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Dear fellow Jake 2.0 fans:

We are facing an obstacle that has come across many television shows before. The threat of cancellation has plagued such programs as Star Trek, Quantum Leap, Saturday Night Live. The Tom Green Show was threatened in its very infancy in 1996. But fear not! It was letter writing campaigns that saved the day for all these television programs.

In April of 1967, after being on the air for only 8 months, Star Trek was cancelled. Soon after, the network was bombarded with letters praising the show... The fans saved Star Trek.

In October of 1979, Lorne Michaels announced the cancellation of Saturday Night Live at the end of the season. A letter writing campaign soon followed, and the season premiere earned a 16.0 with a 47 share in the Nielsen ratings... The fans saved SNL.

In 1990 a massive letter writing campaign saved Quantum Leap... Thanks, Fans.

In 1996, Tom Green was cancelled by CBC. Soon after, letters and phone calls to CBC saved the show, which became a commodity that was then sold to The Comedy Network and MTV... The fans saved Tom Green.

We can save Jake 2.0.

To that end, here is your mission: Write to UPN! Spread the word! If you have Jake 2.0 on tape, make copies and show them to friends, family, even the guy who delivers your mail! And while you are at it, give them the address:

Dawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff
United Paramount Network
11800 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Tell them to send a letter to help save the show. If we do this, we can possibly look forward to not just the remainder of the first season, but many seasons to come.

Fight the Good fight,

Adam Kidd
Executive Director, Nanites
The Unofficial Jake 2.0 Fanclub

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