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Cordelia: The Vampire Slayer
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An End of Days by Suricata
When tragedy hits, there's only one place for Cordelia to go.

Answering Machine Blues by Robyn the Snowshoe Hare
Cordelia's answering machine has an interesting night.

Beltaine by Megdalen
Angelus and an evil ally find a ritual that could destroy Buffy forever and Cordelia falls into the trap.

Chase Scene by Mediancat
Cordelia is hunted down in the mall.

Cordelia's Christmas Carol by Danielle
Cordelia's lost the Christmas Spirit, and it's up the the PTB's to bring it back.

Crossing Over by Kat W.
When a new kind of vampire shows up in Sunnydale, Cordelia has to rely on a new kind of Vampire Slayer.

Darkening My Doorstep by Tracy (Girlie)
Willow makes an unexpected visit during a moment of grief and regains a friend.

The Dreams Begin: by Meridian
A government plague escapes, killing off 99.9% of the world's population. If you've read "The Stand", or seen the movie, this will make sense. If you haven't, it'll still make sense.

The Emperor's New Clothes by Mediancat
In this sequel to Shut Up and Kiss Me, Cordelia's got a message for the Scooby Gang.

Friendship by Misha
Takes place after Cordelia drives Buffy home in 'Helpless'. The two bond, and agree to be friends.

The Great Secret by Eric Bloodstone
The explanation of the amazing 'luck' of the survival of the slayer & slayerettes against all the evils of the hell mouth.

Hiding Out by Karen
Cordelia meets up with Oz in an interesting place.

Joyous New Year by Palaskar
Cordy gets all introspective at Vail.

Kittens by Karen
Drusilla wants a new kitten, and finds it in Cordelia. READ IT!!! :-)

Mordra - The Anti Slayer by Nickle
Cordelia's life is changed forever when she encounters excited parent's-to-be Spike and Drusilla.

My Dinner with Cordy by Mediancat
Cordy and Buffy have a talk over dinner.

Never Tear Us Apart by Mediancat
When Willow, Oz and Xander are out of town, Buffy and Cordelia bond -- a little TOO closely!

The Reason Why by Wravyn
Cordelia muses on herself.

Simple Simon by Kat W.
Cordelia is trying to figure herself out, and an old, imaginary friend pops in to help her.

SuperNatural by Danielle
Cordelia wakes up to a massage, and a little bit more from her roommate Phantom Dennis.

Take Him, He's Mine by Cousin Mary
Anya decides she owes Cordy

Than Hear You Sing by Mediancat
Sunnydale gets taken over by a clan of sleep induced zombies,and in order to save them, Cordelia must ...sing?

The Trickster plays Musical Bodies by Eric Bloodstone
The Immortal Trickster visits, takes different shapes and Switches bodies of Buffy and her friends. Included are Willow, Buffy, Cordelia and a boy called Pimples Melvin. Its set in the first year shortly after The Witch

Thine Own Self by Mediancat
The Curse of the Devil Moon has struck Giles, Willow, Buffy and Xander. It's Cordelia to the rescue . . . um, Cordelia?

The Truth by Tracy
Cordelia leaves for LA and stops to say goodbye.

Waiting for a Glimpse by Mistiec
Buffy discovers a crying Cordelia, and the two bond.

Vacation's Getaway by Mistiec
It's Girl Power to the Max when the Scooby Gang fems decide to head to Hawaii for a girls-only vacation, after a rather harrowing experience. But paradise doesn't seem so great when they find themselves meeting a group of men that are definitely more than they seem.

Splinter by Yahtzee and Rheanna
Set during There's No Place Like... The gang's trip back from Pylea takes a detour into a terrifying world on the brink of annihilation seemingly at the hands of Angelus. And the group's new-found togetherness is put to the test as old fears, hurts, and issues rear their ugly heads.

The Price of the Wish by Robert
Cordelia thinks before she wishes, and makes everyone's life even more interesting.

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