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Why Chloe and Lex? They both hail from Metropolis, and both have retained that outsiders view of the mutant-ridden sleepy little hamlet they now call home. They both are inquisitive, driven, sharp-witted and enjoy engaging one another in verbal judo.

a chloe & lex timeline

Having heard Gabe talk up his daughter the reporter, Lex sought Chloe out. Finding the Torch office, they swapped theories as to the strange goings on in Smallville, and Lex was pleased to learn she didn't blame the LuthorCorp fertilizer plant for the towns odd habits and inhabitants. Chloe put him on to local meteor specialist Dr. Stephen Hamilton, and Lex offered to arrange an internship for her at The Inquisitor.

Lex made smalltalk with Chloe, Clark and Pete when he supplied the fireworks for Clark's first official "my folks are out of town" house party. The next day, Chloe and her classmates were taken hostage by former LuthorCorp janitor Earl Jenkins, and Lex went into the hostage situation himself to try and resolve it without any of the hostage being killed.

Chloe helped Clark and Lex investigate Kyle Tippett and Bob Rickman's shared past. After she discovered they had been trapped together in a car during the meteor shower, Lex took Chloe and Clark back to the mansion, where they discovered Kyle had vanished.

Chloe is in the process of interviewing Lex for The Torch when their "verbal judo" is interrupted by an urgent phone call. When Chloe and Clark are surprised by a group of thieves, Chloe is thrown out a window and injured. Lex made sure she had the best medical care available, and blamed himself for the accident.

Chloe was jealous of the amount of attention Lex and Lana receive from Clark, pointing out that when Lex or Lana is around, it's like "the rest of us don't even exist." When Clark realised he had feelings for Chloe, he asked Lex's advice. Lex wisely suggested that Clark choose, and that he would never be able to have any kind of relationship with either of them if he didn't. He then arranged for Chloe and Clark to attend the Metropolis Journalism Convention together, after Clark failed to get them registered before the cut-off date.

When Lionel Luthor closed down the Smallville plant, Lex met with Gabe Sullivan secretly, to arrange an employee buyout of the plant. While they waited to see if the buyout would succeed, Gabe told Chloe that they would be moving back to Metropolis permanently.

Chloe and Gabe attended Lex's wedding to Desiree Atkins, and when Clark went to Chloe with his tale of near-seduction by Desiree, Chloe scoffed. The woman had just married Lex Luthor. What could she possibly want with Clark Kent?

When Clark informed her that Lex had been kidnapped by his father's former flame, Rachel Dunlevy, Chloe tracked down the house Rachel had bought in Smallville.

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