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Tara's Fan Encounter

In all the time I've run both this website and allison-mack.com, I never thought I'd have the good fortune to write up one of these! But I had the opportunity to meet Allison at MegaCon in Orlando over the week-end, to conduct my very first face-to-face interview for the website (which will be appearing at allison-mack.com soon), and I wanted to share my experience with fellow fans.

Allison Mack waves to fans at MegaCon Saturday, March 6th.

I just wanna say up front that Allison? Just the nicest, coolest, niftiest person. She was full of enormous amounts of energy, and took time and chatted with every single person she signed for, and was just gracious and lovely and cool.

At about 2pm Saturday, I got in line for Allison along with my sister and mother, who were at the con with me. There were a few folks who didn't seem to understand that the reason the second session was starting late was because Allison had signed way over during the first session, and so her lunch break had needed to be shifted. When we finally made it to the front, it was about 4:30pm (which was when I'd been told by Allison's manager to meet them) and I introduced myself to Stephen, and let him know that if she was wiped out from signing, we could move the interview if we needed to. But he said Allison was expecting me, and it was no problem. I turned to tell Judes, and next thing I knew there was a very excited Allison Mack jumping up and waving at me, all excited.

Allison Mack signs autographs for fans at MegaCon Saturday, March 6th.

I introduced Allison to my mum and sister, and told her that they were here because I'd gotten them hooked on the show. She came out from behind the table and went to shake hands and ended up giving my mother a big hug. Meanwhile, I got to meet Allison's agent, Sheila, with whom I had corresponded over the past year and a half, but never actually gotten to meet before. I was prepared to go wait outside the signing area, but Allison told me to sit next to her.

Everything from this point onward is kinda hazy around the edges, as I was a bit spun, and stayed that way.

Sheila and I continued to chat, while Allison signed and met and greeted, and at one point I ended up handing over the skinny sharpie I had in my purse for her to use to sign something. Outwardly, I was trying to be all calm and cool and inwardly, I had a voice inside my head yelling "YOU'RE ACTUALLY SITTING NEXT TO ALLISON MACK! OH MY GOD!" Because I am, above all, a completely geeky fangirl.

Allison finishing signing for the line, and we decided it would be easiest to do the interview over at their hotel, as there were quiet places to sit there. There was a ginormous State Trooper to walk us back through the main floor and entrance hall, and Allison put her arm around my shoulders and we chatted about kick-boxing.

My brain? Gone? Yes.

As we left the packed convention centre, we chatted a bit about how she and co-star Kristin Kreuk handle being recognised in public (I mentioned the fan sitting behind her at the John Mayer concert Valentine's Day who had posted on a Smallville message board about how well she and Kristin handled folks who yelled "Hey, Smallville!" at them) and we talked about how well Kristin deals with people coming up all the time asking for photos and autographs, but Allison doesn't get recognised as much. Most likely because she doesn't dress like Chloe or wear her hair like Chloe. I should add that she was wearing black cowboy boots and adorable flapper-ish black dress, and black knit hat. She also had a great vintage red patent leather purse. The Trooper held up his hand when we got to cross-walks and traffic stopped for us. It was like being escorted by a jedi. I cannot stress how cool that was.

The interview went very well, and I think you'll all enjoy it. As I left the convention Sunday, I was just floored. I just can't get over what a lovely, lovely person Allison is, and I am so appreciative that she took the time to meet with me and do the interview. The entire experience was just was so great, start to finish.

Tara and Allison Mack

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