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Chloe Sullivan moved to Smallville from Metropolis in the eight grade. Her father, Gabe, is plant manager of LexCorp Fertilizer Plant #1. A big city girl at heart, Chloe is obsessed with investigative journalism and hopes to write for the Daily Planet someday. The late Principal Kwan challenged Chloe to take responsibility for keeping the paper focused on legitimate news pertaining to the school, the students, and extracurricular activities after he fired her from the paper, accusing of her as treating the Torch as her own personal tabloid. Chloe attacked her new mission statement with gusto, creating student polls and focussing on events such as Student Elections. However, she is still convinced that the meteorites which rained down on the town in 1989 are to blame for numerous aberrations and dangerous criminals in Smallville.

Chloe is editor of the school newspaper, The Smallville Torch, and earned her first by-line in Smallville's weekly newspaper, The Smallville Ledger, with her coverage of Eric Summers sudden and amazing acts of heroism (Leech). After her abduction, her piece on the experience earned her an offer of a summer internship at the Planet in Metropolis (Obscura). Although still an underclassman, Chloe is well on her way to realising her dream of becoming an investigative reporter. She impressed the editor of the Daily Planet with the article she wrote for the Smallville Ledger detailing her kidnapping at the hands of rogue Smallville police officer Gary Watts (Obscura). The Planet awarded her a summer internship, and she spent the summer of 2002 in Metropolis.

Chloe's passion for the weird side of journalism is evidenced by the "Wall of Weird." Originally a scrapbook, the wall began in the darkroom where the Torch office was originally located, and then was moved to the new offices early in the season. The wall contains newspaper clippings dating back 12 years, including the TIME cover featuring 3-year old Lana Lang after she witnessed her parents' death. Pete Ross urged Chloe to show Clark the wall when former Smallville High "Scarecrow" Jeremy Creek was photographed at a crime scene, not having aged a day (Premiere).

Chloe first met Clark Kent when he was assigned to show her around the school her first day. She asked him where she could buy a copy of the Planet, and then insisted he show her his family farm, as she assumed only the Amish were farmers. That first day, she kissed him, saying she'd known he'd been thinking about it all day, and why don't they just be friends instead. It was Clark's first kiss.

However, in the years since that day, Chloe developed a genuine crush on her best friend, a crush which Clark's other best friend, Pete, teased her about mercilessly. At first, Chloe denied it, but by Spring of the school year, Chloe could no longer keep it under wraps and became proactive. She had planned to ask Clark to the prom at a journalism conference in Metropolis (Crush), but Clark asked her after she was kidnapped by Officer Watts, a deranged member of Smallville's police force (Obscura). Having been amade aware of her crush by Pete, Clark realised that he returned her feelings, and wanted to spend more time together (Crush). She and Clark were about to share their first real (non kryptonite-induced) kiss when the Assistant Principal announced that three tornadoes had touched down outside town (Tempest).

In addition to Clark, Chloe's best friend is Pete Ross. Unbeknownst to her until Pete had a run in with a Nicodemus flower, Pete had a crush on Chloe, but resented the fact that she was too busy mooning over Clark to notice him (Nicodemus). She has, to date, never told Pete she knew of his crush. Pete and Clark both gave Chloe the cold-shoulder after she endorsed Paul Chan for class president in the Torch. However, she stuck to her guns, and eventually Clark apologised for holding it against her. By Clark's non-victory party, however, the Three Musketeers were once again all pals (Drone).

Chloe has a very close relationship with her father, Gabe. While on a class fieldtrip to the LuthorCorp plant, she was mortified by her father's punny sense of humour, and then was terrified when Gabe was taken hostage by Earl Jenkins along with the Smallville High students visiting the plant (Jitters). Gabe was likewise frantic with worry when Chloe was missing and presumed kidnapped (Onscura).

Chloe's mother left when Chloe was five years old. She came down that morning to find her father Gabe attempting to make waffles. According to Chloe, she knews exactly where her mother is, but her mother has shown no interest in Chloe. Gabe has never really told Chloe why her parents split up, which Chloe finds weird. (Lineage)

Chloe is smart, quick, and occasionally lets her sharp-tongue get her into trouble. She has little time or patience for jocks and cheerleaders, and has a hard time getting over her initial dislike of Lana Lang. However, Lana and Chloe forge a tentative friendship, and Lana frequently joins Chloe on her fact-finding missions. Chloe does not spare anyone, friend or foe, the snark, up to and including her father's boss, Lex Luthor. Only being tossed out a third story window prevented her from netting a one-on-one interview with the boy billionaire, who enjoyed their brief round of "verbal judo" (Kinetic).

According to the Smallville press kit, Chloe "used to live in Metropolis and dreams of getting out of Smallville to get back to the big city. A nosy little reporter, her father, Gabe, runs LuthorCorp's local fertilizer plant that Lex's father Lionel Luthor bought from the Ross family when it was a cream corn factory years ago."

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