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Ali's Fan Encounter

Ali had the opportunity to meet Allison Mack at the Celebrity Charity Challenge, held in Toronto September 7th, and shares her Fan Encounter with us!

At 6:15pm the mood was tense in the ticket line up. It was 15 minutes after the set pick-up time, and no one had received anything yet. All of a sudden, a roar of screams erupted from the little girls in the front of the line - Hilary Duff had appeared! But as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared into a large room for a press conference. Less than 10 minutes later, we were finally allowed to go and get our tickets. The doors were supposed to open at 7, and the show would start at 7:30. At 7:10 or so, my mother and I went back upstairs from browsing the shops in the underground, to find the doors were still not open yet. The air was stuffy and humid from the tightly packed crowd as everyone pushed towards the unopened doors. Then finally at 7:25, squeals of glee announced that we were all finally allowed inside. Once in, I was unhappy to discover that our seats were 3rd to last row, under an overhang that cut off a lot of precious light needed to take quality pictures. Not to worry, I was smart. After about 20 minutes, when most people were settled in their seats, I scouted out some prime $500 seats in the 4th row very close to the performance area. A boy named Ryan and myself moved from our seats into wonderful row 'D'. Around 8:10, when the show finally started, no one had told us to move so we stayed.

Some of the charity presidents came out first and said a bunch of thank-yous, then someone from Zeller's came and presented Hilary with a cheque for $10,000. After that, Hailey Duff began introducing the celebrities, and Allison Mack was the first to come out. She was the first person as well to join "Kids With A Cause", one of the main charities being funded from the event. The whole thing seemed quite unrehearsed, but it was fine nonetheless.

After all the celebrities were out on the floor, it was announced that celebrities were going to be paired up into teams (Teams #1 through 8), and for every game, members from the audience would be selected to take part. Allison Mack was paired up with Spencer Breslin (the kid in Disney's "The Kid") as Team #1. Spencer was wearing a Supes shirt :p

The first event was to guess Hilary's birthday, time, and place. Allison's team's guess was the closest to the actual time with Sept 28th, in Houston, Texas at 8:45am. The real thing was some time after 2am I believe.

The next game was kind of odd, in which the team mates were required to string articles of clothing onto a piece of rope. Allison got creative and had the whole team put the clothes they were given on. She donned a beautiful fairy princess skirt :p They did it the fastest and won again.

In the next game, they had to toss as many beach balls as they could into a garbage can. Nick Carter's team won that one along with Aaron Carter's team.

After that was a similar game, where they had to blow up balloons and take them one by one on a plate and dump the balloons into the garbage can. Team #1 lost again :(

The next event was great. It was a dance and freeze game, where they had to stand perfectly still when the music stopped playing. Here I actually have some video footage of Allison dancing!! She's quite the dancer too. Too bad we never get to see her bust-a-move on Smallville :p Anyway, Team #1 ended up losing that one as well. In the next game, the teams had to find the "keys to Hilary's heart" in a pile of Styrofoam bits. we lost again :p

The next game involved the audience, where there were several candles taped under our seats randomly. Each team had to find as many as they could then stick them in big cardboard cakes at the front. Lost yet again.

After that they had to dribble a soccer ball around a pilon then pass it to someone on another team until everyone had gone once. We finally won! :p

Then everyone had to sing "Why Not" by Hilary as loud as they could to win. Everyone won of course.

All the celebrities were then hustled out of the room and came back with 10 teddy bears in their arms. They had to bury Hilary with all of them. It ended up that all those bears were going to be donated to children in a hospital.

The next game resembled 'Jenga' somewhat, where each team took turns stacking a 'present' onto a tower. Yani Gellman's team lost.

Finally came the last event, where each team had to wrap a member up in toilet paper. I think Aaron Carter's team won, although Team #1 should have, imo :p

Jonathan Fairchild sang "Sixteen Candles" to Hilary, then we all sang happy birthday, and Aaron and Nick brought out some cupcakes with candles. Hilary blew them out and said thank you to everyone for coming, then they all left. No fan interaction allowed :(

It was about 9:40pm when the whole thing was over, and we collected gift bags outside of the room. In it was a calendar, a loaf of 'Wonder Bread', a pair of Men's size 11 socks (?!), some perfume (Clinique Happy), soap, lip gloss, and conditioner. All designer products in some way or another. The whole party was pretty low-cost, most things were obviously donated. I really wanted to give a Chlarky fan art to Allison, so I wrote her a little note on the back and was able to give it to a lady who is driving Allison to the airport tomorrow :) The lady told me to add my email address, so I may or may not get some response from Allison in the near future :)

For more photos from Ali, as well as four video clips, check out the allison-mack com!

Have a fan encounter to share? contact us!

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