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Robert's Fan Encounter

Jennifer Mathews had the opportunity to meet Allison Mack at WizardWorld Texas, November 23rd, and shares her Fan Encounter with us!

I volunteered at WizardCon for the express purpose of meeting Allison. She was scheduled to be there on Sat and Sun, but the studio needed her and they take precedence over prior commitments.

After begging and dodging other opportunities (heh), my fellow volunteer and I went to let people into the room where she would be signing. She was signing for 2 hours in the morning, and the room was full. She came in with [her minder] Steve and her fiancé, Pete, and waved to everyone.

Allison with fiancé Peter and minder Steve

I got to work the door closest to the table for an hour or so. First, she was beautiful and glowy. Literally, she just radiates. She was so friendly with everyone, from scary fanboys to little kids. Pete is from Texas, so she'd would ask where people were from and if they had driven far. Pete would also talk to the fans. He even got some numbers from various people. One was from a guy who created his own Chloe doll and put it in one of the Smallville figure's box. He wanted to get one made for himself.

She answered questions about Smallville (they don't tell her anything because of her "big mouth"), takes a break during hiatus (though she plugged Tom's Cheaper By The Dozen), and generally made everyone feel comfortable.

She took pictures with anyone who asked. She was 'grabby' as you can see from my picture. Like she really wanted to take a pic with you. (I mean that in a good way because I was afraid of getting into her personal space.)

Allison with Steve

Allison posing with a fan

Even as Steve started to get LineNazi-ish toward the end, she still took her time with everyone. I jumped in line at the end and had her sign the Smallville DVD with her picture and her interview in the Smallville comic (#2 I believe). She kinda blanked while she was signing and apologized because they'd flown in on the red-eye. (Having taken that flight more times than I could count, I completely understood.) Before Steve ushered her and Pete out of the room, I told her I had heard about Chloe being added to DC continuity [Ed-Wizard magazine has apparently retracted this statement, and there are no current plans to add Chloe Sullivan to the DCU], and she said yeah and seemed really excited. I told her it was all due to her. My fellow volunteer took our picture, and she left.

Allison Mack and Jennifer Matthews

As I was leaving, security was escorting Allison and Pete over to the hotel. No one was really around, and she and Pete held hands. It was a really sweet moment. (I'm a sap.) They really seem to have a great relationship.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Allison. She was sweet and everything you would want in a celeb encounter. Or just a person encounter. Her beauty really is inside and out.

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