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last updated: 19.08.04

Welcome to girl friday, my little tribute to Chloe Sullivan, and Allison Mack, the actress who portrays her on the WB's hit series Smallville.

Why Chloe, you may ask? Well, she may not always be the object of Clark's fantasies, but Chloe is a pretty nifty gal! She's smart, funny, and Allison Mack brings a delightful down-to-earth and real quality to Chloe. Lana may be Clark's crush, but Chloe (and Allison) has definitely stolen fans' hearts.

Inside you will find Allison's bio and filmography, archived interviews and articles, a guide to Chloe and her relationships with her friends and family, fan fiction focusing on Chloe, a clique for other Chloe and Allison websites, a gallery, and more!

breaking news

July 29th is Allison Mack's birthday! Wish Allison many happy returns of the day on the the 2004 birthday board! Allison Mack
TheSmallville Yearbook hits stores May 25th! Jam packed with 100 pages of interviews the series stars (including Allison Mack), executive producers Miles Millar and Al Gough, a special behind-the-scenes peek at the hit series with director Greg Beeman, and never-before-seen publicity stills from the series, it's a must-have souvenir for any and all Smallville fans! Live in the US and want a sneak peek? Check out the Yearbook Give-Away! Allison Mack
A new season of the Chloe Chronicles has begun, and the latest webisode can be found at The WB.com, and AOL keywork: Smallville. Allison Mack
Check out the latest Allison-Mack.com exclusive, as Allison discusses Smallville, her travel plans for the summer, and the news that DC Comics has acquired the rights to her fictional alter-ego, Chloe Sullivan. Allison Mack
For the first time, yours truly had a chance to have a fan encounter with the talented and lovely Ms Mack at MegaCon, held March 5-7th in Orlando, Florida. Check it out, and keep your eyes peeled for a new interview coming soon to allison-mack.com! Allison Mack
MediaSharx reader 'Man Thing' attended MegaCon in Orlando, and shares with fellow Allison Mack fans some details of his encounter with the always charming Ms Mack. "She says that Tom Welling has definitely talked to the people at the Superman movie about starring in it - and she said "personally I think he's the one actor that could do that role justice. He is Superman!" For more titbits from his chat with Allison at the autograph session, check out MediaSharx!

Allison Mack
The Smallville: The Complete Second Season DVD box set is now available for pre-order! This six disc set will be released May 25th and includes all 23 episodes, from the Vortex to Exodus, like you've never seen them before! Widescreen anomorphic format, plus bonus materials "worthy of a hero." And be sure to check out Smallville Yearbook.com, the latest Smallville promotional website from the WB. And don't forget, season one is still available, for the first 21 thrilling Smallville adventures! Allison Mack
Jeff Tate at SilverBullet.com has high praise for Allison Mack, and is full of Chloe-love in his review of DC Comics Smallville #6. And Smallville #8, shipping in March kicks off a 3-month-long cross-media event. The story begins in issue #7, continues online, and concludes in May's Smallville #8. In the lead story, Chloe reopens her secret files after gaining information from a fugitive member of Lionel Luthor's Deletion Force... and her investigation leads to new secrets concerning Kryptonite. Allison Mack
Allison Mack is featured in a new interview in SFX #112, on newstands now! Scans of the photographs which accompany the interview can be found at allison-mack.com, courtesy of TomWelling.org. Allison Mack
Will there be Chloe and Lana pillow fights in the DC Comics Smallville tie-in's future? Read Comic Book Resources interview with writer Clint Carpenter to find out! Allison Mack
The WB has posted a new video clip of Allison, talking about Chloe's love for Clark. Allison Mack
Comics Continuum has posted photos from Allison's appearence at WizardWorld Texas November 23rd. Allison Mack

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