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girl_friday is a mailing list devoetd to Allison Mack and her character, Chloe. Post fan fiction, discuss Smallville, and meet other fans! All fan fiction posted to the list will be automatically archived on this site, but only with expression permission of the authors.

Join the list:

Posting Guidelines

The list has a "three strikes and you're out" policy. Posters who violate the posting guidelines will be warned once, then set to moderated, then banned. There are no exceptions.

  1. When replying, please remember to edit out all portions of the message you are replying to except any quotes you are specifically addressing. And the folks on digest will thank you :)

  2. Please refrain from "flaming". A "flame" is any remark stated with the express purpose of insulting someone and/or their opinions. There is a difference between respectfully disagreeing with someone's opinion, and flaming. An example of this would be:
    Respectfully disagreeing:
    "While I understand your point regarding what Clark sees in Lana, I personally just think that the character has not been developed as well, or as interestingly, as Chloe's. And I see more potential for storytelling and character development on both sides with Clark/Chloe."

    "Lana sux, and if you like her, you're obviously a brain dead moron."

    Flames will not be tolerated. If you cannot behave like an adult, you will not be treated like one. You will be sent to your room without supper, and if you do not apologise and promise to behave, you will be kicked out of the playground. Capice?

  3. Please refrain from posting requests for fiction that has been posted to the list. Archives are available online at groups.yahoo.com/group/girl_friday and are archived at girl friday.

  4. Please do not send replies to the entire list, if they are meant for one individual. If you are sending a reply to an individual, please do NOT send it to the entire list, unless you truly believe it will be of interest to the entire group. Please make sure and check the header and make sure that your replies are going to the right addresses before you hit "Send."

  5. Please refrain from sending any form of chain letter (this includes, but is not limited to, virus warnings, the Neiman Marcus Cookie urban legend, or any manner of forward that includes the phrase "please forward this to everyone you know!").

  6. Please refrain from cross-posting (sending a message out to several recipients simultaneously).

  7. Signature lines should be no longer than 5 lines. If your signature file exceeds 5 lines, you will be asked to reduce it. If you do not comply, you may be removed from this mailing list. Please, as a courtesy to your fellow listmembers, keep to the 5 line rule.

  8. The signal:noise ratio of a mailing list is very important. Many members of this list may have limited disk space, and as a courtesy to your fellow listmembers, please try and combine posts, and trim all but what you are directly replying to, from your messages. As stated above, signature files over 5 lines and appending entire messages to replies is strictly prohibited, and may result in your expulsion from this mailing list.

To start sending messages to members of this group, email girl_friday@yahoogroups.com

All replies are automatically addressed to the list. To reach the listowner (Mom), send email to: owner_girl_friday@yahoogroups.com or ljconstantine@hotmail.com

To unsubscribe, send email to: girl_friday-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

To modify your list settings, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups

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