

   "Fast As I Can" by Kid Gloves

   "Sweatshop" by Extreme

   "Out There" by Kid Gloves

   "Impossible" by Geoff Moore

"The Spy Who Really Liked Me"

   "Can You Feel It" by Kid Gloves

   "Aware Of You" by Kid Gloves

   "Jaleo" by Latin Music Specialists

   "Corazon" by Latin Music Specialists

   "Rica Rica Thing" by Latin Music Specialists

   "Cafecito" by Latin Music Specialists

   "Funba Rumba" by Extreme

   "One Thing" by Finger Eleven
   (Finger Eleven)

"Prince and the Revolution"

   "Funkmeister" by Lazy Bones

   "Dark A.M." by Black Toast

   "Shada Boxa" by Master Source

   "Eviction Article" by Boy Sets Fire

   "Virgin" by Kid Gloves

   "Virtual Beat Ritual" by Master Source

   "KEMP" by KEMP

"Double Agent"

   "She's My Rock & Roll" by Master Source

   "Sunshine" by Waking Hours
   (The Good Way)

   "Revenge" by Waking Hours
   (The Good Way)

   "Cheesy B" by Who Did That Music

   "Identity Crisis" by Wild Whirled

   "Tomobe" by RnD


   "Laughing In The Rain" by Black Toast

   "Doomzday" by Extreme

   "The Drifter" by Megatrax

   "Long Road Back to Eden" by Black Toast

   "Goodnight Moon" by Shivaree
   (I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head)

   "So Seriously" by Black Toast

   "I Alone" by Live
   (Throwing Copper)

"Get Foley"

   "Superload" by Oliver Lieb

   "Release The Dogs" by Boy Sets Fire
   (Tomorrow Come Today)

   "Mostly Harmless" by Extreme

   "Can't Wait Another Day" by Miranda Frigon

   "Peel This Away" by gaskit
Lost In Silence)

   "Love Can Save Us All" by Tommy Holmes
   (Tommy Holmes)

"Dead Man Talking"

   "Twenty Twenty" by Extreme

   "Empty Heart" by Miranda Frigon


   "Autumn - Allegro" by Extreme

   "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" by Extreme

   "On Our Way" by Tommy Holmes
   (Tommy Holmes)

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